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Found 7 results

  1. The weaponpack mods are a series of individual mods focusing on their own individual section of combat- melee, ranged, defense. The mods attempt to overhaul and/or improve existing mechanics in the game without straying too far from the vanilla style by offering modded weapons that are slightly better than their vanilla counterparts, this keeps vanilla things untouched most of the time and lets me have a lot more freedom with what I can do with the additions. Some important info: WeaponPackAlpha: WeaponPackBeta: WeaponPackGamma: Downloads: Alpha- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackalpha Beta- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackbeta Gamma- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackgamma Old versions (alpha):
  2. Have you ever been tired of looking for an iron fence, crates, a quiver or a chandelier in dungeons? Especially if you need ten of them in your mansion? Have you ever been surprised by the strange lack of recipes for a vines basket, omok or colored torches? Why can't lining be added to an already finished lantern? Why can’t the plates cover the floor, although it is written on them? This and much more adds my More Recipes mod. If you have suggestions for recipes for other items or changes to current recipes - suggest it :) Recipes and other info: Wiki Download: ModDB or GitHub
  3. I wanted to be able to craft a few of the clothes in the game so I made this. You can craft around 20-25 pieces of clothing. The recipes are in the handbook, they take simple ingredients: flax fiber, feathers, leather, rope and dry grass. PS: this is volume 1... I couldn't do all of them in one day... Updated! Now with rope crafting recipe and pelt slicing recipes so you don't have to kill countless rabbits for your clothes Updated again! Now that warmth is a thing... i made the player able to reroll the condition of clothes! Simply put your lovely clothes, even if they are not craftable besides some flax fibers in the grid and get the piece of clothing with a diferent condition! Old Version: ClothesCraftingVol.1.zip Version that should work. Thanks to @pawsbrake ! What happened? I butched the way i packed into 7z. to solve someone's problem ! Sorry for the inconvinience. ClothesCraftingMk2.zip Now with 1 less bug ! Hehe... Thanks @Craluminum for telling me the correct code for the Nomad's Pants... ClothesCraftingMk2.0.1 (1).zip ClothesCraftingMk2.0.1.zip
  4. Hello everybody I want to create a new item "kunai " but i don't know how it works to create a knapping recipe. I have already created the following pattern : "____##____", "___####___", "__######__", "_########_", "__######__", "___####___", "____##____", "____##____", "___####___", "____##____" in the file : recipes/knapping/kunai.json Can someone help me ?
  5. Proposals 1) Add a recipe to use bonemeal instead of quicklime for the creation of slaked lime (for mortar). Instead of quicklime, bonemeal can be used in a barrel with water to get a mixture with properties fit for mortar preparation. As bonemeal contains less calciumoxide than chalk- or limestone (notably more fosfates), it would seem justifiable to make slaked lime from bonemeal require a little more calcium containing compound 'volume' than slaked lime from chalk- or limestone would require. A liter of slaked lime would then require a liter of water and 6 'units' of bonemeal. Optionally, bonemeal may be used to only partially replace quicklime to create slaked lime. For that purpose a recipe could be added that uses 3 units of quicklime and 2 units of bonemeal to create a liter of slaked lime. This may be more realistic, but also be a bit too circumstantial and partially undermine the motivation for this improvement proposal (see below). It's a game after all. 2) Add an extra conversion step to create bonemeal ash as intermediate product by 'baking' bonemeal in a firepit so the resulting bonemeal ash has increased calciumoxide content. In that case a recipe for slaked lime from bonemeal could then require 5 'units' of bonemeal ash per liter. 3) Add a recipe to use bonemeal ash instead of quicklime for the creation of plaster. If bonemeal ash would be added, this product can directly be used instead of quicklime for plaster preparation. Bonemeal ash contains less calciumoxide than quicklime, so it would seem justifiable to make plaster from bonemeal ash require a little more calcium containing compound 'volume' as plaster from quicklime would require. Two blocks of plaster could for instance be created from 2 blocks of sand and 3 units of bonemeal ash. Motivation Use of bonemeal for these purposes is a real practical possibility as the functional use in both mortar and plaster can be derived from the bone calcium content and composition. Practical realism might make the final product be of different quality because of the bonemeal composition. This may justify creation of different quality products based on the bonemeal content in the ingredient mix (pure bonemeal mortar can result in reduced strength properties, but only partial replacement of quicklime in mortar can even lead to improved mechanical properties of the final product) ... but that may also just be something to be considered in a later stage, if ever. It adds to the variety of development options players have by having additional routes towards specific products. Limestone and chalkstone can prove hard to find for unlucky players in both sp and mp worlds, so bonemeal may be an interesting alternative resource for them. At some point in the game players may find they have excess bonemeal and/or a lack of other sources of lime. Both in sp and mp, players may simply end up with maximised agricultural output and a pile of bones they have no application for. Introduction of seasons may result in revaluation of bone meal as a fertiliser though, but still, any end-game optimised farming and livestock business will eventually end up with a nett output of bones. At the moment this is especially valid for servers. On servers the progress of time continues while players are absent, which results in rapid crop growth and soil refertilisation. This makes the functional use of bonemeal for fertilisation of farmlands much less valuable. Result is that the effective application of bonemeal for soil (re-)fertilisation is devalued and players leave more bonemeal unutilised.
  6. As i much I love the sound of food cooking away on a firepit I am also accutely aware of the amount of fuel I am burning through for basic recipes, as a quality of life and also aesthetic request could you include the ability to create a cast iron stove, these are much more efficient where fuel is concerned (a couple of logs could provide enough heat for multiple pots) and they are also good to look at. A handful of Iron Plates, a couple of Hinges and voila! a nice addition to the kitchen.
  7. Here im gonna provide u with my mods and recipes! Im working on 1.4.2 so the mod is only compatible with 1.4.2+ Im doing some animals for now, the sheep is already done and can be enjoyed fully here: They come in 3 variants and are friendly, they bah and drop some meat (hopefully wool in future!) sheep.zip
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