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Found 11 results

  1. Because some times it would be funny to play an anthro rabbit or fox. These would have height differences but that is about it and purely because of the armors these differences are just outward cosmetic. except neither can wear a helmet.
  2. Basically looking for a mod that does what the title says. Some sort of writable/editable clipboard, preferably with a check mark system that we can create list of things we need to do.
  3. Title. I'm not happy with the way the QOL-Tweaks Ore Pulverizer mod implemented things, so I tried to make my own version, but after some discussion on the discord server, I learned that it would likely be much better as a code mod, not as a content mod. As code mods are far beyond my ability, I decided to make a request. I would like someone to make a mod that: 1. Allows one to pulverize ore chunks into their respective nuggets. 2. Allows one to configure the amount of bonus nuggets, if any, one gets from pulverizing ore chunks. Preferably you could have the choice of a multiplier or a flat amount (multiplier could be used to double the yield of every ore or increase it by 1.5x, flat amount could add +2 nuggets to every pulverized chunk, etc.) but just a flat amount is fine. 3. Maintains compatibility with crushed vanilla and modded ores by making crushed ore chunks not yield the crushed item, but instead make nuggets yield the crushed item. For example, pulverizing a cassiterite chunk would give you cassiterite nuggets, and pulverizing a cassiterite nugget would give you crushed cassiterite. Additional crushed items for every ore are not needed; I only want the mod to make sure that I don't get crushed cassiterite when I'm trying to get cassiterite nuggets - but still can get crushed cassiterite. Suggested name for the mod is Pulverize Ores Again, the "again" referring to the fact that you'd have to put the ore through the pulverizer twice to get the crushed version. But it's up to the actual mod author, of course.
  4. A single, global way point (or complete) map for the server. My friends and I play on a server, and would like a way to share/sync our maps. If I create a waypoint, all should see it. If I delete a way-point, all should have it removed. Is there a desire from anyone else for a single, global way point/map system? I imagine it would work like so: Any way points are saved to the server. When a new way point is created, it would be sent to all other clients, and saved in a server side database. When a new way point is removed, said way point would be removed from all other clients, and removed from the server side database. Way points would be loaded from the server side database on connect.
  5. Is there any kind of mod that allows you to mine a block, plus adjacent blocks of the same type? I've looked around, but I've been surprised to have not found one. I thought it'd be pretty easy to find one, considering the size and depth of the modding community. If anyone does know of a mod of this type, would they please share it? I'd be very happy to find one.
  6. Placing chests next to it will create a double chest, or add a double chest crafting as an independent block
  7. Something relatively simple (hopefully?) Map region names. Like, for naming towns, or biome features (like deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, valleys, etc). Would be cool if it was sync-able on a server, but even if it's client-side only, that would be great, since I play primarily singleplayer. Really all I want is the ability to put text on the map itself, nothing fancy. But if you do something fancier, have fun.
  8. IMHO, killing poor drifters from dirt pillar are... m-m-m.... Kind of cheat? It is sad, but there is no enemies with ranged attack at this moment (only in roadmap). But... We have bees and locusts. Both of them can ignore pillars. So, can anyone make mod, which adds spawn of locusts during temporal storms, and give tainted/corrupt/nightmare drifters ability to spawn swarms of flies (corrupt bees?) with configurable chance? Thank you.
  9. As the title says a mod that adds village managment like minecolonies there is also mods like Millénaire and Ancient Warfare 2 that adds village/npc managment/building. Minecoloneies have a nifty scematics system build in and the npc are more or less automatic npc managment. Ancient Warfare 2 have research and more of a manual npc managment
  10. It's no secret that a few of us are trying to get mods ported over from the Civcraft genre of minecraft servers. Next item on our list (hopefully), is something that recreates only the basic functionality of the mod which I've posted a demonstration video of below. The purpose of this is to enable players to trade with one-another without having to coordinate play-times, and enable trade in a multiplayer environment independent of the NPC traders. By no means will this decrease the significance or utility of the NPC traders, as there are still many items which cannot be crafted in survival as of yet. On the contrary, this will provide greater opportunity for more homebodied players, or those more adept at building and farming that caving and mining, to acquire gears and other valuable goods by supplying more adventurous types with basic commodities that they might not feel inclined to farm. The benefits of inter-player commerce are myriad. (Also, I figure this is one less feature for me to nag Tyron about, and most certainly one that can find use in other multiplayer settings (Hi, Tony) until such time as player-owned shops are a vanilla feature.) The idea of the mod is as follows: A player creates a shop chest (more on that below), which acts as a sort of simple vending machine. The shop outputs an item (or multiples of a single type of item) for a predetermined input cost. A customer approaches the shop with the input selected in their hotbar (right hand), and double-clicks on the chest, at which point the input items in their right hand are exchanged for the output item(s). In order to set up a shop chest I want to deviate from the example below and add a material cost other than the chest and reinforcement: the Temporal Gear (everyone's favorite). The steps as I envision it are as follows: 1.) Shopkeeper places a chest or labeled chest (remember to lock and reinforce). 2.) Shopkeeper places desired output in the first slot of the chest. 3.) Shopkeeper places input requirement in second slot of chest. 4.) Shopkeeper shift+right-clicks on the intended shop chest with a Temporal Gear, instantly consuming the gear and permanently defining the shop's exchange condition. 5.) Shopkeeper may remove the input material, stock up on output material and reap the benefits of trade and division of labour. Now, I don't expect anyone in the community to do this for us (though that would be nice), but I figured I'd do a bit of preliminary research while Light is temporarily unavailable to see if it's possible with the current API functionality or if we'll have to beg Tyron for some additions. (Thank-you for your time and attention)
  11. Found this minecraft mod that i think would fit the Vintage Story style so if someone want to make a mod or add it to the base game it would be awesome. Minecraft: Dynamic Trees
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