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Found 4 results

  1. How's it going everyone, This is my first world and I started on a basalt plain, and it took me almost 100 hours to just find iron. I've searched a lot of area, every ladder icon is a cave I've explored, and every pick-axe is every surface resource I've come across. I have scaled mountains and trans-located at the swirly red marks. I found olivine, and ilmenite somewhat easy enough, but trying to find bauxite is like a needle in a haystack and that haystack is buried under several tens of layers of BASALT. How in the heck am i supposed to get T4 refractory bricks when I cant even find the material for T2? I literally have begun to run out of Iron and have reverted to Tin-Bronze so I have enough ingots for steel making whenever that might happen. What I'm trying to get across is; Experts of the game how in the heck do you find bauxite? Is it really just "stumble across it sometime??" There has to be a better way of finding these types of resources I.e. Rocks that don't show on the propick. That being said, it doesn't take away the fact that I love the game. Suggestions to think about; -Larger storage using Copper/Bronze/Iron reinforcement on standard chest maybe? (please,im begging ya, im a hoarder and i need more storage) -Ice harvesting for food storage/cellar spoil penalty reductions. (Basic medieval technology, maybe Icebox Area of effect?) -Mass jam making (Honey can be put in barrels so why not lots of berries too?) -Other ways to fix cloths/ more expensive ways if not clothier. (50% max cap for commoner? maybe? Im so cold in winter.) Thanks for any feedback, even if its "yeah you just find it eventually" It would be disappointing but not unexpected.
  2. Downloads are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to skip past this if that's all you're looking for, there's ingame documentation if you need a starting point. The works is a series of mods I've been working on to fix many of the quality of life issues I've found while playing vintage story and to add some immersion to already existing mechanics, I adore this game and want to see it become more than it already is. As of right now I've reached a point with the first mod in the series "Quarry Works" (more details of which can be found below) that I'm happy with it and am putting it into the world for ya'll to break, go forth and find edge cases! I welcome bug reports, report them via discord! On that note, anything relating to this mod can be found on the discord page for it, which can be found here! If you have any questions or concerns I can be found there nearly all the time! Because I have no life... All the source code is available on GitHub if you'd like to look at it... or fix it, my codes a undocumented mess. you've been warned. Github link! QuarryWorks v1.4.8-beta - Rubble Storage For The Masses!
  3. Note: There is currenly a bug with the cooking pot, the game will crash when mousing over a cooked pot in the firepit. I'm working on a fix. Also Theres a bug n the toolmold which has been fixed, the updated version will be uploaded shortly. Earthworks Is about enhancing the opportunities you have for crafting with the materials that already exist in the game, adding recipes for items that only exist in creative, or giving more colour variants for existing items. Red and brown clays join the existing blue and fireclays, both are a little rarer like fireclay, red clay shows in drier hotter climates, whereas brown clay is more likely in colder climates. Red and brown bricks are also added, allowing 4 variants of existing brick blocks. Theres hardened clay of course. And Mudbricks, light and dark. Making mudbrick is simple. Dark is the same as cob, but with the middle grass replaced with clay, while light additionally has one dirt replaced with sand. Shingles next: Created in much the same as bricks, the recipe yields 2 shingles for 6 clay, and requires baking. Next we have a splash of colour; vibrant coloured pots and planters thanks to Tony Liberatto and Novocain. Bowls have been given a similar makeover, they even work for cooking, once again thanks to a little code by Novocain. Wateringcans also have colour, and are quite functional. And finally all toolmolds have been given a dash of colour, why should industry be mundane? A future update will add working coloured cooking pots, most of these blocks can also be found in the neolithic mod. Earthworks-1.0.1.zip Finally the details of my earlier MarcTehk mod, which is depreciated and not updated for 1.9, but will be left here for reference, as well as the older versions of earthworks.
  4. It would be nice and confortable to stock the peat bricks on a surface like it's done with firewood. What do you think about it?
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