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Found 3 results

  1. I was killed by a drifter and when I respawned I was standing in a tree block with leaves on my upper half and tree blocks above and to all sides of me.
  2. After running back to my "point of death" everything i had on me was gone. I died on a waypoint marker so i got the right location and i only took less than 2 minutes to get there so despawning over time is a no as well. For recreation of the process: I was running around with low health and a bighorn sheep suddenly headbutted me (which does quite a lot of damg actually) killing me. i ran back from the nearby spawnpoint and found the point of my death right away but my droped inventory was gone i had on me... [4 linenbags, 1 copper pickaxe, 1flint shovel, around 22 granit stones, 10 salpeter, 18 pieces of black coal aaand a few blocks medium fertile dirt]... at least i think thats all i had on me. while my inventory was quite empty, the linenbags hurt a bit since i made them without a farm and it took quite a bit of exploring.
  3. While exploring on the Darkage Server I died a few times, out of 4-6 times I got 2 respawns on the spot where I died and one time I got glitched into the soil/rocks and suffocated/got attacked by locusts. In my panic I forgot so screenshot it and sadly I´m not able to provide further information. Not quite sure if this also happens in SP as I didnt try it yet.
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