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Found 4 results

  1. I found a way to make chiseled blocks count for rooms, it's super easy! Go to Vintagestory\assets\survival\blocktypes\chiseled and open each of the 4 .json files there. Find the line "sidesolid: {all: false }," and change false to true. I spent quite a bit of time searching for this solution, here's hoping this saves somebody else some time. Also, I don't know what side effects this might have, if someone reading this does, please share
  2. I think this size is ridiculus and there should be different room tipey like "small" "medium" and "large" with different effects. I built a whole three story house with an attic before the winter update, but I don't want to basically destroy it by putting walls everywhere... And maybe let full-block glass be okay for roofs? AN what about Carpets/furs for the floor that help with the temperature? And add that to the guide book probably? It's hard to find (and understand) online especially for people who can't read english
  3. When using a chiseled block, the room does not count as a "room", and your food rate still increases when cold. I'm not sure how difficult this one is to manage, given that chiseled blocks can be any shape. I ran into an issue with a block I chiseled by mistake, but didn't actually modify it. Because the block looks identical to non-chiseled blocks, it's very hard to track down. If not possible to calculate rooms with chiseled blocks, maybe an overlay/dev tool to display valid room-blocks could help. Seems like slabs are valid blocks.
  4. It seems like leaded glass panes prevent the game to recognize a room as a room regarding body temperature and food preservation. While food preservation would make sense in the game setting, the body temperature mechanic should accept glass panes as part of a room IMHO. Glass blocks and glass slabs work fine.
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