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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I am new to VS and was able to set up a server on my own pc that my friends can play but when I try to join it I get an error message of "no message could be made because the target machine actively refused it". The server works for my buddies but not me, is there something I'm missing about server hosting or do I just need to disable the server and use the open to internet feature when I want to play with my friends?
  2. As the title says I am looking for a server host in order to start a little server with friends from generally Europe and all over US + Canada. Would be about 10 people and we would like to use mods. Anybody got some good recommendations for hosts ? In the past tried multiple hosts for games like Terraria , Minecraft and other survival games with varying results of performance with even just 5 people. And regarding mods , many had that smart statement "If the game has workshop support it will pull from the Steam Workshop and install and update automatically" ... yeah , sure... VS on steam.... If the only option is to use an FTP client that isnt an issue either then. Thanks for replies and help in advance and all have a nice day/evening
  3. Why doesn't this game have an easy multiplayer? I want to play with a buddy of mine. We are in different time zones. I have tried to find clear information on how to setup multiplayer and I have tied but I this the information is to old. I really don't want to have a server as the game will be running all the time, that blows, as this game is very hard to play in winter. I want to play with my friend, can anyone help me achieve that? I tried a port-forwarding but it didn't work. So here are my questions: Can I setup a server that won't run when we are not playing, if so, how do I do that? Can we play on my single player game, if so, how do I do that? We are also playing with mods that are the same. I have a Netgear AC1900 Model C7000v2. I've played the game till iron, but my friend is a total newb so I want to give him a good experience! Thanks for listening! Blue
  4. I am looking at paid server hosting to play with friends online but I do not want to lose my in game progress. I have played for a few days with friends singleplayer ad-hoc server with the open to internet feature. If I rent a paid dedicated server host can I migrate our singleplayer world, base, etc, to the online dedicated server host?
  5. So, I am trying to figure out how to whitelist a server. I'm running into a problem where I can not find a reference to formatting, and because I've got an issue with server initialization on top, I'm trying to wing this part until i get the server sorted properly. Does anyone have a basic "form" of whitelist? Is it Minecraft-ish (json file)? 7Days-ish (serveradmin file)? Ark-ish (unholy mess)? ProjectZomboid-ish(text file)? Thankyou, from the worst server admin ever
  6. You should be able to host a free server for up to 4 friends quickly and easily. The server could be connected via a launcher regardless of which internet server service friend is using. For example: There should be an "Add Friend" option in the main game menu where you would add your friends. After that there should be a “Host free server” option where you could invite friends (up to 4 friends) to join our server. The free server could exclusively be a Vanilla server and would serve for those who do not want to play on public servers but independently with their friends. Such an example of a server stands for example in the game "The Forest" where up to 8 friends can connect via steam and play survival together.
  7. Hey guys I’m trying to start a server for me and a few friends I can’t seem to get it setup every time I try to connect it won’t let me! I would really appreciate some help setting it up. I’ll post server logs once I have access to my pc
  8. Hello all, some friends and myself are thinking of getting into VS, and I wanted to host a server. I've hosted several other game servers over the years so nothing new there, however I can't find any info on the hardware recommended for it. Minecraft is heavy single threaded so lots of cores doesn't help as much, so stuff like that. Anyone know if faster vs more cores, or any sort of info on that? I'd like to eventually get more people on the server than just us. I've got servers laying around and I'm hoping they'll get the job done. Will be hosting with Linux btw. Thanks in advance.
  9. Joining a server for the first time can be a very unpleasant experience for new players. The experience can be much different from that in single player in various ways (a.o. the progress of time). In this suggestion thread I wish to focus on the first in-game day or days of playing on a server. I want to address the fact that when a new player joins, they tend to be in urgent need to gather a lot of stuff that can help them settle for a safe passage of the night and/or go out on their first main adventure, to find a nice place to settle. This first experience can be quite hindered by the fact that players cannot see whether it is dawn or dusk, day or night on a server before they join. Also, a heavy temporal storm could just hit the moment a new player has just gathered their first resources to craft something simple as their first axe. It would be very helpful to ensure new players aren't set back too much from their first attempts to join a server if server management could have one or more of the following options at their disposal: Show in the server listing info what the time of day is on a server. The format for the displayed info could be made customisable for server management. As soon as 'seasons' are implemented, season info may also be very useful for new players (any player) to have in the server listing info. Make the server time of day get adjusted to dawn as soon as a player joins the server for the first time. The exact time could be made customisable for server management. Make the temporal progress timer reset as soon as a player joins the server for the first time. I'm not sure what variables need to be considered for this, but I can imagine the exact 'shift' could be made customisable for server management. Provide new players with essential gear, a.k.a. a 'starters kit', as soon as a player joins the server for the first time. Server management obviously would want to be able to provide new players with anything they think fitting, including armour already donned, and mobile containers possibly already filled. All dependent on how they and their community would want a new player to experience their server. With seasons, a season dependency may also be desirable. More favourable seasons may require less of a starter boost than a fresh start during the dark of winter. ... Some of these options may have been suggested before and there can be more options to be considered for this purpose. I just wish to list them here and want to stress that whatever may get implemented of these options (if any) they should be considered as 'options' for server management to decide on using for their specific purpose and use any related settings at their own discretion. The view of server owners/staff/communities on how their server best be set up can differ quite dramatically. I'm curious if there may be additional options the VS team could consider for this purpose. Please do not hesitate to add any in a comment below, nor to provide any other feedback on the above. Note that this excludes any options like 'provide a pleasant spawn environment with plenty of food and what-have-you', because that is obviously already an option for server management.
  10. I know the game hosts a server ingame for singlepayer but... if this is possible: can i somehow increase the memory (RAM) usage so i can play my modded singleplayer better? Because: after short time it says on the top right corner: "host not responding: server overloaded or crashed" can i fix this somehow?
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