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  1. Abandoned by author. No further support. VSChatBot Here's a Discord Bot for those of you who want to engage your community more by allowing them to see what goes on in-game, all from the safety of their favourite chat application, Discord! I've been developing it in cooperation with the awesome community of RabbitTech, so a big shout-out to those guys (especially TechRabbit himself) for dealing with the silly bugs and giving feedback. Features Send text messages from the General chat in-game, directly to a discord channel Send messages from the same Discord channel, directly to the General chat in-game Assuming storms are enabled, storm notifications will be sent when they approach, begin and end Optional death messages Optional server up/down messages Various utility commands like !help, !time, !players and !lastseen Installation It's a discord client wrapped as a regular mod, so installing it is like any other regular VS server-side mod. You will, however, have to manually create a bot at https://discord.com/developers/applications Create a new application and name it something appropriate Go into the Bot tab and 'Add Bot' Optionally disallow 'public bot' which seems to be the default Go into the OAuth2 tab Scroll down and give it the 'bot' scope Scroll further down after clicking and add the 'send messages' text permission Scroll up again and copy the link that Discord has generated into a new browser window Add it to the respective server you want You should now see a bot connect to your Discord server Go back to the Bot tab and keep it open for when you need to copy your Bot token into the config file Once this is done, you can take the vschatbot.zip and put into your mods folder. On the first start-up, the mod will create a vschatbot.json config file in your ModConfig folder and then shut down. This needs to be filled otherwise the bot will not function. The 3 mandatory fields are: "Token" which is the token generated by the Discord application. Must be a string, so surrounded by "". "ServerId" which is the id of the discord server you want it to connect to. Make sure this remains a number (so no "")! "ChannelId" which is the id of the channel on the discord server you want it to send messages from in-game to, and take from. Make sure this remains a number! ServerId and ChannelId are the identifiers given by Discord to your server and channel. You can find them directly in Discord if you enable developer mode and then right click -> 'copy id'. Once these are filled, you can restart the server and you should see the following message as part of start-up in server-main.txt in your log files: [Notification] vschatbot: connected to discord and ready! If not, something went wrong, most likely during configuration of the Discord bot. Contribute Want more awesome Vintage Story content? Help me spend more time developing mods than enterprise software, by becoming a patron or donating straight to paypal! Commands The bot have several commands available, but all are out-of-game. They can be triggered by prefixing your message with ! or @mentioning the bot !help [string] - shows all the available commands if sent with no arguments. If sent with argument, will show the command help of that particular command. !players - shows all online players at the time !time - shows the current time of the server and the current season. The time of the server respects the server config of additional days per month and more, so you will see dates like 35. March. This is to be expected and is how the game calendar works. !lastseen [playername] - allows you to look up when the given playername was last seen online (only works after the bot has been installed obviously). !stats [playername] - shows more detailed stats for an individual (only total play time + deaths atm, more coming as I develop my player stats mod) Source Code https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot Releases v1.2.0 (29/04/2020): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot/-/releases/1.2.0 v1.1.1 (03/01/2020): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vschatbot/-/releases/1.1.1
  2. Selective Keep On Death ModDB Page Customize your survival save's difficulty! New mod to allow you to customize what drops (or gets deleted entirely ) upon death. Also has various other options relating to rng chance to drop items, and damaging item conditions when you have an unplanned release from this mortal coil. Purely server-side for those playing with friends, to boot. By default, keeps bags, tools, armor, and clothing. This is completely customizable in the settings' .json, and includes a whitelist & blacklist for specific item asset codes to respectively keep or drop. Also allows dropped items to be deleted entirely instead of dropped in the world, if you want that extra bit of challenge. Items are checked to be kept/dropped in the following order: Blacklist > Whitelist > AlwaysDiscardedInventoryTypes > KeepEverything > KeepEquippedClothing > KeepEquippedArmor > KeepArmor > KeepClothing > KeepBags > KeepTools Within the config .json, it's possible to change all of the following: "KeepEverything": Boolean whether or not to keep everything... except for what's on the Blacklist. "KeepBags": Boolean whether or not to keep bags (Mining Bag, Linen Sack, etc. Anything with a quantitySlots attribute.) "KeepTools": Boolean whether or not to keep anything that's a tool. "KeepArmor": Boolean whether or not to keep any armor in the player's inventory. "KeepClothing": Boolean whether or not to keep any clothing in the player's inventory. "KeepEquippedArmor": Boolean whether or not to keep any armor the player is currently wearing. "KeepEquippedClothing": Boolean whether or not to keep any clothing the player is currently wearing. "DeleteDroppedItems": If set to true, will permanently delete dropped items instead of dropping them into the world at the location of the player's death. "DamageToolsAmount": Float from 0.0 to 1.0 on how much to damage tools by when the player dies. Tools that have their durability reduced to 0 will be destroyed as normal. "DamageToolsByRemainingDur": If set to true, will damage tools by a % of their current durability rather than maximum durability. DamageArmor/Clothing is the same as tools, but for armor and clothing. "DamageCanDestroyClothing": If true, and a clothing's condition/warmth provided hits 0, it will destroy the article of clothing instead of letting it potentially be repaired. "RandomDropChancePerItem": Array of inventory types, with floats ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 on the chance per-item for that item to be dropped (or deleted, if DeleteDroppedItems is set to true). The dice are rolled for each item individually; you may keep all your items, you may keep none of them. "PercentageToRandomlyKeep": Array of inventory types, with floats ranging from 0.0 to 1.0 on what percentage of items to keep. ie; if you had 20 items, and the float was 0.5, you would keep 10 items, no more, no less. This is calculated after RandomDropChancePerItem. "KeepWhitelist": Item asset codes (supports * wildcard) to always keep, no matter what. "KeepBlacklist": Same as whitelist, but instead to always drop. "CheckedInventoryTypes": Array of inventory types to check. By default, contains all the vanilla survival ones. "AlwaysDiscardedInventoryTypes": Array of inventory types to always drop items from, unless an item is on the whitelist. If anything is broken, or you've thought of a combination that isn't possible yet, feel free to @ or DM TuckMeIntoBread#9902 in the official Vintage Story discord server for a quick response.
  3. Links to download and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/341 Hides coordinates from players by disabling the `/waypoint` command and redacts coordinates in `/land` messages. Only needs to run on the server.
  4. Links to download and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/359 When you die in Wilderness Survival, you respawn a random distance away, usually extremely far. Finding your base is difficult or impossible, making the experience sort of like permadeath. However, once you've obtained a temporal gear (which you can get by panning 7 stacks of sand,) this mechanic is basically nullified because the gear can be used to permanently set your spawn point. This very simple mod revives the fear of death by clearing your spawn point after you respawn. This means that a temporal gear can be used to respawn at your base only once. After you respawn at your base, you'll need to use another temporal gear to set your spawn point again, or risk being lost in the wilderness. Feedback welcome! Thanks!
  5. Adds more commands for chat. Currently available commands: /me <message> - send message as player action /tell <player> <message> - send private message to other player (alias: /t) /reply <message> - reply to last private message (alias: /r) Download: ModDB or GitHub (works on 1.13.4 and above, not needed on client) If you are missing any commands, write, I will try to add.
  6. Pact allows two players to respawn together, costing only their lives and spawn points. This is intended to support pairs of players who want to play together on a Wilderness Survival server which has the default random respawn mechanics. Download and Source https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/238 Usage Alice types into their chat: /pact Bob Bob sees in his chat: Alice has offered a pact. To accept, type: /pact Alice If you accept, you will lose your spawn point, die, and respawn beside Alice. Bob types into their chat: /pact Alice Both players have their spawn points cleared (in case they had previously set them with temporal gears) and die instantly. Bob clicks "Respawn" and finds themselves at half health, lost in the wilderness. Alice clicks "Respawn" and finds themselves at half health, standing beside Bob. Later, Bob gets eaten by a wolf and respawns elsewhere, then they decide to form a new pact and start over together.
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