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Found 9 results

  1. The idea for this server is to offer a family safe and fun place to play VintageStory. We now have 4 servers to attend to all tastes. They have different rules and content: Default Darkagecraft: Moded PVE The server is only used to host Vintage Story. The Darkagecraft PVE Moded Server at darkagecraft.net The Darkagecraft Vanilla, with the latest stable game version at darkagecraft.net:42423 The Darkagecraft Creative, again with the latest stable version at darkagecraft.net:42422 The Darkagecraft Dominions, a Moded PVP server at darkagecraft.net:42424 Please make sure to type your Vintage Story Username correctly, we will copy and paste it into the server.
  2. Estou criando esse server brasileiro, logo deixarei ele completamente online por enquanto estou em fase de testes. mais fica como acessa-lo. bom infelizmente eu sou usuário de uma internet compartilhada logo não posso fazer alterações de portas, então para acessar o server vocês precisaram baixar esse aplicativo que deixarei o link disponível. Raidmin VPN Parecido com Hamachi. em baixo as instruções de como entrar na rede.
  3. By courtesy of Tony, host of Darkagecraft, I invite everyone interested in a lore driven, civilization-craft RP server to join our ----Discord Server-----. We love creating unique lore for our world, ranging from speculative cultures, ethnicities, religions, and the dynamics of these. But we also welcome more personal lore about your character and his/her navigation of the Dominions setting! Server features: RP-driven civilizations, Neolithic mod pack and more, Fluid and dynamic world lore that you can shape, RP-motivated PVP allowed ----Discord Server----- Server IP: darkagecraft.net:42424 To get the pack needed to connect to the server, please join our discord linked above
  4. This server was born out of a discord discussion about having a stable Vanilla Server. The server will only update to stable versions, The server will not have any mods ever. There is no whitelist. Any and all are welcome. The server address is darkagecraft.net:42423 The port number is important as we have the moded server on the default port. We do need admins and moderators, so if you are interested please reach me on the Discord Channel
  5. Graciously hosted by @Geartwo Mode: Just plain Survival Address: chrometech.at Rules: Don't break other peoples things, respect eachother, try to leave behind not too much mess (like floating blocks) I took the freedom to give op status to all of the VS team plus @copygirl, @Geartwo and @redram. If someone else wants to moderate, let me know. Please keep it at survival mode only. Since our player count is still pretty low, feel free to use this post to arrange playing times!
  6. This simple mod creates a "bridge" between a Discord channel and the in-game chat. The current version is two parts: The first part is a simple mod that attempts to connect to "ws://" and echo all chat messages to the socket + echo all messages from the socket to the chat. The second part is a simple Discord bot that listens for connections from "ws://" and echos received messages to Discord, and sends messages from Discord to any connected program(s). (why two parts? Issues getting C# Discord bindings to work, that's why.) The current version does not have a Discord bot account associated with it, the user must supply this himself. See the included readme for more details. Source code is currently not available, but I'll put it up somewhere sooner or later... Linux and Windows are both supported, OSX is not (although it can be if you ask nicely). Please keep in mind that this mod is server side only. It has no effect on the client. Updated: I made the connection between the bridge server and the mod a bit more robust, as well as tweaking a few other small things. ChatBridge
  7. When a player first joins a server they are shown an outfit selection window where they tune the character appearance. (This is quite comfortable for singleplayer, because of no mobs first 3 days. Tho I didn't know about this detail when I started ) It is uneasy/uncomfortable to select it at that time because players don't know if there is any danger around. So some of them try to close the window asap. Actually it may be even worse - when joining at night (tho sure it's better to wait and start a bit later at day). Afaik player can re-open the outfit window with C button (not yet described on Wiki probably), but I was told it doesn't allow to change clothes, unless I have found some in dungeons or got by trade from players. So players don't get a second chance to select their appearance and the first chance is uneasy. So probably lot of people will be running naked or random at best. Please improve the outfit selection feature. Maybe keep player in creative while they are in the initial dialog (Stroam). Or open the dialog just before joining server and showing the world. Sorry if there already is some way to do it comfortably. Please do tell, I'll update Wiki.
  8. VS-Server Service Copy your server.sh script with sudo or root to "/etc/init.d/<name>" Now you can user the script from everywhere e.g. "service <name> start" The server.sh commands start: Starts a new screen (use "screen -ls" to get the name) stop: Save the map warn the player and stops the server status: Tells you the if the VS-Server is running or not command "/<command> <parameter>": Execute a command with highest ranks backup: Saves all data in you VS folder except the backup folder in the backup folder (with VS-Version, time and date) update: Compares your version with the current version If the current version is higher warns users and stop the VS-Server Makes a backup Downloads the new version, extrakts and overrides old files Sets username and path in the new "server.sh" and sets executable rights Starts the VS-Server reinstall: Does a fresh installation of VS (a force update) Tips and Tricks Server setting are in "./VintagestoryData/serverconfig.json". There you can set settings like Port, Password, map size, Welcome Message and group settings Tweak performance when you have a strong server in "./VintagestoryData/servermagicnumbers.json": ChunkColumnsToGeneratePerThreadTick: 10-21 ChunksColumnsToRequestPerTick: 4-7 SpawnChunksWidth: 0 (When you set up buildprotection) ChunksToSendPerTick: 20-42 Good to know servermagicnumbers.json SpawnChunksWidth: How much chunks should be load/generated before server accept users ChunkThreadTickTime: 10(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 100 generation-Ticks/second ChunksToSendPerTick: 20(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 40 send-Ticks/second
  9. Important-Importante-Wichtig-重要-重要-важно If you have no clue how to use, monitor and maintain Linux, then you should use a professional gameserver hoster or if you have to much time and leisure, you should get first basic hosting skills. CentOS 7 (RHEL, Fedora) 1. EPEL/screen/wget/curl Install yum -y install epel-release screen wget curl 2. Mono Install yum -y install yum-utils rpm --import "http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF" yum-config-manager --add-repo http://download.mono-project.com/repo/centos/ yum -y install mono mono-utils 3. Add the port to the firewall firewalld firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=42420/tcp firewall-cmd --reload iptables iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 42420 -j ACCEPT 4. Download the game Goto http://account.vintagestory.at/downloads Copy the link of the newest "vs_server_*.*.*.tar.gz" package Enter in the console "wget" and parse the link Hint: Make for VS a own directory the tar have no subfolder 5. Open TarGZ package tar -xzf vs_server_*.*.*.tar.gz 6. Make the server.sh executeable chmod 755 server.sh 7. Edit server.sh file USERNAME='<your-vs-server-username>' VSPATH='<your-vs-directory>' 8. Server start and first steps ./server.sh start # Wait for startup then you can give you OP ./server.sh command "/op <youusername>" 9. Connect to you IP/Domain and have fun
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