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Found 4 results

  1. I would love to see stone age get extended in game and thats what i sometimes mention or aim at in my sugestions/comments . In preparation for that i think it would be nice to have a clay vessel with same storage space as chest and easier to make than the already existing one (no cover and bigger hole at the top) but poor food storage modifier.
  2. Since a lot of actions demands empty hand , we could add a toggleable option that would lock the first slot of hotbar so its always empty ( apart from when player put something there). It could also work with additional hotbar slot that can be selected but cannot be filled in any way. Or make hotbar selection toggleable as a whole so you would have configurable button (in game controlls) that lets you hide currently selected item (hotbar slot) like in some rpg's , also maybe traders wouldn't like it if you aproach them with weapon/tool in hand XD.
  3. Currently only ore bomb is enabled on VS. This mod simply implements the other types. Also the cage is currently not used so I implemented a simple animal trap using the cage. Bait the trap and come back later to collect random animal drops. (meat, hide, feathers, fat) MoreBombs.zip(Backward compatible to at least 1.7 and recently tested in 1.12.8) Note: Not compatible with the old version because I changed the object. Existing bombs in your world may become broken items. If you already have the old mod in your world then just keep it. This new version is for new worlds and is designed to be more compatible with other mods in the future. Animal Trap 1.0 [1.5.2+].zip (still needs to be reworked) New Bomb Blocks added Bomb Recipes New Animal Trap blocks added Animal trap recipes
  4. The aim of ExtendedPlay is to add tweaks and some quality-of-life changes. The mods are as follows: Animal Pelts: Adds exactly what it says on the tin - Animals now drop pelts that can be used as decoration for either walls or floors. To change a floor pelt into a wall pelt and vice versa, simply put it in the crafting grid. Useful Monsters: Adds Health Shards that let you heal up. The small variant drops from Locusts and Drifters and heals you for 2HP and lowers your Saturation by 50. You can craft 4 of them in a grid to make a large version that heals for 8HP, at the cost of 200 Sat. Anna Tweaks: Adds small changes to the game. Namely - Updated bamboo and andesite/granite textures, ability to turn copper toolheads back into ingots, recycle copper anvil back into ore, increased hay yield per craft, scythe now works on reeds. Note that texture changes are clientside, and will work on servers. Includes Stroam's wolf damage tweak Builder: My block adding mod. For the moment it only adds bamboo doors and mud walls (See version history for recipes) Fear Not: Don't fear the reaper - This mod disables dropping your inventory on death. Now go forth and explore Version history (Global): More items may be added as I come up with ideas. It should be fully compatible with anything, however - Don't use the All-In-One version along with the others. Downloads: (Always up to date) All-In-One Version Animal Pelts Useful Monsters Anna Tweaks Builder Fear Not Likely future additions: -Door variants for all planks -Simple food making -Proper versioning
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