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Found 3 results

  1. v1.04 is out - basically a bug fix release, should get things working on servers! V1.02 of QPTECH is now out! Adding a nice new bit of decor for your kitch - the cast iron stove. V1.03 pre-relase now available - featuring lots of kitcheny stuff v3.0.1 Video here QPTECH will feature various machines to help you out in your Vintage Story world. With version 1.0 you will be able to build the automated firepit. Link to Discord QPTECH Automated Firepit Video Moddb link
  2. Hello there, if anyone skilled with modding could create the following for me, please? Copper arrowhead & Copper spear head turned smeltable into X units of Copper (for ingots) Bronze Armlet turned smeltable into X units of Tin Bronze (for ingots) No idea what would be a good value for X... but even if it's something low like 10-25, that would be wonderful.
  3. Ever ran into the issue of having too much scrap? Sadly this cool item has little to no use, and the parts are just used for the translocator. Sure in 1.14 we can make scrap weapons now, but still its use diminishes very quickly out of specific circumstances. This mod adds bloomery recipes to metal scraps and parts, where they act exactly like meteoric iron and give iron ingots as an output, the ratio is still 2 as well so 2 metal scrap/parts = 1 ingot of iron. With the 2.0.0 update (will work on 1.13 but intended for 1.14) you can now smelt metal parts to steel ingots at the same ra
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