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Found 7 results

  1. A Smithing Mod By Aetherial Labs Author: Vinter_Nacht, Texture Artist: AnxietyPealope JSON Files Assist: Raccoon Support Us Through Patreon! "With measured beat and slow, Like a sexton ringing the village bell" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow So what is Hammer's Ringing Fall? This mod has been in the wings since November of 2021, which seems like another world now. At that time I was pondering the fact that the progression from clay and stone storage to chests was rather abrupt. Chests were so easy to make, you could simply put them together with nary a bit of effort. Once you had your saw, it was chests all around. That was the first "problem" this mod was made to solve, an abrupt jump in tech precipitated with a simple saw. Quite simply, it increases the importance of metal in the lives of the Seraph. Everything from tools and weapons to planks and shelving requires some degree of a metal component. Chests require hinges and nails, metal tools require rivets and metal bands (with the sole exception of the copper ax/pickaxe/etc, whose recipe is only slightly changed). You'll find that there is a need for metal at every turn you make. It is worth mentioning that this mod was primarily made with the concept of a multiplayer environment in mind. Blacksmiths typically find themselves relegated to making armor, tools, and weapons, but precious little else. Little else, that is, unless you count a seemingly endless number of chutes for the automation inclined. With Hammer's Ringing Fall there will always be a need for the smith to be at his forge, and an endless supply of charcoal to feed him. Surely a good thing for any virtual economy. Added By Hammer's Ringing Fall Are: Rivets - Used in all manner of metal craft, such as chutes, weapons, and tools. Metal Bands - Used in recipes where reinforcement or securing is required, such as your helve hammer base. Nails - All manner of woodwork requires these, including shelving, planks, and stairs. Hinge Flange Top/Bottom - Two of the three parts required to make hinges Pins - Used, along with the Hinge Flange Top/Bottom to create a hinge. Tool Hafts - An oiled tool haft is made using a log, an ax, and a bit of fat, and then cured for 48 hours to become a finished haft. Comes in three sizes. Small for swords and knives, medium for axes and hammers, large for scythes, hoes, shovels, and spears. Frequently Asked Questions: - Does the mod increase the durability of tools/weapons? Not at present, though that is an intended feature. I wanted to get it out to get tested, find out what the interest levels were, and get some feedback about how that modification should happen. Based on the increased costs, I'm speculating about 35% - What mods does Hammer's Ringing Fall Support? Currently, it only supports vanilla items. That will be changing rapidly, see above about testing interest and feedback. Can I toss a coin to my modder? Of course you can, and we thank ya kindly. As always, the first updates supporting new mods will be released to supporters on Patreon, as a thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Upcoming Features: There's a lot planned here, but you'll have to wait for me to share it. I don't want to make promises without having some idea of how to achieve them. For now, I'm just Tinkering with some ideas.
  2. I've been having some difficulties hand working iron blooms. When cutting slag off of the bloom there's a number of voxels that are on the base layer that are outside of the dimensions of the bar, and using the Shift key to add a partially worked bloom to another to get more voxels to fill the gaps does not add material, unless there's a special trick to it. Reheating the bloom will also sometimes change the orientation of the ingot outline by 90 degrees, invalidating the base layer I had previously worked. Are there tricks to working iron? Is it effectively helvehammer only? *edit* After experimentation, Iron working does indeed require the helvehammer. You can work it by hand, but the voxels will never be right. However the helvehammer adds the missing voxels rather than move them around. It was a race to keep it fed, so I made two forges and had blooms in continuous heat up mode. I ended up knocking the slag off the blooms, by which time the helvehammer had nearly finished the main block, so I simply ended up splitting off the excess before the hammer could. A stormy night really makes it fly.
  3. Adds a new type of ingot mold called the "foundry" it comes in two sizes- one can solidify 24 ingots at once and the other does 12 at once. The foundry must be filled completely for you to receive the ingots when they cool, otherwise it just holds the amount poured into it until you eventually fill it all the way. I got annoyed with having to make a billion ingot molds, having to find the space for all of them, then having to pour over and over again, so here's the solution! Would need some fancy modification to base code to have partial outputs which I am unable to do. Also I would like to have faster cooling speed with mechanical power but again I am limited with my abilities for now, if you'd like to contribute I'd really appreciate it. Made with any tool-tier metal- bronze, iron, steel: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1197
  4. Not sure if this is an oversight, a bug, or if I'm missing something, but I have tried to break work items with a chisel in almost every possible way in the crafting grid. Ingots work and will break down, but the moment a copper ingot is turned into a work item it no longer works. I've seen a number of forum posts claiming breaking work items as a feature, but has anyone actually tested it? I have tried extensively, to no avail.
  5. Is there any way to recycle work items that you made a mistake on?
  6. Welcome to my weapon mod, Medieval Weapons! This mod currently adds maces of all metal variants, they are 0.5 dmg stronger than their sword counterparts. For balancing purposes they are only smithable! So get to smacking! Changelog: Added maces. Medieval Weapons v0.1.zip
  7. So I was watching an abridged anime the other day when I stumbled upon this scene: And it got the gears in my head spinning a bit... asking if there was a way to take RedRam’s smithing idea which has garnished VS so much interest and make both the game and the mechanic more interesting. As it stands now, there is a single tool which can be used to swap between all the smithing "moves." In reality, a smith would use a different tool for each action he wanted to perform. With this suggestion, I'm not suggesting removing the current multi-tool. That tool is a great way for people to learn how to use the smithing system without having to deal with a lot of extra parts. With that said, the current system will begin to fall flat in the late game, there is no real reason to continue smithing once you have all the tools you need, no real reason to dedicate time into mastering the skill, and once all(most) of the "move" patterns have been memorized: no real challenge to the system anymore. To fix these problems I would propose adding a new set of tools, one for each "move." Then adding a rhythm system where you have to make your moves according to a certain rhythm to get an improved chance at improved stats (bunny hopping off of Eric's suggestions). However, this type of rhythm system would be difficult to balance, since players have to keep track of performing all of the moves in the right order in the right place at the right time. Which is why I would suggest that there not be a penalty for playing out of rhythm instead rewarding them for playing the game the hard way. This could take the form of a system where every successfully timed move adds to a combo meter, which resets whenever the player misses a beat. At the end the more beats a player hits successfully the less of a random multiplier will be applied to the tools stats. Missing all of the beats would lead to a completely random result while hitting all of the beats would give a flat value considered to be the "best". Additionally, the player's highest combo would determine how much of a slight added bonus will be added to the tools quality. This creates a system where if you take your time or are learning you have a fair chance at making a good tool, at the same time skilled smiths could increase (possibly a linear interpolate) the quality of their tool; while also ensuring that a skilled smith will always be able to make a slightly better tool than a lucky player.
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