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Found 4 results

  1. Ikd how difficult it would be to do but, I think that fire should belt nearby snow. I have pit kilns with snow piled up on the blocks around them. If I were to stand there, I would take damage. But the snow is untouched. Torches, campfires, ovens... Anything that provides heat should have some effect on the nearby snow.
  2. I checked if there are suggestions for snowman, and didn't find anything, however, apologies if it was already suggested. The idea is to introduce snowball, and ability to accumulate them by "rolling" it over snow-containing blocks on flat surface. And then stacking rolled large snow balls to form snow mans (with the same sculpture mechanic available for rocks), snow fortresses. If I'd have right coding background, I would make mod with this content. Cheers, guys!
  3. Work in progress version of my new mod. At the moment, the mod adds ... a snowball. And that's it Snowball can be obtained by holding an empty hand on the snow in the world. You can throw it. Deals Frost damage. Also, the behavior of entities when receiving Frost damage has been changed, they turn blue and slow down for 3-5 sec (it will also work for the player if he is overcooled, I accidentally ). It is planned: Add snowball picking animation Improve the visual part of the Frost effect Improve/change the wild crutch that the slowing mechanic works on (removed) Reduce effect greatly if damage is caused by weatherv (fixed) Maybe add more items/blocks for winter. For example Christmas trees, presents, decorations, lamps. Download: ModDB or GitHub
  4. I think the snow in Vintage Story has a lot of potential. It could be extended to fall in different areas with different colors. For example, dust storms in the desert that leave beige snow (dust) behind. Or things like volcanoes and forest fires produce grey snow (ash). It would also be very cool if you allowed snow to fall anywhere. What I mean is that instead of snow generator detecting and not placing snow on things like fences, it put it there anyway. The snow would detect what block was below it and conform its shape to that block. In the case of fences, the snow would sit just on the tops of the posts, and then on the ground at the base of it. I'm not sure if it would be feasible to do automatically, but maybe the models could contain some information about where snow would be placed? I think this could add a lot to the game visually.
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