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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, i have a problem: i want to add a new metal to the game, but when i put the ingots in a forge, or when im smithing them, they loose there textures and become white and with a question mark. Has someone an idea, how i can fix that problem pls?
  2. Hello, Is there a way not rotating a structure, when it is generating? When one generates, it rotates randomly in all direction. I made a multiblock door (and no, it isnt copied from the medival expansion mod ), and when i generate a structure with it, and the structure rotates, the door is bugging. Therefore i wopuld be happy to know a way to not-rotate structures thx
  3. I've been trying to make a tea mod I managed to make 3 different tea plant blocks using the variantgroups properties and the actual item (tea leaves) using variantgroups. However I can't wrap my head around on how to make for example teablock-gea-crop, drop the gea leaves item and teablock-tea-crop, drop the tea leaves item, etc Problem is that the 3 different types of tea plant won't drop their respective type of tea leaves, they don't drop anything. got it solved. { code: "teablock", variantgroups: [ { code:"teatype", states: ["tea", "gea", "bea"] }, { code:"plantstage", states: ["crop", "growing", "ripe"] }, ], class: "BlockPlant", creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"], "plants": ["*"] }, renderpass: "OpaqueNoCull", drawtype: "json", blockmaterial: "Plant", shapebytype: { "*-crop": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-growing": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-ripe": { base: "block/myteablock", }, }, texturesbytype: { "*-crop": { all: { base: "block/emptytea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-growing": { all: { base: "block/floweringtea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-ripe": { all: { base: "block/ripetea/{teatype}", }, } }, dropsByType: { "*-ripe": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } }, { type: "item", code: "theteamod:tea-{type}", quantity: { avg: 2.2 } }, ], "*": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } } ] }, attributes: { butterflyFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, beeFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, sitHeight: 0.55, tickGrowthProbability: 0.05, handbook: { include: true } }, sideopaque: { all: false }, sidesolid: { all: false }, replaceable: 3000, lightAbsorption: 0, resistance: 0.5, sounds: { place: "game:block/plant", break: "game:block/plant", hit: "game:block/plant" }, rainPermeable: false, collisionbox: null, selectionbox: { x1: 0.0625, y1: 0, z1: 0.0625, x2: 0.9375, y2: 0.25, z2: 0.9375 }, materialDensity: 200, vertexFlags: { grassWindwave: true, weakWave: true }, combustibleProps: { burnTemperature: 600, burnDuration: 10, } }
  4. Couple questions about cellars. Do dark mud bricks count as soil? Why do doors affect it and how do people get into their cellars. Just break the blocks?
  5. Previous versions recognized and used the dedicated graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650). After update from 1.14.0-8 the game was laggy and a monitoring tool showed no use of the dedicated graphics card.
  6. When transfering something FROM the reed basket, it immediately jumps back in. When transfering something TO the reed basket, it is "mock transferred" but is still in your inventory. It looks like you can duplicate items, but after closing the basket all fake items that were put in the basket disappear and the original ones are still in your inventory. Chests seem to work fine. bandicam 2020-12-02 08-32-33-588.mp4
  7. I'm trying to import an image to use on a block I'm making but no matter what I've tried I can't get it to show up in the window to apply to the face. The image I'm working with was a JPG I found online, modified in Photoshop, then saved as a PNG. Are there restrictions to files used beyond being a PNG?
  8. Is the reading it gives for the entire chunk all the way down? Or is it possible to get one reading on/close to the surface and another down deeper?
  9. I saw somewhere someone say that mobs cant spawn on slabs either upper or lower. Something like that. I can't figure out how to make a slab place in any way but the lower half of a block. How do you place it on the upper half?
  10. Do thrown spears despawn? And if so, after how long? Corpses also. Do the despawn slower if they have loot? Lastly do the carcasses ever go away if you don't break them and do they affect anything?
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