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Found 6 results

  1. I consider rifts to be a mild form of noise pollution more than anything else. The game's ambient sound is very immersive and attractive to me when there are no rifts around. Perhaps if you improved their sound spam somewhat then they would be less annoying. Honestly, I find rifts to be annoying just in general, same as drifters. It's more of an 'oh great, here we go again' than a credible threat in the game world.
  2. I wish the sounds were broken down into more customizable options, such as hostile mobs and passive mobs. I'd also like there to be a master volume that leaves the individual sliders in place but can affect all volume types as a whole. For example being able to completely mute the game with one slider.
  3. I am a huge stickler for immersive and ambient sounds in games; it helps sell the whole experience. A great example of what I mean is The-Between-Lands mod for Minecraft. There's a symphony of noises and animal sounds that brings you to that place and surrounds you. I don't know if some of these are already planned/implemented. Some specific things could be: crickets/cicadas chirping frogs bellowing bugs in swamps birds songs water dipping in caves echoes in caves sticks cracking when you step on them wind rushing over mountains larger wave sounds for larger water bodies trees creaking in the wind rattlesnakes in desserts loose pebbles falling in caves/mountains etc. Basically whatever animals aren't added into the game, make them into environment sounds, and more auditory cues from the diverse landscape. loving the game so far! :]
  4. I'd like if the anvil made different sounds depending on what item was being worked. A sharp ring for ingots and work items; A hollow thudding with metal undertones for blooms, a muted banging sound if the anvil is empty. I think this would have an opportunity to make a helve hammer setup on idle sound a bit less annoying, and also allow for me to tell when an item is done by ear while i am attending to forges or other tasks without having to look.
  5. Make drifters more like monsters from "A Quiet Place" movie, or like a Warden from MC. That they only react to noise (digging, running, higher jumps, etc.), or when you get to a really close proximity, like in exploration (passive mode). That way caves exploration would be better for more people, still scary, but more possible if you are careful enough. And program that they "moan" only when they're after you! Spotting them in silence would be much scarier.
  6. This is a rather simple suggestion. My base is constantly swarmed by singing drifters at night, and they unfortunately aren't the best singers. Please either give them prettier voices, or give me the option to turn down the mob sounds separately from other sounds. I wouldn't mind it so much if they weren't so loud...
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