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Found 6 results

  1. Hello As I am playing with rifts turned on (I really like the idea) I noticed a few things: - rifts opening near my buildings are causing drifter infestation (especially in my cellar) - smooth lighting transitions between blocks makes finding places with insufficient light permiting drifter spawning really hard My suggestions for this issues are: - make it possible to "ward" buildings, for example by placing special blocks on corners of the property. It should have limited max area. If you want to make it bigger, build more devices. They should be available in late game and be really expensive by combining temporal gear, stone and iron or (preferably)steel for each device - to "see" insufficient lit blocks there could be a fragile device (for example glasses with really low durability to make them expensive). It should be available mid-game by combining copper wire with glass (or clear quartz) and temporal gear. Warding, the same as lighting the area, should have no effect during temporal storms. Please let me know what you think about it.
  2. Administrator's Toolkit It allows Administrators to force players to both read (or at least skim), server rules and conditions. Optionally this can also be configured to ENFORCE players agree to these rules. This works by changing a players default roles around - they become a 'guest' unable to place blocks until they issue a '/rules agree' command... It can list both online / offline administrators automatically, dynamically. It has a nifty automatic-backup sub-system that can keep rotating backups of the game world database. Its a SERVER SIDE ONLY mod. (clients need nothing extra) Admin Toolkit *DOWNLOAD* [0.3.6] for V.S. 1.14 Version 0.3.6: Multi-Langual support (but no languages are translated... aside 'en') Randomizable (from preset locations) Player Spawn [optional] Pings command (kinda moot as V.S. has one built-in now...) Customizable (or translatable) Player Welcome message More things I've completely forgotten! Brief manual: Readme.md (link) While this mod has been tested - and should work for VS1.14 , VS itself is under constant revision and updates - so it may need to be upgraded for the next release. It will probably gain new features or capabilities as admins request these, and please comment in this thread about bugs, issues or requests. Translations too! Source code: https://osdn.net/users/melchior/pf/admintoolkit/scm/
  3. Can pups be tamed now? The wiki references that they can't "as of 1.14"? Did wolves run away after taking some damage before or is this new AI? Is there a way to see what the temperature is where you are? Does the music playing tell you anything about your immediate environment? Can rifts be closed? Do rifts affect local temporal stability? Are rifts created when the chunk loads, or can they spawn later in an area you've been already? If they spawn after world gen, does your temporal stability affect the odds of one spawning near you?
  4. Screwy

    Spawn huts

    How about reworking the respawn system? Temporal gears should be one time use. After respawning once, you should need to use another gear to reset your Spawn. And how about using temporal gears on weapons and tools to keep them on the next death? Should count for armor as well. Why having a single, unique world spawn? Without a temporal gear respawn point set, you could spawn in a special, new structure. A beginner house or cave or anything, located in a temporal unstable area, so that you can't settle there. Those could be found all over the world and when you die far away from home, you don't have to run all the way back to collect your stuff. In trade for this, you would have to reach your corpse, starting without tools again. Corpse by the way should keep your stuff as long as you need to reach them, except for death through fire. Dying in the rust world should Spawn your corpse as temporal unstable, so that you need to be unstable enough again, in order to loot them. A dedicated structure for respawning would emersively add to the lore of someone, who wakes up somewhere and can't remember anything. You can even make those houses spawn protected to make them look nice, provide a little amount of loot, force a non pvp area around the house and stuff. Inside the house, the arial temporal stability should be 100% and mob spawning should be impossible in there, as well as player construction of any kind, besides placing items and chest eccess. If you go out, temporal stability should slowly go down in an area of about 100 - 150 blocks in diameter. Would be nice to have an optional pvp protection in that area. I would even set a land claim on the whole temporal instable area around the spawn. The hut should come in various designs, from a bit decorated to completely devestated ruins and should mostly contain a firepit, a chest or storage vessel and/or sometimes a small garden with some crops (should be harvest able and replant able). Those structures should then be scattered about... Let's say by default 1.000 - 1.500 blocks apart all over the map an your current spawn point is the one closest to your corpse. All in all, those features should improve the game play significantly, if worked out properly. What do you think? Am I on to something?
  5. I think it's enough that we have storms, unstable areas on the surface and that stability goes down underground. Give builders and casual players a place to relax & build, if they choose so. And if you want challenge, well, go to the unstable areas, there are plenty of them. Also, tweaked light level spawning would be a nice addition.
  6. Sometimes chunk columns never load, need to relogin. Twice it happened when I die and respawn at 0,0,0 and I am in a loaded chunk, but a circle of unloaded chunks, 1 chunk thick, surronds me, and I wait few minutes - still absent. Since I am afraid to loose my thungs, I just tp to the house. Once I met an unloaded group of chunks when travelling, again no loading after a minute. Reopening the world helped.
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