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Found 1 result

  1. While I’m sure that there are elements in the works for moving from the “Iron” Age to steel, may I make the following suggestions: To smelt steel ingots, you use a foundry. This should be a place able item similar to the Bloomery base and the forge. Constructed perhaps by starting with a forge and placing a double layer of fire brick around it. In addition, you would need to add a bellows (planks and a copper chute and linen cloth) and that bellows would have to be connected to mechanical power (making moving to the steel age inherent with gaining mechanical power. Finally, you would need to place the iron ingots into the foundry along with fuel and flux. Flux could be lime or potash (ash from failed charcoal pits?). Anyway. Just trying to start a thought process. Hopefully I haven’t missed a huge steel thread somewhere in the forums. I’m new, so I apologize if I have.
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