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Found 4 results

  1. Screwy

    Spawn huts

    How about reworking the respawn system? Temporal gears should be one time use. After respawning once, you should need to use another gear to reset your Spawn. And how about using temporal gears on weapons and tools to keep them on the next death? Should count for armor as well. Why having a single, unique world spawn? Without a temporal gear respawn point set, you could spawn in a special, new structure. A beginner house or cave or anything, located in a temporal unstable area, so that you can't settle there. Those could be found all over the world and when you die far away from home, you don't have to run all the way back to collect your stuff. In trade for this, you would have to reach your corpse, starting without tools again. Corpse by the way should keep your stuff as long as you need to reach them, except for death through fire. Dying in the rust world should Spawn your corpse as temporal unstable, so that you need to be unstable enough again, in order to loot them. A dedicated structure for respawning would emersively add to the lore of someone, who wakes up somewhere and can't remember anything. You can even make those houses spawn protected to make them look nice, provide a little amount of loot, force a non pvp area around the house and stuff. Inside the house, the arial temporal stability should be 100% and mob spawning should be impossible in there, as well as player construction of any kind, besides placing items and chest eccess. If you go out, temporal stability should slowly go down in an area of about 100 - 150 blocks in diameter. Would be nice to have an optional pvp protection in that area. I would even set a land claim on the whole temporal instable area around the spawn. The hut should come in various designs, from a bit decorated to completely devestated ruins and should mostly contain a firepit, a chest or storage vessel and/or sometimes a small garden with some crops (should be harvest able and replant able). Those structures should then be scattered about... Let's say by default 1.000 - 1.500 blocks apart all over the map an your current spawn point is the one closest to your corpse. All in all, those features should improve the game play significantly, if worked out properly. What do you think? Am I on to something?
  2. Hello everyone , Can someone help me to generate my structures right? The structure is one, wich has a top on the surface, and then a underground-part. I the .json file i write all right (in my oppinion), and i set the inside-block-codes-parameter to grass and not to water, but the struktures keep generating there! Here some examplepictures: I dont understand where the mistake is. Here the .json code: [ { "op": "add", "path": "/structures/-", "value": { "code": "dungeon1", "offsetY": -84, "chance": 0.5, placement: "surface", "schematics": ["dungeon1"], inblockcodes: ["soil-medium-normal", "soil-low-normal", "soil-verylow-normal"], }, "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json" }, ] If someone could help me, it would be gratefull! Thank you
  3. Our favorite game has everything you need to start developing. Take clay pits as an example. All these are rather primitive technologies and, accordingly, the game needs analogs that allow at least to facilitate or speed up this process. I suggest adding a multi-unit structure to the game, such as a clay kiln. I would like such a furnace to be made on the principle of a steel processing furnace or a coke oven. As I can see it roughly: first we build this oven. In the oven itself, there should be grates for the flow of heat inside. As I read, the process of firing clay is gradual, that is, you need to keep different temperatures inside the furnace during the time of firing the clay. How to do it? Use different combustible materials at each stage of firing, from, say, peat to charcoal. You will say that it is dreary, but I will say that it is convenient due to the number of clay items that we can get. Perhaps this is all that I could normally think of from multi-block structures. I would also like to see a smelter for the production of alloys on an industrial scale, but I have no idea how it works and how it can be properly balanced. Perhaps someone else will have their own ideas and wishes.
  4. Mentioned subjects have been discussed in Discord on a few occasions, but there is no thread here mentioning these. And as the game now has vertical slabs, I think there may be good reason to reconsider the introduction of both wicker fences and wattle-and-daub walls as flavour adding, theme fitting additions to the overall game experience. Concrete proposals: Add wicker fences and gates that can be placed in the same fashion as plank based fences and gates. Both would also have the same block height, but the wicker gates would only be an effective barrier for animals, not for drifters. That is, they would 'automatically switch to open position' when a drifter comes within the hit box of the gate and drifters would perceive them for their path-finding AI as if they were grass blocks or similar (hoping this will be possible). The recipes for each would be the following: Wicker fence: 6 sticks in the lower 6 slots plus 4 reeds in the top center slot to produce 6 wicker fences. Wicker gate: 4 sticks in the slots to the bottom and center left and right plus 2 times 2 reeds in the bottom and center middle slots to produce 1 wicker gate. Add wattle wall (elements) with the qualities of vertical slabs and only placeable as such. They have a slight 'see-through' texture: light partially passes through them (like, doubles the light intensity reduction per block) and both predatory animals and drifters will be able to notice a player on the other side of these wall elements. Their recipe: Wattle wall: 1 wicker fence in the central slot plus 2 sticks above and below that to produce 1 wattle wall block. Add wattle-and-daub (wall elements) in two variants: a vertical slab and a full block. The properties of these are similar to plank blocks of comparable size. Their recipes: Wattle-and-daub single wall: 2 wattle wall elements in the central slot plus 1 cob block in the slot to the right to produce 2 wattle-and-daub single wall blocks. Wattle-and-daub double wall: 2 wattle-and-daub single wall blocks next to each other to produce 1 wattle-and-daub double wall block. Would be nice if it would be possible to also create them by placing a wattle-and-daub single wall block in the same block space as an already placed wattle-and-daub single block. Make the wattle-and-daub double wall blocks reinforcable with the plumb and square, but only with a very limited number of materials. Any type of stone, brick or metal should not be effective. Make the wattle-and-daub wall blocks 'paintable' with a limited number of dyes after placing them. The 'vanilla' blocks should have a 'cob' like appearance, but application of specific dyes will change that on the face where it's applied. This may be done in the same fashion as the way salpeter deposits are placed in the world. Upon breaking of a dyed wattle-and-daub wall block the paint (plaster) layer will dissappear. Proposed dyes: Lime, blue clay and fire clay. Applying these to a wattle-and-daub wall block results in layers of plaster with colour schemes that are mixtures of cob and the used powder. Specific lime types created from the various sea shell types available in the game, if ever they will be added. All will have their own specific hue variant. I hope these will be considered for a future update as I think this will greatly enhance the options for early game building and they will add a lot to the flavour of various, more utility like, builds. Any constructive feedback is this thread appreciated and may be used to further improve the above proposals.
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