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Found 20 results

  1. I just accidentally poured out over 6 litres of honey while trying to place a bucket down. I am not pleased. This should not be an option. It makes zero sense.
  2. Hey together, following my Suggestion for the design of a mining cart. I hope you will like it! I created it because rails already exist and now it is time for a small mining cart. Mining Cart 01.json
  3. It would be nice to be able to mine a big ore vein in peace, but drifters should still be a problem underground; I propose a candle made with temporal gears (1 gear makes 4 candles?) they can only be activated when placed on a block, and will go out if broken or enough time passes (maybe 24 hours?). The candle will repel monsters, and restore some temporal stability (or just mitigate the penalty for being underground, or in an otherwise unstable area). The candle's effect will be weakened during temporal storms, it wont stop drifters from attacking you, but it will stop them from spawning next to the candle. What do you guys think?
  4. The current armor system needs improving. First problem: There's way too many systems fighting each other. This adds a lot of unnecessary complexity and makes the damage calculations completely unapproachable. Most of the armors are completely unbalanced, either being completely worthless or being overpowered to the point that even the hardest enemies are a joke. The system isn't really working. So how do we fix this? Simple. Keep everything else but remove Teirs, %reduc and flat-reduc. Instead, each point of Defence will lower each attack by 1 hit point. If this brings an attack down to 0, the damage is completely negated, puts you on damage mercy, removes the jelly-screen and replaces the 'ouch!' with a satisfying armor clanging noise. Lets take a look at a few common enemies we will be fighting: Regular Drifter - 2.5 damage Deep Drifter - 4 damage Boar - 5 damage Ram - 7.5 damage Wolf - 8 damage Corrupt Drifter - 12 damage Nightmare Drifter - 20 damage Now with that in mind, and taking the already-existing stats as a base, lets make some values that are fair. Early game Armors: Leather Jerkin - 1 defence points (enough to halve a drifter's attack) Wood Lamellar - 2 defence points (halves a deep drifter's attack) Copper Lamellar - 3 defence points (over-halves a boar's attack) Bronze Lamellar - 4 defence points (halves a wolf's attack) Woven Cloth (gambeson) - 5 defence points (completely negates a boar's attack) Late game Armors: Brigandine - 8 defence points (completely negates a wolf's attack) Chain - 9 defence points Scale - 11 defence points (nearly negates a corrupt drifter's attack) Plate - 15 defence points (makes fighting nightmare drifters far less dangerous) These assume copper as a base, but for Bronze, add 1 point and for Iron, add 2 points. Every point of damage the armor reduces will be subtracted from its durability instead. The values provided are assuming ideal circumstances. For example, almost-broken armor may act less ideally, providing a % of its nominal protection. Certain weapons (such as broadswords or hammers) may also bypass armor protection to an extent to help level the playing field for PvP interactions, or potentially open up the option for bosses/tough enemies which can ignore your armor somewhat.
  5. The shepard's crook and lasso are both ways to move animals around without hurting them. The shepard's crook is made with two sticks and a knife, and will drag animals around towards the cursor at a certain range, if the animals are wild, it might get them irritated; if they attack, the effect is lost. They also might attack if they were running away at the time. The lasso works similarly, the lasso is made with flax twine. Right click an animal, and they will be pulled along, animals cant escape until you right click and release them, but the lasso has a durability, the more an animal resists, the more damage the lasso takes, until eventually it snaps, otherwise their behavior is similar to the crook. it would be nice to be able to tie this to a fence post.
  6. Even in the Iron age, you still have to mould clay by hand, well not any more, once you get access to metal, and a saw, you can create a potter's wheel. the windmill probably is not neccessary, since I am pretty sure it is manually operated. The pottery wheel will easily make any radial shape (well square, but that's just the game), these are things like bowls, pots, crucibles, pots and crocks. The wheel uses the same crafting interface as by hand, but there is another option to place clay in a ring (square) shape extending out from the axis. and of course, the moulds are equivalent to the ones found in the immersion / neolithic mod; negatives of other common clay patterns, like ingot moulds, bricks, and shingles, and maybe other things the dev adds; and can be filled up using the "copy layer" function of clay forming. The moulds could be made of (fired) clay themselves, or out of metal
  7. I have a suggestion for advanced beekeeping. I posted this in Discord in condensed form but thought it would be good to put it here as well and elaborate on some ideas. If I could mod I'd make this myself but, alas, I possess no such skill. Besides, I think this would fit great into the base game. Currently, the only way to get honeycombs requires the player to entirely destroy a bee colony. And with the addition of seasons in the future, it would keep with the realistic theme of the game if bees in skeps died in the winter and would have to be re-collected from newly spawned hives in the spring. Therefore, I suggest a later-game multi-block apiary that functions more similarly to modern RL apiaries, with wooden frames in which the bees build their honeycombs. The player would have to take out the frames, scrape off the honeycombs (possibly even manually, like with smithing and knapping), and then process them as we do now. With such an apiary we could ensure the survival of our colonies during the winter. Gameplay balance ideas (and suggestions for seasons): The frames would be destroyed in the honeycomb-harvesting process so new ones would have to be made to replace them after each harvest. If they're not replaced in time (within an in-game day?), the colony will despawn and the apiary will be empty again. Because the swarm can grow larger in the multi-block apiary, the player would first have to smoke the hive with a smoker (crafted with metal plates, fuelled with dry grass and has to be ignited before use) in order to safely remove the frames from the apiary. There would still be a chance (though much lower than for skeps) for an angry bee swarm to spawn, in which case the player would have to wait to harvest the frames until the swarm has despawned, or face the wrath of the bees while he works to take out the frames. A colony in a big apiary would take a bit longer to grow and mature after swarming, and take longer to replenish the honeycombs after harvesting, but they'd yield significantly more honeycombs than skep colonies. Realistically, bees mainly swarm in late spring and early summer, with occasional smaller swarms at other times (except winter). For the game I suggest that colonies in big apiaries swarm more rarely than those in skep colonies (maybe even only once a year?), but both only in late spring - fall. This way, skep colonies can be used to grow the number of bee colonies and wooden apiaries can be used to have a bigger, more regular yield of honeycombs. To survive the winter, colonies in big apiaries have to be manually supplied with a small amount of honey, or one frame of honeycombs has to be left behind during the last harvest. Now on to the building of apiaries. I suggest that an apiary requires two unique blocks, one main one which holds the frames and another one in front of it that acts both as the opening for the bees and as a door for taking out the frames for harvesting. To make this a somewhat later-game structure, on top of using boards to make it, it might require crafting metal hinges or something. The frames could require string to craft. It could look something like this (with more colour variation ) When the frames are ready to be harvested, the player can open up the front part like a door and take the individual frames out by aiming and right clicking, and put new ones in the same way. The remaining five block faces of the main block would have to be covered by any wooden or brick blocks the player wants to use. They could be chiselled as long as the block face connecting to the main apiary one is completely covered. This way players can design their own apiaries. For example: Really simple designs. Put multiple apiaries together. Or build some creative ones! Thoughts?
  8. I would love to see proper slope-shaped roof blocks. The stair-shaped ones always look so blocky. I like that you already added shingles, I always missed them in minecraft. An additional thatched roof or Wooden Roof block would also be great. Not every building needs a shingled roof. Recipe suggestions: Thatched Roof Shingled Roof Wooden Roof Reed Shingle Firewood Stick Reed Board Shingle Stick Firewood Stick Stick Reed Board Board Shingle Stick Stick Firewood
  9. Would be interesting if there was an item you could get that would stablise stability in an unstable chunk or set of chunks (3x3). It could be a creative item or even an extremely expensive recipe (for vanilla) like an end game goal if you find a really nice zone for building. Just a suggestion.
  10. Hey all, I encountered some bugs after about 48 h of playtime and would like to share them with you for game development. Game version 1.12.8 - Map does not display the correct colors in Linux (see image attatched) - No receipt for spelt breat (Invisible dough bug ?) - Smelting / cooking in firepit does not fill the arrow completely. The process is done even though the arrow is just ~ 4/5 filled (Win and Linux). - Henbox has no build "receipt" and shows "material: stone" even though the image clearly shows a wooden box with hay / grass (see image attatched) - When checking the character stats with hotkey "c" the satiety is updated, health not while the dialog is opened. - Putting meet in a barrel results in a "missing image" / strangely filled barrel (see image attatched). Maybe no image would be nicer when an item has no funtion in the barrel. - When hovering over a burned out torch in the inventar, the 3D-animation rotates out of the window. - Player positions are not always visible on the (mini) map in LAN (Player1 on Windows, Player2 on Linux). This seems to be a sporadic bug. Furthermore I have a suggestion to make: - Forged tools / pick axe heads can be used while still very hot (> 800 °C). A cooldown time similar to the molded tools or ingots ones would be more realistic hunson
  11. As long it occurs to make an anvil and then a saw to make wood planks and stairs, you can only make a single layer of block for roof in the "stone age". While it's known that ancient hpuses had hay roof since the paleolithic age. Can you implement the hay stairs in the game? thank you Ps: there will be shields also?
  12. I noticed the filesize for profile images was quite small, so I'd like to propose adding support for Libravatar and/or Gravatar to the forum/profiles. Of course this shouldn't be the devs main-focus, but it just makes life easier for new users, having their profile auto-fetch their Libravatar-image.
  13. While streaming and discussing the topic of the tutorial and other various system in the game I came up with an idea for a potential non-intrusive tutorial. A hot-keyed Survival Guide which will explain the various parts of survival in the world of Vintage Story. This book would contain explanations about most of the systems in the game and would assist new players in understanding some of the more obscure mechanics. I also suggest that there be possibly images or videos/gifs that demonstrate some of the systems leaving no ambiguity for the player. The controls displayed in the guide would have to be dynamic and reflect the players current control scheme as to not cause confusion. Given that it could be a book-styled interface it would be lore friendly and fit the games theme too.
  14. If you like this idea, please upvote it on reddit! That's some shameless advertisement... So first of all, why food? We need to ask this question first, before we can design the system, to get the goals we want to archive with the system. Goals: 1. Simulating reality and therefore adding IMMERSION 2. Survival gameplay where food is necessary for PROGRESSION 3. Making the player PLAN AHEAD and care for his ENVIROMENT 4. Force PLAYER ACTION and building of food INFASTRUKTURE like farms 5. BALANCING MEKANISM for sprinting and other actions 6. Making food NECESSARY but not ANNOYING These are the goals the current system tries to accomplish. Adding fat may help goal 6. but hurt goal 4. While these goals are good, I think the system could be capible of doing more and therefore creating a richer gameplay experience (depth) without adding too much complexity. Tyron plans to add nutrition values to food and a nutrition system, like the one in TerraFirmaCraft as well as food decay (very comparable to food decay in ARK SE). Future goals: 7. Forcing player to use MULTIPLE FOOD SOURCES 8. DESTINGLISHING different types of food 9. Making INFASTRUKTURE necessary and extending/adding PROGRESSION 10. Forcing the player to USE MORE GAMEPLAY SYSTEMS (farming, breeding animals, fishing) 11. Allowing for more COMPLEMENTARY GAMEPLAY SYSTEMS (creating meals, perservation) The new goals make the food system more engaging and add depth, but also make food a greater part of gameplay, as the player needs to devote more time towards it. Nutrition may also put more emphisis on micromanagement which may become annoying for some players. Now lets take a second to rethink, what's the main purpose of food and what are just causal purposes? Forcing player actions is imo the main purpose of food in the current version and while this leads the player to do things that may be fun, the food bar is just a reminder that the player needs to gather some food in some way or the game will punish him. This obviously makes the gameplay less "sandbox"-like, as the player can't just do what he wants, but needs to get food in the first place. Wouldn't it be cool if food would have other uses like extending player customization and having a more direct impact on gameplay? Then we would need to add some new goals: 12. Extending player and gameplay CUSTOMIZATION and allowing for SPECIALIZATION 13. Extenting the BALANCING MEKANISM to more possible actions 14. Better/more INTERACTION with other gameplay systems (combat, mining...) How does one reach those goals? I mean like all 14 of them? Fasten your seatbelts! ladies and gentleman, I present to you: The food effect system Well, to realise this system, we need to throw everything about the current food system out of the window! Say bye to the hunger bar, say bye to your fat, cause where we'll be going there is no need to be fat and hungry (and no nutrition)! The first thing the player is going to notice is the new green bar where the hunger bar once was: the stamina bar. Stamina gets used up for actions like combat, mining, sprinting. This allows for a more complex combat system, I may write about it some day. Stamina slowly regenerates. Health regen is disabled. Because food can't replenish a non existing hunger bar, it needs to have a new purpose: effects. Eating food adds effects to the player, like increasing the stamina or health pools, increasing the rate of stamina regeneration, making mining faster, adding a speed bonus to the player, regeneration stamina or health instantly, everything is possible! The effects would be handled similar to MC or Skyrim: They have a effect (with modifiers), a duration and a effect location (needs a better name). But what if the player eats a lot of speed berries, wouldn't he become super fast? Well, I told you something about a effect location. The player only has a limited number of effect locations and there are three for food: protein location, carbohydrate location and vitamin location. A piece of food may carry different effects on different locations with different durations. Some foods may only have effects on the protein location, others may only have effects on the vitamin location. A effect location can hold multiple effects of varying duration. When the player eats a piece of food, the effect locations it influences get cleared on the player and the effects get applied afterwards. Sounds complicated? Well it isn't: The player first eats a berry with the following effects: Vitamin location: fortifyStamina(20):120s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(4%):24s regenHealth(1):30s When the player eats a steak directly afterwards, that carries these effects: Vitamin location: fortifyMining(20%):340s Protein location: fortifyHealth(30):340s The effects on the player will look like this: Vitamin location: fortifyMining(20%):340s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(4%):24s regenHealth(1):30s Protein location: fortifyHealth(30):340s To make replenishing effects not as annoying, when the player eats a food with matching effects (and modifiers) at that location (the duration doesn't need to be matching), the effect doesn't reset, but its duration gets added to the duration of the effect: The player eats a berry with the following effects: Vitamin location: fortifyStamina(20):120s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(4%):24s regenHealth(1):30s 30 seconds pass. Now the player eats another berry of this type, with the same effects. The effects on the player will look like this: Vitamin location: fortifyStamina(20):210s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(4%):24s regenHealth(1):30s Now the player eats a berry with the following effects: Vitamin location: fortifyHealth(10):100s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(1%):40s regenHealth(1):22s The effects on the player will look like this: Vitamin location: fortifyHealth(10):100s Carbohydrate location: fortifySpeed(1%):40s regenHealth(1):52s I hope this is depicted in a understandable way. Creating meals will allow for more precise tuning of your diet and the effects. Food decay can and should still be implemented with this system. To prevent the player not eating a varied diet or even not eating food at all, empty food effect locations are filled with a negative effect. When the player doesn't have effects in the protein location, a hungry(1) effect with a duration will be added. After the effect expires, a hungryProtein(2) effect with a duration will be added. The hungryProtein(2) effect causes other negative effects without a duration to appear, like slowness(5%). When the effect expires another hungryProtein(n) effect will be added, with worse debuffs, up till hungryProtein(5). The same goes for the vitamin and the carbohydrate location. The player will die instantly if all hungry-effects have reached stage 5. This is the system and I think it has a lot of potential, is very modifiable and fulfills all 14 goals. The downside of this system is, that it takes much afford to program and needs a lot of balancing (adding effects, assigning effects to every food). 1. Simulating reality and therefore adding IMMERSION Yes. (Weakness before starvation ftw!) 2. Survival gameplay where food is necessary for PROGRESSION Yes. 3. Making the player PLAN AHEAD and care for his ENVIROMENT Yes. 4. Force PLAYER ACTION and building of food INFASTRUKTURE like farms Yes. (Debuffs ftw!) 5. BALANCING MEKANISM for sprinting and other actions Yes. (Stamina ftw!) 6. Making food NECESSARY but not ANNOYING Yes. (Debuffs ftw!) 7. Forcing player to use MULTIPLE FOOD SOURCES Yes. (Food effect location trinity ftw!) 8. DESTINGLISHING different types of food Yes. (Food effects ftw!) 9. Making INFASTRUKTURE necessary and extending/adding PROGRESSION Yes. (Better meals requirering better crops ftw!) 10. Forcing the player to USE MORE GAMEPLAY SYSTEMS (farming, breeding animals, fishing) Yes. (Food effect location trinity ftw!) 11. Allowing for more COMPLEMENTARY GAMEPLAY SYSTEMS (creating meals, perservation) Yes. 12. Extending player and gameplay CUSTOMIZATION and allowing for SPECIALIZATION Yes. (The right meal for the right job ftw!) 13. Extenting the BALANCING MEKANISM to more possible actions Yes. (Stamina and food effects ftw!) 14. Better/more INTERACTION with other gameplay systems (combat, mining...) Yes. (Stamina and food effects ftw!) Feedback/ideas/critique are welcome!
  15. Hello everybody! Chris again. This time i have some smaller ideas and suggestions with more practical usage. World Edit Tools: I have already posted a thread on how confusing the usage of we in VS could be as rotation and copy-pasting seems quite random on first sight. Now there is already a very helpful tool to, at least make it easier to mark a certain area (/we g(direction) value) , but what i didn't think about could have made it even more easier. WE had many different default items set as certain "tools". The most important was the wooden axe as it was just a simple tool to mark areas with. Left - Rightclick for the different points and there we go - easy. Blocks that could be helpful for building stuff: Darker wooden planks - Contrast is one of the most important things a builder can use to make his creations more interesting and better looking. I know there are darker blocks ingame but i wish there would be a darker version for wood as well. Planks, stairs and slabs. As you can use contrast for not only the colours but also for the material in usage. When i build a wall with stone as front layer, i sometimes dislike to put a darker kind of stone as background. As in most medieval-fantasy styles the most natural combination would be stone-wood, but there are no dark wooden blocks available. The variations of logs are fine. Iron bars - Iron bars or whatever metal you want it to be, were always an item i used for decoration. But most importantly it can be put into windows to replace the chunky glass blocks or of course if you are intending to build a prison or dungeon, iron bars are very usefull. Glowing blocks - Yes i know theres a mod already made including some glowing blocks, but i am just posting it here as this is a list for things i'd like to have ingame. It might not be too obvious but many builders used glowstone or redstonelamps for lightning purposes. As there are no such blocks i think it would be nice to have a certain "glowing block" in the creative inventory. A builder who loves to put a lot of love into details, won't place torches or lanterns just randomly on a wall to make it brighter. But a builder could hide glowing blocks behind semi transparent ones or just build big street lanterns or other things to bring some light into his projects. Things that could be added not only for building puposes but just because i think it would be cool: Crates - open crates as decorative item. Put it down and then, maybe you could put in food and other certain stuff. I've always hated to build marketplaces in MC. All you could do was placing chests, melons and pumpkins, and cakes to make it look like things are being traded there. But it just never looked like a real market somehow. This way you could put out crates visible on the individual marketstands - well that would change it all. Of course, there aren't many things to put in right now. And ingot and log piles are already helpful on that matter, but i think it is something i didn't see yet and it could be a helpful decorative option. Not only for marketplaces but also for everybodys home. Not too modern and not too fantasy based. Just a box - something like a smaller chest. Not as amazing as the crate idea, but why not put it in this post? Mostly meant as decorative block as even if it would be usable it should have a less amount of slots than a chest. So why not build chests? Well that does finish the thought. Would be cool as decorative block though. Plates and bowls - now this is a funny idea for the future as i can not imagine that this could have any value at all right now. But this is just a funny idea. At some point people always wanted to decorate their tables they build in their homes. It just looks empty after a while. Put a chest on top of it? Nah! :-/ Carpets? ok alright. But it still never looks like a dining table. But of you put some plates on it with some meat or other food on top of the plates - you see where i am going with this. It's of course not important but i can imagine something like this in the later states of the game as it is so basic and simple as a thought but mc never thought it would be cool so why bother. Usable furniture - Again not necessary but still very basic and still somehow interesting. Chair, bench, table (you can put items on top), all kinds of shelfs (usable of course), etc.. I know we should make this game more basic and focus on the story and the realistic survival but again this is just a thought of mine. I know there are plenty of mc mods adding a lot of these things and all of it including the other suggestions on the list above are just thoughts that are very subjective as i hate interior desing. I just don't have the patience to put chest, bookshelfs, furnace, crafting table in 10 million different ways into a room and say; hey now that looks good. I have already seen saraty's post on interior design and i understand that it is possible to make it look good anyways, but i don't have the patience and time for that. Knowing i need the same time i needed to actually build the damn city just to put some interior design into it is frustrating. :-) Ships - Also a thought for the future. How could it be done? Well i imagine a hard crafting recipe in multiple steps. First you have to put together the fabric for the sail. Then put it into an actuall sail. Then the ship itself. Multiple parts of the ship that had to be crafted first and then put together. Once sail and main part of the ship are done they also have to be put together and here we go. You have a ship item in your hands and you just have to put it into water and it works! Now that's easier said than done i know but as i said just a few ideas for the future. Graphics, shader - I know there are many things planned and it just doesn't have the priority but as i said, just for the future. I think once my map is finished and i take on other projects i think making videos of it is unavoidable. The small castle and that one house i built are by far not enough to put in the effort of creating a cinematic. People might not see how much work it is to make one of my videos but let's say it like this. 9-17 hours for a 2-3 minute video. Of course not on one day. That makes it even worse as it will probably take almost a week to produce a video. Adding the fact that i'm not used to the cinematic tools in VS yet. There are many things i can do and actually do in most of my videos but there are also things that look awesome that was mainly part of the epic shader i was using. Godrays are good start but one of the more obvious ones is shadow itself. Right now VS has a wonderful smooth shadow option and everything looks alright especially if you just play survival but i think it for later cinematics in mabye 6 months or so, it would nice to have epic shadows on the map. Of course just as an option. Another option i like to talk about is the way water looks like. Many shaders give it an awesome look some only a little bit reflectivity and of course the movement of the water changes. Now that's just unimportant. But it has to have a more epic look to it in my opinion. It is another thing i can not eddit into my videos. If the colour of the trees is not appealing? - Just change it with colour correction. Contrast not high enough? - put a filter on! Ambient bloom not enough? - No problem as long as shadows and sunlight exist! Just highlight the brighter parts of the picture. Backround blur? - Sure! And if you want to work with highlights or "layers of importance" not a problem! Work with layers and masks to blur out the thing you want and make the viewer focus on the things you think he should! But all of that cannot make up for shadows, good lightning, reflectivity and the looks of water. (at least not with my skillset) Thanks for reading this! Greetings from Germany, ~Chris
  16. So I was watching an abridged anime the other day when I stumbled upon this scene: And it got the gears in my head spinning a bit... asking if there was a way to take RedRam’s smithing idea which has garnished VS so much interest and make both the game and the mechanic more interesting. As it stands now, there is a single tool which can be used to swap between all the smithing "moves." In reality, a smith would use a different tool for each action he wanted to perform. With this suggestion, I'm not suggesting removing the current multi-tool. That tool is a great way for people to learn how to use the smithing system without having to deal with a lot of extra parts. With that said, the current system will begin to fall flat in the late game, there is no real reason to continue smithing once you have all the tools you need, no real reason to dedicate time into mastering the skill, and once all(most) of the "move" patterns have been memorized: no real challenge to the system anymore. To fix these problems I would propose adding a new set of tools, one for each "move." Then adding a rhythm system where you have to make your moves according to a certain rhythm to get an improved chance at improved stats (bunny hopping off of Eric's suggestions). However, this type of rhythm system would be difficult to balance, since players have to keep track of performing all of the moves in the right order in the right place at the right time. Which is why I would suggest that there not be a penalty for playing out of rhythm instead rewarding them for playing the game the hard way. This could take the form of a system where every successfully timed move adds to a combo meter, which resets whenever the player misses a beat. At the end the more beats a player hits successfully the less of a random multiplier will be applied to the tools stats. Missing all of the beats would lead to a completely random result while hitting all of the beats would give a flat value considered to be the "best". Additionally, the player's highest combo would determine how much of a slight added bonus will be added to the tools quality. This creates a system where if you take your time or are learning you have a fair chance at making a good tool, at the same time skilled smiths could increase (possibly a linear interpolate) the quality of their tool; while also ensuring that a skilled smith will always be able to make a slightly better tool than a lucky player.
  17. I would like to present a concept that I found in the TFC forums that would actually go really well with this game. This concept is meant to be a late game or end game thing, though it could probably be balanced for early game as well. It involves alloys and ways of mixing them. Here is how they put it: In a forge or some other way of melting metals you can mix metals to make alloys. An alloy is a mixture of a group of metals any where from 2 - infinity. The idea is to have alloy you to mix any metals to make an alloy of your own. This allows one to make their own recipe for an alloy and to share that with the other players through the forum or other means of communication. What they presented it the idea that each metal you have will add and/or subtract from the over all status of the alloy that being: Strength/Hardness Malleability color Melting temperature among other things that could be added or some of these statuses could be removed. For example, Copper is a copper-colored, malleable and kind of weak metal, Tin is also a weak metal and silvery in color, but when they are combined in liquid forms into bronze, they become stronger, though it is still malleable it is less so, it also has a new color. Some other things I would like to elaborate on is that there could be set combinations for the metals, and that would be for metals like bronze, bismuth bronze, steel, rose gold and other alloy metals that you may want to keep in specific recipes. Hence it being an end game kind of process, keeping the early game easy to do and understand with out this elaborate process. Their example goes as such, " You have metals 'A', 'B', and 'C'. When you combine metals A and B they produce a weak, but easily-shaped metal, When you combine Metals A and C you get a stronger, but less malleable than alloy AB, When You combine all three you get a Malleable metal that is still strong because the effects of metal C null or even overpower the effects of metal B. These could also cause different color effects should someone want to this and end up with a bright red or dark black metal to forge with. This would all depend on the amounts of each metal type you put into the alloy to get different effects." Keep in mind that the metals could be anything, metal A could be tungsten, and metal B could be silver. it doesn't really matter what the metal is, just what it does. This is the concept and the idea I now put forth for the Community and Game Devs. If you wish to read exactly what they talked about here is the link, though keep in mind that the creators of TFC have decided not to go through with it. http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/8877-metal-tiers/
  18. Okay, let me begin the same way I did last time, by saying that the following is going to be an equal mix of half-baked ideas and overly developed concepts. This is intended to be a kind of throwing out of ideas, not really a request but more of a food for thought of something I personally think would be cool. Additionally, this is being designed for three types of adventures: a Jack of all Trades Explorer, a Specialized Worker, and a Mage. Additionally, I'm looking at the different play styles as a sort of easy, normal, and hardcore mode. The backstory: I have been playing a Modpack a few friends and I threw together, it has some pretty cool features and some features that could be a little more fleshed out (looking at Slice of Life). Main Minecraft problem: It came out six years ago, its player base is growing up and at least some of them are looking for a harder version of their favorite game (the reason why packs like Attack of the B-team exist). Solution? Let's Dark Souls this! Warning: a lot of text lies below. Hardcore Health Hardcore Food Hardcore Movement Thirst and Sleep You can see that I have been getting tired. The boxes are getting shorter and less explanatory as time goes by. That or the ideas are just getting simpler... Anyways as all of my ideas, they are just food for thought suggestions that I personally think would be interesting additions. Maybe only for the harder difficulties. Thank you for reading a list of more of my crazy ideas!
  19. Hello everybody! Chris again with some ideas about what could be fun or just possible to add to this game. All of that is just putting some thoughts together and writing them down, so pls do not feel like this has to be done or something :-) -Villages and npcs I have already seen some posts about villagers and thought about how they could be interesting and fit into a rpg like world, where grinding for resources is an improtant element of the game. A variation to different normal deals are "quest" like deals. Let's say the game has certain mobs as standard. Every player will encounter them at some point. Some are spawning in all areas, others only in certain. Now completely independent of where the village is, wouldn't it be nice for them to request all kinds of things as a trade for other things. I'm thinking of a dialogue-like overlay. Where the deals or "quests", a villager has is randomly generated from a pool of possible trades and then saved until that deal has been done or maybe even permantently. What i understand as a quest is a little story of why this certain villager needs that exact item. Let's say you walk into a village and "speak" with one of the villagers. His dialogue will say something like: "We were attacked by monsters (any possible mob in the game) and they have killed one of us. We want revenge! But we are'nt fighters and too scared. Could you kill some of them and bring us their ... (whatever the dead mob drops) I will give you ... ( A number of a certain item. ) for it. So you go ahead and just find some of those mobs and bring back their drops to trade with the villager. This is of course just one very basic idea how a "quest" could look like. It could be everything! From mob-drops to food or even weapons or tools they need. It will create a more rpg like feeling in the overall game. Of course normal deals should also be there. Maybe there could be different kinds of villager. One kind trades with you, another sends you on "quests" and maybe other can teach you something. I don't know exactly how the player progression will work exactly, but let's say you have different skills and in a village can be one "teacher". You talk to him and you have an option to level up a certain skill or maybe trade that level up for something of greater value. After that you cannot get another skillpoint from the teacher. Maybe there will be a standard dialogue with him, where he states that you have already learned all he can teach you. There are so many ways of how this could be done and dialouge is certainly not one of the hardest. I am not even talking about a wall of text there. Just 1-4 sentences about what's going on. -Mobs This is not really something anyone else can influence but those who design and develope the game but as i said at the beginning this is just a post with some strange ideas. Of course there will be "standard" mobs. Monsters and maybe non hostile animals you will encounter in your everyday gameplay. But i think there are so many options to that. As i have seen there will be a time where generated structures is already part of this game. Ruins can include so many forms of different monsters. These areas could have a Minecraft like spawning system like spawnblocks. Or maybe have a diferent way of spawning certain mobs only in this area. From ghosts to special versions of undead creatures. So many things are possible. Crocodiles or reptile like creatures in swamps and rivers located in deserts. Scary monsters in "temples" of maybe even angel like creatures on generated floating islands in the sky. Of course all of this is depending on which way the game will go. In a more realistic world that would be little bit stupid. I always see these kind of blockgames placed in a fantasy enviroment. But of course what can or will be added is up to the team. I just hope the variation will be a little bit bigger than in MC. -Boss battle Now let's have a talk about boss battles. Of course again depending what this game will be in the later developement is setting the foundation on which kinds of mobs and possibly bosses can be found in the players world. I just set it as condition that it is a fantasy world. I read the story page on this site and just the fact it mentions "a god" makes me feel excited about the possibilities this game has. There can be boss battles in normal dungeons and maybe in normal generated structures like ruins and temples but i think there could be ways to involve the story of the game a little bit more. As the player progresses he or she will get stronger and better equipped. Making it possible to face even stronger enemies. Just imagine the thought of a world where gods make you face danger and death at every moment bring fear to whoever tries to just coexists. Now the player finds out there is a way to strike back! As i have seen the possible feature "infinite dimensions" I intantly thought, this is it! Maybe there could be a bunch of certain structures on the map, every player has access to. I imagine floating islands and temples like in " the aether" mod But of course this is an extreme and very fantasy based possibility. Other option would be castles, huge temples, gigantic ruins. Just bigger and more impressive landmarks. This is where you have to face not only special enemies and stronger mobs. But most importantly something i call a "guardian". Fighting the "guardian" alone will be a boss battle itself but what i want to achieve is making it a bigger challenge to get to a "god" or "godlike" creature. Making it possible to kill these guardians, then create a portal to another dimension. A dungeon itself where you have to fight yet again, against special mobs just to fight you through to the final boss of the dimension. Similar to the enderdragon. Every "godlike" creature will drop something of extreme value. It could be just an immense amount of valuable standard items or maybe even something unique. Something worth fighting through all of this and even prepare for it to begin with, by playing the game. What makes me want to have something like this in the game is the fact, that i think a normal sandbox-survival game like this doesn't have enough goals to achieve. Even I, and i have to say that i was one patient guy back then, got bored by just surival and farming. Building your home, mining more and more ores and enchanting your best equip. But what for? Even the enderdragon is either boring as hell or even if you have defeated that thing, it doesn't feel like something too awesome. You just came back to your normal world and that's it. Wow. -Books Another way of including the story with less "fantasy elements" is just with books. Not only are books you can write or read yourself good, but also maybe books, where are already things written down. Books where the story and lore of the game is captured again. Like in some RPG's i played. Most players just see them as trash and they may do so, but i collected tons of books. Each of any book. Just to have and read them whenever i wanted. Maybe they can be rare items found in generated chests randomly or maybe they can be found in villages in a certain building or by trading with a certain villager. If you want to collect them, do it! If not, just ignore them. I think books can make the story of a game get far more involved. Not only having a page on your website where you can read the story, but always have access to the story and surround yourself within the game changes the ambient for some players. The most will ignore them anyways but i think the fact they exist will influence the players passively. -Another villager idea I have written down some ideas concerning villagers. I'd like to add an idea which can be great for both the realistic survival way and the fantasy rpg way. Hire villagers to work and fight for you. It might be a hard thing to do but this is just a list of crazy ideas by a guy who has no idea how to put them to work. But if villagers could be hired to do things for you it would make life a lot easier. Of course the price has to be very high to balance it, but if you need a guardian to protect yourself or maybe just your home. Set up a villager you have hired. If you need someone to mine stuff for you. Hire a villager and give him a direction and tools to dig a tunnel. Set up a chest and maybe it can be somehow "marked" so the villager knows that he has to put the stuff he mined in that chest. It is less of rpg or fantasy or realism functions but a practical. Well as i said, just an idea. Of course you could limit it to a maximum of 5 villagers or maybe even less or more, but i think it could add a lot potential to interest players who are just plain lazy. Let's face it. Many people today could'nt last a few days playing survival mode without getting bored. If you are the kind of guy who likes realism and hard gameplay, just dont hire them. After all they shouldn't be OP or something. Just like a weaker player who does things for you. Also wouldn't it look nice to build a bigger homebase maybe even a settlement and set up your own ppl inside? I'd love that. Well that's it for now! I apologize for my bad english and mistakes i may have made. Also thank you for reading this! Greetings from Germany Chris
  20. I discovered your MC mod a few days ago and along with it a better version of Minecraft written in C, with planned RPG mechanics and a development team that actually responds to its community. Sign me up! However, I do have one concern about the way you are setting the game up with playstyles and what is planned to go into each of them: what if I want features from multiple different playstyles? Harder farming mechanics and jetpacks for example. With the playstyles system, something like that doesn't seem possible. I also remember reading that the reason this was being implemented was to keep options simple. Therefore, I would propose implementing playsets as a kind of preset and setting up a system where features could be enabled and disabled through a JSON file. This would also provide a starting point for community made mods to have disableable feature sets.
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