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  1. I think the global rift activity should mostly remain at calm and only start ramping up days before a temporal storm begins and ends.
  2. REQUEST: I'd like to be able to plant flowers onto farmland. Specifically in my greenhouse, as there are periods when you're not cropping, but some decorative flowers would be nice. I wouldn't mind if planting flowers on farmland converted it back to the underlying dirt block. That seems a fair trade. It only requires hoeing again. (This would also tie into the other feature request that people have of being able to break farmland blocks.) Thanks!
  3. REQUEST: I'd like to be able to "open a vent" in my "greenhouse" and be able to switch it from the greenhouse effect, to not. For example, to have a vertical trapdoor in a wall, if opened, turn the effect off. And closed, on. (I don't mind about the four hour checking delay. That's fine.) Similar to how in a real greenhouse there are vents that you open in hot weather, and close at night. I see that a lot of people have trouble in activating a greenhouse. My issue is the opposite! I can't "break" my greenhouse. I have tried: Changing a full block roof glass block to a closed trapdoor. (I don't want it open, to avoid drifters falling through.) Replacing some of the full block glass wall windows with half block glass windows. However even after many in-game hours/days, these have not removed the "greenhouse" flag from the farmland. Which is a bit of an issue in a warm climate. Although the primary purpose of a greenhouse is useful to extend the season, I have also very much appreciated been able to work on crops without worrying about drifters. And no, I don't want to manually remove walls or ceilings, although I could if that would be reliable. Hmmm. I haven't tried some fences instead of glass yet . . . If anyone has any existing solutions to this conundrum, let me know. Thank you!
  4. One of the major features of Vintage Story is its climate system, where different sorts of biomes are arranged according to latitude, which both improves verisimilitude and allows players seeking to obtain new biological resources to be able to predict where to travel to find them. Unfortunately, the same verisimilitude does not appear to exist for geological resources, at least not to the same degree, and likewise a major roadblock for many players is being able to locate new ores or types of stone. Additionally, many roadmap features are blocked by the lack of a realistic hydrological model, such as waterwheels, which depend on flowing rivers, and sailing ships, which depend on oceans; moreover the simplistic hydrology again detracts from verisimilitude and limits the ability of players to locate resources dependent on rainfall. I propose that an elegant solution to all of these issues would be thus. In the same manner as players travelling north or south will move from polar to boreal to temperate to equatorial climates, I propose that players travelling east or east will move from oceanic to coastal to inland to mountainous landforms, with players typically starting inland. I will not attempt to exhaustively map out the design, as I'm sure the VS team is more than capable of doing that themselves, but as a rough sketch, I would posit a design where a prevailing wind is determined by an area's latitude, and terrain height as determined by longitude produces dry or wet areas according to the rain shadow for that latitude. Stone types, and thus the possible ores, would be generated according to the geological type of the area, combined with erosion patterns derived from the patterns of wind and rain. The existence of this sort of slope from mountain to coast allows for the implementation of flowing rivers, though I am not prepared to offer a technical solution in that regard. The new system, then, of realistic geology and hydrology, could be crossed into biome generation for additional verisimilitude, and the existence of oceans would allow for both age-of-sail gameplay and game elements specifically tied to exploring or even crossing the ocean e.g. ores or loot needed for the final progression to the Steam Age that are found only undersea.
  5. Hello there! Welcome to my suggestions megathread, I would like to have a place where my suggestions can be made and not pushed away from chatter in Discord so I will be starting this thread to help that happen. If I find a similar suggestion to my own I will also be linking it here as a reference to multiple people wanting something similar. Well no more chatting and here are the suggestions. Server Browser Key Feature Requests for the server browser screen: Timescale: Allows players to know how fast things will progress while they are offline Current Time and Date: Allows players to pick an appropriate time to play on a new server, no more winter starts or joining a server just to leave! Latency/Location: Allow players to ping a server from the browser page or server owners to set a location, let us know the ping even! Current Modlist: A way to check the current modlist a server is running, and maybe a link to the mod database so we can find that mod (see below). Link to Server Forum Thread or Discord: Let server owners set a URL to their discord/forum thread we can find from the browser. vintagestory.at or discord.gg domains only! Player notes, per server let us set some notes from the server browser so we know what the server is about/notes we might need. Client side playtime stats: time played like single player worlds, deaths, what ever else. Mod Database/Mods Clicking a mod takes you to that mods Database Page: When a mod creator publishes a mod they can place the mod database url into the settings or info file and vintagestory picks it up and lets you easily browse there from in the game. Removing Rusty Gears from Circulation + Class Respec Currently, rusty gears only are removed from circulation via buying items, taxing trades or dying(both kinds!). They come into the game via ruins loot (sort of finite), panning loot (sort of finite), and trading things with traders(infinite based on finite items and infinite items). I propose there should be more gear sinks if possible to keep long term servers health in the medium to longer run lengths. A way to tie revamped class respec system into this system would be to have a trader of a particular skillset offer to respec you for a fee. This respec would have a long cooldown and it would be customisable for server owners (disabled if wanted). This would allow players to explore classes and find one they would like to fit at a large cost to their saved up gears. Long term players could slowly respec and play to their new class strength while shorter term players could at least swap off a class they aren't enjoying as much as they'd initially would have thought. The cost for the respecs could start reasonably cheap (50-100 for first time) then jump up into the hundreds/thousands if used in succession too much. This price could slowly drop as you stay one class for an extended period of time to something of a flat rate after x-respecs. Arrow Crafting New Item: Arrow Shaft Arrow Shafts would be crafted by using a stick, firewood or logs in the crafting menu with a knife. Logs would only be processable this way with higher tiered knives as crude knives aren't sturdy enough. This would yield more arrows per stick as 1 stick to 1 arrow ratio is a bit off. Arrows could still be crafted with a stick at a 1:1 ratio but if you processed the stick into an Arrow Shaft you'd get 2 arrows for 1 stick. The ratio for logs would be (1:4) and firewood (1:1) as this means overprocessing would net you a loss of 1 shaft. Uses for Poison Mushrooms New Item: Poison Paste (with different tiers based on the mushroom types used, weak poison, poison, strong poison) Poisonous Mushrooms could be utilised in making a poison paste that could be applied to the tips of weapons. Weapons that can be poisoned would be spear-type and piercing weapons (spears, arrows, knife). Poisoning knives would give them a boost in combat situations. The paste could either be applied once and it has a chance of being removed during every durability loss and/or a system where it only works for a set amount based on the tier/type of poison. The effect could have a chance to not apply based on the tier of the item applied and/or the poison tier. Poison tipped weapons could deal simple damage over time effects to enemies and alternatively/additionally prevent natural health regeneration effects for a period of time for fleeing enemies. Poison could optionally effect the meat quality from hunted harvestable enemies, giving tainted or less meat dropped. Tainted meat could still turn to rot for compost but would damage you if eaten similar to current mushrooms. This meat could lead into my next idea. New Item: Poisonous Baits (would have different tiers based on the mushrooms/tainted meat used) Poisonous baits would have a chance to attract monsters that would eat the type of meat or food used to create the bait. This would lead to a passive way to slowly fight back against wolves, sneaky raccoons, and rabbits among other things. To balance this there would also be a chance that the baits would attract good wildlife and be eaten by them causing loss of livestock. Passive Trapping/Killing/Hunting Animals New Mechanic: Pitfall Traps (optional spikes) New Items: Branch Spikes, Metal Spikes, Leaf Cover/False Floor Pitfall traps would be created by placing a Leaf Cover or False Floor above a hole 2 blocks deep. A Maximum size of 1x2 per Leaf Cover or it automatically falls in on itself. A Maximum size of 2x2 per False Floor or it automatically falls in on itself. With a knife and a few sticks you could create Branch Spikes that could be placed inside the trap to cause damage to the entity that falls inside the hole. With an anvil you could create spikes that would be much sturdier and deal more damage based on tier. New Mechanic: Deadfall Traps New Item: Deadfall Trap (deconstructed) WIP New Mechanic: Box Traps (class locked?) New Item: Box Trap (deconstructed) WIP
  6. I would love to see achievements in game sorta how Minecraft does it personally I enjoy it as it gives you things to work towards and can make for some silly challenges as well.I want to know what achievements would be cool to have and and ones that would be more for fun rather then just reaching the next tier in metal
  7. I have a suggestion for advanced beekeeping. I posted this in Discord in condensed form but thought it would be good to put it here as well and elaborate on some ideas. If I could mod I'd make this myself but, alas, I possess no such skill. Besides, I think this would fit great into the base game. Currently, the only way to get honeycombs requires the player to entirely destroy a bee colony. And with the addition of seasons in the future, it would keep with the realistic theme of the game if bees in skeps died in the winter and would have to be re-collected from newly spawned hives in the spring. Therefore, I suggest a later-game multi-block apiary that functions more similarly to modern RL apiaries, with wooden frames in which the bees build their honeycombs. The player would have to take out the frames, scrape off the honeycombs (possibly even manually, like with smithing and knapping), and then process them as we do now. With such an apiary we could ensure the survival of our colonies during the winter. Gameplay balance ideas (and suggestions for seasons): The frames would be destroyed in the honeycomb-harvesting process so new ones would have to be made to replace them after each harvest. If they're not replaced in time (within an in-game day?), the colony will despawn and the apiary will be empty again. Because the swarm can grow larger in the multi-block apiary, the player would first have to smoke the hive with a smoker (crafted with metal plates, fuelled with dry grass and has to be ignited before use) in order to safely remove the frames from the apiary. There would still be a chance (though much lower than for skeps) for an angry bee swarm to spawn, in which case the player would have to wait to harvest the frames until the swarm has despawned, or face the wrath of the bees while he works to take out the frames. A colony in a big apiary would take a bit longer to grow and mature after swarming, and take longer to replenish the honeycombs after harvesting, but they'd yield significantly more honeycombs than skep colonies. Realistically, bees mainly swarm in late spring and early summer, with occasional smaller swarms at other times (except winter). For the game I suggest that colonies in big apiaries swarm more rarely than those in skep colonies (maybe even only once a year?), but both only in late spring - fall. This way, skep colonies can be used to grow the number of bee colonies and wooden apiaries can be used to have a bigger, more regular yield of honeycombs. To survive the winter, colonies in big apiaries have to be manually supplied with a small amount of honey, or one frame of honeycombs has to be left behind during the last harvest. Now on to the building of apiaries. I suggest that an apiary requires two unique blocks, one main one which holds the frames and another one in front of it that acts both as the opening for the bees and as a door for taking out the frames for harvesting. To make this a somewhat later-game structure, on top of using boards to make it, it might require crafting metal hinges or something. The frames could require string to craft. It could look something like this (with more colour variation ) When the frames are ready to be harvested, the player can open up the front part like a door and take the individual frames out by aiming and right clicking, and put new ones in the same way. The remaining five block faces of the main block would have to be covered by any wooden or brick blocks the player wants to use. They could be chiselled as long as the block face connecting to the main apiary one is completely covered. This way players can design their own apiaries. For example: Really simple designs. Put multiple apiaries together. Or build some creative ones! Thoughts?
  8. (Kinda spoiler warning for lore.) What lore I've come across imply that the drifters are corrupted humans who have been warped by the temporal shifts. So, what if there were cave colonies that the drifters spawned around? Colonies might have other, less hostile mobs inside the low tunnels, with possibly loot or story fragments.
  9. It came as a little bit of a surprise to me that you couldn't place hides and make them into a sort of roof to keep the rain off or make bone arrows. These options would allow for more early game variety.
  10. Title. I was wondering if the night sky and stars are the same after every night? Could we have Vintage Story Astronomy, or the in game equivalent of a North Star to help us find our way?(Even if a bit unnecessary given the mini map). Or maybe constellations to see, although those people create themselves. Is the sky randomized every night, or determined with the seed of the world? It would be fantastic to have a unique sky to look up at every night as I stand on a few block high pillar while on my journey to find a desert. Are any of the things I described currently in the game, and if not, what are your opinions on implementing them?
  11. When bringing up the map with the M key, it happens often that I can't find the white dot that identify my character. This is made worse when around snow since the character dot is also white. Monster Hunter Rise has a really elegant solution to finding yourself on the map, you push a button, and a "ping" appears around your location. The ping appears as an animated glowing red ring around the player(like the ripple effect of dropping a pebble in water). This makes it quite obvious where the player is on the map. I think that this would be a great way to solve that particular issue. Alternatively, having a way to center the map around the player would help, but white dot on white snow might still be an issue.
  12. I would like the ability to pull up a list on my map of all of my waypoints, and to sort them by name, symbol or color. A search bar to look up names, and filter for color and symbol would be lovely. I would also like the ability to select one from a list, to modify it, and jump to it on the map. One could either double click a waypoint in the list for the map to center on it, or click a specified button. I would like the ability to modify waypoints on the list so that I could pin them. For example search "Iron" for all waypoints with iron in the name, and filter symbols so I can decide if I want ones marked with pickaxe as untouched deposits, or filter by ladder for deposits that've been turned into mines. To filter by colour would allow for people to color code deposit quality like poor, rich, or bountiful. Then I could pin the ones I want to travel towards/ I explore far and wide and make many waypoints to mark things in much detail. To find and set a destination without scrolling clumsily through the map would be nice. With days of exploration, scrolling around on the map can sometimes take a bit to load area and make it painful if I am zoomed in trying to click on each dot to find out what exactly it is.
  13. Having a windowed door or trapdoor doesn't make much sense or look good in an interior or as a cellar door. I think a recipe to cut a window hole in a door or trapdoor after you craft it wouldn't be too much hassle. Thanks for reading! : )
  14. I'm a lefty and would just like to see this. Thanks for reading! : )
  15. Sleeping through temporal storms skips them with no ill effects to the player/s. There should be a major drawback of sleeping through temporal storms. Ideas for drawbacks: Temporary lowering of max temporal stability Health drain while sleeping in a temporal storm Drifters do extra damage for a while after sleeping though a storm The player has to use temporal gears to sleep through a storm, more gears depending on storm strength Thanks for reading! : )
  16. We all know that nobody likes to make blue or fire clay tiles. Sitting in once spot churning grid after grid of clay for an hour or more. I ask that a new roofing variant be introduced, with a form of mass production. The first tile I would ask for is the Monk & Nun tile, and the second is the Pantiles, you can google search more images of these! Now we don't want new people to start mass-producing roofing, that would take all of the fun out of the progression. We're in luck because in real life, these would require some late game methods! The machine I would like to propose is a Tile Press, similar to a Gutenberg book press. You place a mold in it, click on it with some clay to fill it, then hold down your button to run the press, creates the tiles in one easy push. This machine could require a player to use a metal chisel to craft. The tiles themselves in real life the clay would be fired at above 1,400 F to remove molecular water. This would need be done in the iron age kiln or even a brand new construct. This high temperature mass manufacturing being both realistic and keeping it into the later stage of game progression. Perhaps one similar to real life would need to use an artificially crafted clay, and the benefit for the extra steps would be a greater amount of finished clay tile blocks per batch. It would be a major bonus if the tiles could have a 3d model rather than just a block, though I could see issues with people being unable to form pre-modeled roofing to their homes. Currently regular blocks are easy to chisel into any desired roofing shape.
  17. Dry grass as (large) trough feed feels like a cheaper yet more labor-intensive alternative to grain, which feels like a less-effort yet more expensive feed. Time is always the most limiting factor of increasing generation nevertheless, but berries might provide a more laborious option for feeding/breeding chickens for those willing to put in the effort, just like dry grass. Plus, it would give purpose to collecting berries beyond just eating. Portion size (and potentially berry type) could be used to fine-tune balance. Thoughts?
  18. Iron is not the only ore purified by hammering. It would also be nice if the cuttings you make when forging could be salvaged and remelted.
  19. Having been obsessed with the game for a few weeks now, I've discovered a major issue with advancing into better armor and backpacks is getting lime for leatherworking. Traveling around for ages trying to find any sources of it are starting to really hamper the fun, and seashells are fairly rare where I've looked. So, I'd love to see a rare chance of getting them through panning sand. I know it would be very simple to do, but I have no modding skills, so I'm hoping this will reach the devs or a bored modder.
  20. Been playing with my BF and we've started trapping animals. While doing so, we end up with a decent mix of certain animals in the "wrong" pens. I'd really like to be able to net the chickens, piglets, rabbits and raccoons when I'm close enough to interact with them. (Also used on fish when those are implemented.) To further note: the nets would NOT kill any animals (except fish, technically) and you can only transport one animal at a time. Maybe even set up so that you can't interact with other things when holding a full net. It could even have low/one-use durability, depending on crafting materials.
  21. A nice addon that just makes sense to me is for the scythe to break flowers too. It's a bit weird that it doesn't do that, so would be nice to see this added.
  22. I think the option for instant item pickups would be good, Personally. I just think its too slow and it's like there's a constant lag, I don't like needing to walk back over something once or twice to initiate the collection. If I break something I'd like it to go directly to my inv. This way is very jarring IMO
  23. Thank you Vintage Story team for an awesome game. Assuming that down the road there will be more added for food preservation such as an ice box, which would then need knives to cut the ice right? .... it would be a cool idea to be able to then take those knives used for cutting ice and strapping them to shoes or boots (once we are able to make other clothing items besides armor) for ice skates. It would also be cool to have skiis or snow shoes for areas of heavy snow fall.
  24. I just accidentally poured out over 6 litres of honey while trying to place a bucket down. I am not pleased. This should not be an option. It makes zero sense.
  25. Hey together, following my Suggestion for the design of a mining cart. I hope you will like it! I created it because rails already exist and now it is time for a small mining cart. Mining Cart 01.json
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