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Found 10 results

  1. How's it going everyone, This is my first world and I started on a basalt plain, and it took me almost 100 hours to just find iron. I've searched a lot of area, every ladder icon is a cave I've explored, and every pick-axe is every surface resource I've come across. I have scaled mountains and trans-located at the swirly red marks. I found olivine, and ilmenite somewhat easy enough, but trying to find bauxite is like a needle in a haystack and that haystack is buried under several tens of layers of BASALT. How in the heck am i supposed to get T4 refractory bricks when I cant even find the material for T2? I literally have begun to run out of Iron and have reverted to Tin-Bronze so I have enough ingots for steel making whenever that might happen. What I'm trying to get across is; Experts of the game how in the heck do you find bauxite? Is it really just "stumble across it sometime??" There has to be a better way of finding these types of resources I.e. Rocks that don't show on the propick. That being said, it doesn't take away the fact that I love the game. Suggestions to think about; -Larger storage using Copper/Bronze/Iron reinforcement on standard chest maybe? (please,im begging ya, im a hoarder and i need more storage) -Ice harvesting for food storage/cellar spoil penalty reductions. (Basic medieval technology, maybe Icebox Area of effect?) -Mass jam making (Honey can be put in barrels so why not lots of berries too?) -Other ways to fix cloths/ more expensive ways if not clothier. (50% max cap for commoner? maybe? Im so cold in winter.) Thanks for any feedback, even if its "yeah you just find it eventually" It would be disappointing but not unexpected.
  2. Hey everyone! I've suggested to @Tyron the possibility of using a public GitHub repository to track bugs and feature requests. He was so nice to give me the opportunity to create one and I already submitted a couple of issues myself. The upside over the forums is that it feels a little more leight-weight and focused, and some people, especially modders, might already have a GitHub account. Issues can be closed and re-opened, categorized, assigned to developers and milestones, even referenced to in other GitHub repositories. [ GitHub: anegostudios / VintageStory-Issues ] You're welcome to post: Report bugs, glitches, crashes Report performance issues Suggest gameplay additions and changes Suggest creative & server admin tools Suggest modding API additions & improvements Request documentation addition & clarification Questions & discussions, preferably on the topic of modding EDIT: As of recently, the team has decided the issue tracker should only be used for bugs, crashes and the like, not suggestions. This is due to the large amount of issues that have built up over time, which are hard to keep track of. Please use the other options available for suggestions. The developers are still looking at and happy to hear all your input! Feel free to open or move your issues there if you want, but you can also continue using the forums, Discord, or whichever way you preferred to so far. I might go as far as to mirror issues from the forums and Discord to the public issue tracker to have a single place for all our tracking needs, but - one thing after another. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please let me know and I'll try to get back to you, if someone else doesn't already in the meantime
  3. Lazy Warlock's Suggestion Collection Hi everyone! So I came across the inevitable situation on discord where I asked the devs to add or change something in the game and it's already been mentioned a hundred times. So, I thought I'd start a sort of community list of "Most Frequent Suggestions" that people bring up. My goal is to not only reduce the redundancy of my own suggestions but to also focus on "mini-mods" that I plan to make. Now, to be clear this is not a "Mod Request" or "Bugfix" page, instead it should act as a repository for the most common suggestions that people usually come across. Also, if you haven't already make sure to check out the VS Roadmap, which already has a great list of eventual features the devs have planned. Here's my list so far of the most common suggestions I've come across. I've categorized them according to whether I'm willing/able to make a mod for them Suggestions I'll probably make a mod for: Converting planks to sticks (Done - Mod Here) Stack-able Tool Heads (Done - Mod Here) Alternative ways to gather lime (Done - Mod Here) Different metal material costs for casting some items Sharpening/maintaining tools Double Knife Smithing Recipes (Done - Mod Here) Potash Production through ash leaching (Done - Mod Here) Knife and spear casting (Done - Mod Here) Recovering material from unused toolheads and from anvils. Gathering straw from harvesting grain crops Crafting grains into seeds Wooden bee-boxes that can be reused Stackable clay tool head molds Clay Amphora for transporting liquids Improved paths/roads made from brick Extra food Recipes Tofu Cooked eggs Stirfry - Using Rice/Oil as primary ingredient Oil from Pumpkins, flax, soybeans, Kapok Seeds etc. Bread Variants (sourdough, lyed, fruit etc.) Semi-Magical ores, Mithril, Adamantine etc. Extra weapons/expanded combat Different roof types (IE thatch roof "stairs") Making forged tools better than cast ones Other common suggestions (that I won't be working on): Recovering lost materials from metalworking (Done by Melchior - Mod Here) Anything from Minecraft (redstone, rails, minecarts etc.) Anything from Terrafirmacraft (Collapsing caves, alcohol etc.) Mounts, including horses, dragons etc. Ships and large, buildable ships (Might not even be feasible or worthwhile) Thirst/Dehydration/Exposure option for hardcore survival Complex magic system (Spells, divining, rituals etc.) Decorative blocks Skin options/player customization Better Sprinting Death Markers Turntable/Potter's wheel for faster clayforming Suggestions that are unlikely to ever be in the game (IE good ideas for modders) Detailed butchering and animal skinning Feel free to post any common suggestions you've come across and I'll likely add them to the list. If you have your own suggestion you can mention it here, but
  4. Dry grass as (large) trough feed feels like a cheaper yet more labor-intensive alternative to grain, which feels like a less-effort yet more expensive feed. Time is always the most limiting factor of increasing generation nevertheless, but berries might provide a more laborious option for feeding/breeding chickens for those willing to put in the effort, just like dry grass. Plus, it would give purpose to collecting berries beyond just eating. Portion size (and potentially berry type) could be used to fine-tune balance. Thoughts?
  5. Mechanical systems: 1.) Different radii gears and system for calculating mechanical advantage --Small, Medium, and Large gears, perhaps 15, 30, and 60 teeth respectively. --Internal gears --worm gears 2.) Gears of different materials; gears would break if too much power is transmitted through them for their material. --Weak wooden gears barely able to power one quern, metal required for helve hammers 3.) Energy Storage; you may wish to store mechanical energy for larger tasks or when wind is low. --Crafting springs that can 'wind up' --Lifting weights with rope where gravitation can draw them back down later to provide some power --Constructing Flywheels of different materials and masses which can be spun up to store energy (a favorite idea of mine) 4.) Water --Water wheels --Archimedes screws to move water; perhaps an irrigation system --wooden channels which can fill with "water" 5.) Constructing Cam shafts as a timing component to machinery -- rotating rod with offset nodes 6.) Wind-Pumps, wind powered pumps to move water in channels or vertically --Have irrigation on multiple y levels? Move water up using this -- have an animation for water falling from one channel to another lower 7.) Beyond Gears, chain-drives -- chains or belts to transmit power over a moderate distance
  6. Hello, I have a suggestion make sprinting not require holding down the button at all times it is kind of annoying having to hold it down and making it linger while movement is active would be a nice Quality of Life change. Also controller support and hybrid controls(Controller and K&M mixed controls) support would be nice not necessary, but appreciated.
  7. The problem: I do not like the way stacked chests (in the world, not your inventory) look. But it is obvious that we need a mass storing system, so why not make it look good. The solution: Make either hand baskets or reed baskets placeable in shelves! Either two reed baskets or four hand baskets per shelf block. Chests could be used for the bottom layer of your storage room and the walls are full of shelves with baskets. Bonus: Reed will still be useful for end game content (apart from bees, that is)
  8. Hey fellow Vintarians! So after the last couple days i kinda noticed that a lot of suggestions have either allready been made, are allready on the roadmap, or in the case of a few, are even allready in the game. I think a System where you have the Roadmap on top and the made suggestions right below would give people an idea what kinda ideas allready exist. Maybe even an endorsement system to see how popular those ideas are? Another section with rejected ideas and the reason for said rejection (not popular with the community, not fitting into the setting or simply not possible to implement.) would also give people an overview of what will never be in the game, outside of mods that is. (and might motivate some of 'em to make said mod) Another thing that might not be necessary but quite nice would be a credit section where all modders are listed that made a mod that got completely or at least partially integrated into the main game. To be fair, I only bought the game recently and as such I've only been on this forum for a relativly short amount of time, so maybe all of this is not necessary and after some time people get an fast idea of all that stuff. Then again i do think that most good ideas come from 2 groups of people, the ones who allready play this game for a long time and have a sudden burst of inspiration, and the ones who just started and can provide a fresh view on things that has become routine for the veterans among us. I think this would encourage the second group to make an suggestion (as in "Hey! nobody had that idea yet?") While I included a poll here, it's more of an overview on what people think about this suggestion and not some kinda vote. The last thing I want is to add work for the Moderators and Admins. I just want them to know if people would want it if they themselves think that it is a good idea.
  9. Hey guys, here are some common suggestions I've seen in the suggestions channel of the official VS discord channel. Most of these suggestions are focused on quality of life stuff and decorative things to spruce up your Vintage Story experience! I've added sections, and will add to these as seen fit as well as combine them in the future if need be. Recommended by Ashantin, Xhodan, LordJameh Cooking Bush meat (supplemental meat) for 3, 4th recipe slot eatable cactus flesh Pot's and Farming Plantable ferns and bamboo (flowerpots). Trellis for berries, grapes, pees, pepper, etc Plantable/Harvestable Saguaro cacti Armour and Clothing Armor and clothing stands. Or some other means of displaying armor. Not like how Minecraft does it, would prefer actual model stands. Nature & More More tree types and wood types. I:e, weeping willows with greenish wood, Ebony for darker wood. Climbable vines Water lilies bloom and produce flowers Plan-table green bamboo Harvest-able/plant-able Papyrus Rainbows Housing & Miscellaneous More uses for shelves (currently under works). Wall cases for jewelry Chests and doors with different color variations. Lead Glass: Lead glass, commonly called crystal, is a variety of glass in which lead replaces the calcium content of a typical potash glass.[1] Lead glass contains typically 18–40% (by weight) lead(II) oxide (PbO), while modern lead crystal, historically also known as flint glass due to the original silica source, contains a minimum of 24% PbO.[2] Lead glass is desirable[3] owing to its decorative properties. - Wikipedia Mats and rugs Candelabras and candlesticks Actual shutters for windows Curtains Functional chimney blocks so we can have fireplaces that produce smoke outside the house Japanese Stone Lanterns That's it for now. If you would like to see any of these or more please let me know, hopefully these things can get implemented! EDITED: 12/31/19
  10. Hello everybody! This game is awesome and many features which are already included or will be in the future are helping this game to become something not only different but also better than Minecraft. As i am an experienced Minecraft builder i am used to the usage of WE (World Edit) and i was happy to see that something similar exists in this game as well. But my experience with these worldedit tools are a little bit problematic. (Also maybe i suggest a feature that already exists but i was just too stupid too see it. In that case SRY! :-o ) Also maybe i am just misunderstanding something. So maybe someone might explain it? Of course i understand that other features have far higher priority right now so this is just a small list to reflect on my view on this world edit and maybe for changes in the finished version of the game. -Flip One of the many features often used by builders next to the copy-paste and rotate functions is the flip command. Now of course there is already a flip command but it seems the only flip directions which exists at the moment is upside-down. It obviously can be useful that way but many builders used the flip command to actually "mirror" the selection. It makes building symmetric structures so much more easier. I have not yet seen any directions like south, north, etc... , but maybe it can be in a similar way as the "mm" command. As you can see xyz as direction. The player just has to memorize where the x or y axis is and can go ahead and flip as long as he remembers that. The lockfly command can be used for that. -Importing, start point, etc Maybe this is just my own stupidity but i have a hard time to understand importing and the position on which the imported object will be placed. I even had to use the import tool to do that and had a hard time there aswell as rotating the import changes the position of the point i have to rightclick to paste it somehow. I might have found the solution on that (my own blindness as it there is an option to select the origin point, but the default kinda changes with the rotation. This might not be a problem as i just have to select the origin manually now. So np ). If not using the import tool i am quite confused on how the copy-paste works. Do i have to set a new start point? Where? When i just copy something and paste it right away, it appears somewhere else. As if the start point is now somewhere else. And the chaos gets even bigger if i bring rotation into discussion. Also do i have to export it first for it to work, or is it just an optional tool like schematics in the original we? Maybe it would be better if it is done like in the original we. If you copy something it saves the marked area and the position of the player. When you rotate the clipboard the rotation is actually depending on the players position. (rotation around the player). Also if you know from where you copied it, it is so much easier to paste it again somewhere else. If it has to be 10 blocks to the left you just walk 10 blocks in that direction and paste it. Of course it is kinda similar how it is done with start points. But it is straight up confusing and the fact that it seems random on where it is pasted, makes it a huge challenge to paste something. Building lines with blocks to calculate where it could be pasted this time and then adjusting it block by block is timeconsuming. So much that if its just one little wall you have to paste, you could actually build it in that time. - //hcyl One of the most useful but not necessarily important features is the cyl or hcyl command. It creates a cylinder (the h stands for hollow as it creates just the outer line of the cylinder) with a radius of your choice and your position as the mid point. This feature was certainly useful to mark the area necessary to build something or to display and test differen sizes so you can see how big something would be and plan more efficiently. So most of the time the hcyl command was more useful. As there is already a way to create cylinders it seems that a hollow cylinder tool would be certainly useful for bigger projects. So this is it for now. Thanks for reading this! I am very sorry if some of my problems are mainly caused by my own incompetence. Greetings from Germany, Chris
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