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Found 14 results

  1. For those who are tired of driving poor hens or sheep for thousands of blocks The mod adds Cage. The Сage's case is crafting from any metal on the anvil. Add resine to the case - you get an empty cage. After that, you can find some animal and catch it (chance to catch 10% or less than 10% hp). When you throw a cage into an animal, it can be captured. But if you luck is not on your side, the cage may break with an 25% chance when it enters an animal and it didn't captured. If hp of the animal is below the limit - 100% chance of capture. You can free the animal if you drop the cage again (consumed). Also, to increase the chance of catching an animal, you can add bait to the cage. By default, the following baits are available: - All chicken: any grain, chance: 100%, min health: 100% - All rabbits: carrot, chance: 100%, min health: 100% - All pigs: turnip, chance: 75%, min health: 50% - All sheep: cabbage, chance: 75%, min health: 50% - All foxes: raw poultry, chance: 50%, min health: 50% - All wolf: any grain, chance: 50%, min health: 50% To add bait, simply craft it with cage. Unfortunately, at the moment the manual does not show recipes if the result of the recipe is an item with custom attributes. But you can see the available lures in the "Used for" of any cage. Mods compatibility: Source code/Releases: https://github.com/DArkHekRoMaNT/CaptureAnimals captureanimals_v1.1.1_1.13.4.zip
  2. This mod adds Temporal Mirror, you can save a point (Sneak + RMB on the block) and return to this point (Hold RMB). Mirror is crafting from its frame and temporal gear and has 1-10 uses (depending on the material). The frame is made on anvil or using metal casting. A wooden frame require any wooden plank and chisel. P.S. The plans add a second mirror, for teleportation to the players (Terraria forever!). And improve the model, but most likely it will already be in 1.13, when VS will support regular .obj models. P.P.S. In very distant plans, to return to the original idea of the mod and add teleportation blocks. Or put it in a separate mod. Wacky love of modularity, feel like a TE author. Source code/Releases: https://github.com/DArkHekRoMaNT/TemporalMirror teleportermod_v1.2.3_1.13.4.zip
  3. This mod adds various items and a new papyrus paper press which can be expanded with recipes. Currently it does not add that much but i plan on expanding in the future. I am aiming for a mod that will improve survival aspects but also add some decorations to the game. If there are any bugs or something you would like to see with this mod feel free to message me on the Vintage Story Discord server -> Th3Dilli Features: glowing glass / glass slabs in various colors (creative only - no recipe) paper making from papyrus rolling pin tool paper press Works in singleplayer and on multiplayer servers. For multiplayer add it to the server mods and you should be fine Harvest papyrus with a knife to get raw papyrus. Tools: Papyrus Paper making: Paper lantern Lit recipe: Glowing Glass / Glass slabs: th3expantion_0.1.2.zip
  4. Hey, fellow players! Here's the initial public release of my "tweaks collection" mod, which aims to make yours (actually, mine ) survival experience better! This mod adds the following thingies: 1. Mailbox 2. Trashcan, the 3. Rusty Spikes 4. Trapdoor patch! Since version 0.7-B: 5. Branch Cutter! 6. Vines patch 0.72-B changelog: Please keep me notified about found bugs! And stay tuned for more content! Yeeeehaaaah! If (and only!) you're already using Immersion mod, use -immersion version of Necessaries which is compatible. necessaries_v0.72-B.zip necessaries_v0.72-B-immersion.zip necessaries_v0.7-B.zipnecessaries_v0.7-B-immersion.zip necessaries_v0.6-B.zip
  5. Date: 8/29/2020 Server: Multiplayer Survival (LAN > Private Internet) Server version: 1.13.1 (Stable) Server Creation & Age: 1.12.14 (Stable), and 10 days into the game. Mods: Silo, xSkills, Graves Immediately after remapping the world for the update, this message appears: "Over 26 days left before monsters begin to appear." We can't get monsters to spawn. I have tried /worldconfig graceTimer 0 and 1. I have restarted multiple times after using this command both in single and multiplayer. It still continues to maintain 26 days. The value simply will not change (except through spending time in the game). Hovering over the world save shows that its grace timer is set to 1 day (the last value I tried), but the game still wants to take 26 days. I don't think that the mods would interfere with this config issue even if they were removed. Is there another command that I have yet to try? Please help. Edit: Temporal Storms cause any drifters that spawn to flicker and appear somewhat transparent. A few other issues: It does not show when it is snowing, but snow simply appears on the ground (Edit: Snowfall appearing now. May have just been the map updating, post-patch). You can also jump over fences if the block you stand on has snow on it. Big Horn Sheep can escape 1-block high fences if there is snow on the ground. The moon shows during the day and either is gone at night or already halfway in the sky as soon as the sun sets. The sun rises in the south and sets in the north.
  6. Hello again dear Vintarians, After presenting you the chess game pieces, I was think about building a place for the game, and this is how the things turned up: Building this, I was helped by @Kai Effelsberg and @Quentin Preik Also we would like to organize the first Chess Tournament between Vintarians. The tournament will have place on @Kai Effelsberg server . The 1st place wins a game code ( this is thanks to @Tyron for helping us). For the 2nd, we are still thinking about the price (maybe it will be a Supporter Addon, depending if we have $$ or not ). All of you that like to participate to this tournament leave me an message (gazelutza#3770 on discord) and I will make a list. From here we see how things go, and I will give you more details. If there are outer players that like to help the community (recording for YouTube, streaming, etc) let me know. To my dear Vintarian brothers, till next time
  7. Want a more chill Vintage Story experience and or not enjoy life with drifters and locusts? Love the wonders of cave exploration without the stress? If so, the No Monsters mod is for you. It prevents drifters and locusts from spawning. It does not affect any other entities so you can still enjoy the dangerous wolves! Mod Version: 1.0.0 Game Version: 1.12.14 NoMonsters-1.0.0.zip
  8. Drifters spawn at night, and once in awhile there's a light - heavy temporal storm, but wouldn't it be great if there was something that absolutely terrified you at night? Demon Wolves! \m/ And if you kill one of them, there's a rare loot drop?
  9. Clay forming is immersive and cool looking, but can feel like an enormous chore, especially when you want to create multiples of the same item. What I propose to make the process faster and easier is not a complete overhaul of clay forming or a way to get around it, just the addition of one simple block that slightly changes how it works. The pottery wheel is a block that needs to be powered mechanically to work. You start a clay forming process on top of the pottery wheel, and once it is powered, it slightly changes the mechanics of the clay forming by making it so that when you place or remove a voxel, it will do the same to all voxels in the same "ring" (square centered on the grids center) as that voxel. To illustrate this, I made these terrible edits in MS Paint: This is a representation of the grid of the clay forming layer that the player is working on, divided in "rings" (the black/white concentric squares). With a powered pottery wheel, any action done to a voxel is also done to all voxels in the same ring. So placing/braking the voxel marked in purple would do the same to the voxels marked in pink. Below you can see it in-game to make it clearer: In normal clay forming, breaking the purple voxel would break it alone, but if the clay forming is being done on top of a powered pottery wheel, it will remove all of the voxels marked in pink. The same would happen if you place a voxel instead. This would make creating "rotationally symmetric" pottery like planters, flowerpots and storage vessels much faster by vastly reducing the number of voxels you have to place/remove while still maintaining the believability, immersion and the same basic mechanics. One issue is that some pottery (crucible, claypot, bowls, crockpot, the body of the watering can) end up not being "rotationally symmetric" because their centers are not aligned with the center of the grid due to them having sides that are an uneven number of voxels while the clay forming grid has sides with even numbers. This could be fixed by making these items have slightly different clay forming grids with sides with uneven numbers (making the innermost "ring" a single voxel instead of four) so that they properly align, or changing their shape slightly. The pottery wheel could also be used in automation by rotating blocks placed on top of it according to the rotation of the axle/gear powering it.
  10. It would be nice and confortable to stock the peat bricks on a surface like it's done with firewood. What do you think about it?
  11. Sda215

    Stone Anvils

    Hello there! Let me preface this by saying that I have not played Vintage Story at the time of this post - only watched let's plays of it on YouTube. I do plan on purchasing the game when I have the chance, as I think this game does have the potential to be a worthy competitor to Minecraft, and I loved the TerraFirmaCraft mod for said game. Alright, I'm not totally certain if this has been ever discussed on the forums before (I've used the search feature and nothing that is of any certain relevance to this thread's title showed up, and my look into the wiki did not yield any useful result either), but in my let's play viewings I've noticed there's a distinct lack of a stone anvil. TerraFirmaCraft required the player to acquire a stone anvil of a particular type (last I remember the stone type had to be igneous, subtype didn't matter) and this anvil was required if the player wanted to progress beyond the copper era. Now here in Vintage Story, it seems that one can craft an anvil mold and cast a metal one instead, thereby bypassing the need for a stone anvil entirely. I was wondering if you, the developers, had considered adding in a stone anvil. Now I'm not quite sure if tiered anvils exist in Vintage Story a la TerraFirmaCraft's system - and I don't want to write up any further details concerning potential balance issues with the existence of a stone anvil in-game relative to the metal anvils because I don't know enough about Vintage Story's smithing system - but at the very least, having the option to use certain stone types as makeshift anvils would be nice. There does seem to be historical precedent for this in the real world, so for authenticity's sake at least, without knowing why stone anvils aren't in the game at the time of this post (if there is precedent for this), I think stone anvils would be a fine addition to Vintage Story. That being said, I would like to hear your thoughts on the hypothetical addition of a stone anvil in the game and if it is viable. Thank you for reading this post, -Sda.
  12. Currently I have a deadlock with my build on a server. I need to expand the building, e.g. to add a kitchen, but it progresses slowly and with lot of frustrations, my design skills are terrible. I could try things in creative first, but I can't import the layout of my existing base and its surroundings to a singleplayer world. Also, despite that being a standard practice, I always hated switching to a separate creative world to design things for survival, because you have to do things kinda twice and it breakes immersion. Could a feature be introduced into the game to allow "mind experiments" for planning and designing buildings and terraforming? E.g. player can sit on some block setup or some station of sort. Or dream while sleeping. Or consume a potion. And be transported into a "dream" world, which is a copy of his, and the player can switch to a creative mode there. After trying and building all things there, player returns to the ordinary world, and can enable to see blocks from the dream world, appearing as ghost blocks. The problem is to prevent cheating, e.g. ore prospecting and ruins search. Idk how. Maybe travel distance limit can be an answer. The dream world is a bubble with radius of ... 100 blocks? I guess it will be generated very quickly. And even if you go into the dream world when exploring the land, you can't explore significant part of cave system or surface. But for a building design it would be more than enough. Or maybe dream exploration can be a thing and quite expensive for early game. Like: we pay for finding ore/ruins with time and metal for tools. Why not pay with less time but different resources for potions instead of metal tools.
  13. I play survival so I took function over looks so my initial shack was meant to be just simple wooden planks with flat roof. I thought nah that would be too boring so I ended up with this. But then I thought what about just decorating but keeping function so I ended up with this. The interior is basic if anything. I originally didn't plan on posting it here when I saw all the other builds here. It just didn't feel good enough and too basic. But my friend Caelus5 convinced me to post it. Thanks. Edit: how do I embed images so they are not links? Edit 2: Tyron delivered ?
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