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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Temporal stability is an important part of the game, and seems set to play an even greater role. Sometimes, however, you end up with majestic scenery in a zone of negative temporal stability (temporal instability). That effectively prevents you from building a base there. Since "building a base in a nice place" is core to the game, I suggest introducing a mechanic that at least gives players an option when beautiful scenery and temporal instability clash. I propose an obelisk — a very large rock, essentially (perhaps 2 or 3 blocks tall) — that can be relief-cut from suitable stone, carried like populated skeps, and placed in a desired location. Once in that location, one could "use" one or more temporal gears on the obelisk to 'infuse' or 'charge' it (much in the same way that one uses fuel on a forge). The obelisk would then consume the temporal gears over time to dampen nearby instability. A charged obelisk could have a glowing gear symbol spinning clockwise on it. The more gears it is infused with, the more brightly the gear glows and the faster it spins. A charged obelisk would emit light at a brightness proportional to the charge level. A charged obelisk would dampen instability proportional to the charge level. Either (simplistically) creating a stable zone out to a varying radius that depends on the charge level, or (more realistically) periodically granting positive stability 'points' to players proportional to the charge level, but inversely proportional to the (square of the) distance between the player and the obelisk. Multiple obelisks could be placed and charged to stabilise larger areas, or areas with more complex geometry. As the gears are consumed, the glowing symbol would dim and slow. Once all temporal gears were fully consumed, the symbol would be black and stationary — providing clear feedback to players that more gears are needed. Temporal gears used to infuse/charge the obelisk disappear immediately from the player's inventory. It might make sense to be able to retrieve some fraction of the (yet to be consumed) gears from the obelisk by smashing it. Such a mechanism would make use of existing code (moving populated skeps, relieving rock, fuelling forges) to counter one of the negative effects of random number generation, place more value on (boosting the market for) temporal gears, and can easily be wrapped in mysticism/lore (e.g. "regular sacrifices to the gods at a shrine"). Please consider. Thank you.
  2. There were fifteen total dead, there around my friend, @Valerie Frazier, and a couple in the house. ...I regret nothing. (Got three temporal gears from this slaughter, though! Lucky!)
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