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Found 2 results

  1. REQUEST: I'd like to be able to "open a vent" in my "greenhouse" and be able to switch it from the greenhouse effect, to not. For example, to have a vertical trapdoor in a wall, if opened, turn the effect off. And closed, on. (I don't mind about the four hour checking delay. That's fine.) Similar to how in a real greenhouse there are vents that you open in hot weather, and close at night. I see that a lot of people have trouble in activating a greenhouse. My issue is the opposite! I can't "break" my greenhouse. I have tried: Changing a full block roof glass block to a closed trapdoor. (I don't want it open, to avoid drifters falling through.) Replacing some of the full block glass wall windows with half block glass windows. However even after many in-game hours/days, these have not removed the "greenhouse" flag from the farmland. Which is a bit of an issue in a warm climate. Although the primary purpose of a greenhouse is useful to extend the season, I have also very much appreciated been able to work on crops without worrying about drifters. And no, I don't want to manually remove walls or ceilings, although I could if that would be reliable. Hmmm. I haven't tried some fences instead of glass yet . . . If anyone has any existing solutions to this conundrum, let me know. Thank you!
  2. Option (before and after a world generation) to disable monsters spawning in the world. Either one of them (certain type), or all of them (I really hate that constant moaning around me)... It even discourages me to explore the caves at all (and for me personally, caves are already scary without any monsters, strange noises are more than enough), and without exploring them - what's the point? Also the same with the temporal storms. Nature & animals are more than enough for me to be challenged . Especially, since the bears are coming to town... Most of the people are too sensitive, but still want to play this cool game, to chill & relax (survive in the nature) with the lower level of challenges. Those options should be easy to on & off from the menu. Thank you for reading!
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