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Found 6 results

  1. Commercial wagons are protected in the game, in survival mode it is impossible to damage or loot a commercial wagon. Instead, I propose that they remove this protection, leaving the player more free to loot and break wagons. But of course the dealer won't like this: As a reaction to breaking, damaging or looting the commercial car, the merchant of that car may refuse to sell to that player or try to kill him as a way of protecting the car or himself. I think it could make the game richer and more interactive, and it would definitely improve immersion. I used Google Translator
  2. I see a lot of traders wanting to buy cracked storage vessels but I'm not sure how to get one. I know you can find them in ruins but as far as I'm aware you can only break them, am I missing something? is this a bug?
  3. I am unable to sell clothes to any trader. I am unable to place the requested clothes in the trade dialogue. The clothes are better condition than requested, I assume the percent condition is not intended to require an exact match.
  4. Trader building spawned only half of it with no trader.
  5. Since my Question on Discord goes unanswered and the search function yields nothing (although i might just be using the wrong search words)... How do i remove a Trader, including his Cart and the Claim? I am Building a rather... big project and a Trader is in the way. Moving the Project is not possible (first of all, i'm doing it in Survival and i have already invested a few hundred hours but there are more reasons) I hope the question catches the eyes of some knowledgeable Person who may enlighten me. And by all means, do treat me like an Idiot while explaining. That would probably safe a lot of sidequestioning. (since my world-edit experience is non-existent)
  6. I picked up a bucket of a trader's, and it gave me the bucket before replacing what I took, I did this again and it gave me a second one. I doubt there is a limit to this free buckets.
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