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Found 4 results

  1. In real life I live in an area that has few trees except areound lakes or creeks. Old timers knew to cut branches off when a tree was harvested to replace the one they took down. If they were smart, they planted several saplings in case some didn't grow, or got eaten by deer, cattle, wild pigs, ect. Tree farming would be a good way to reforest, or start a colony in a tree poor environment. In game I'm using branchy leaves on hoed ground as the simplest marker. In a couple of game days the leaves "root" into a sapling. If I understood coding, I'd write it up that way.
  2. Marlin

    New woods

    I think it would be very interesting to add new trees with darker woods, it would be a great alternative to aged wood. Some examples of darker woods:
  3. I've been murdered twice by the same tree now. Just hanging out building a tree house, and suddenly half my health is gone! Turns out the new *awesome* wavey affect actually moves the tree branch hit box and can *squish* you quite violently... (I've been crouched, hanging off the end of an unmoving block both times, if it matters)
  4. VS has at least one tree type which can't be grown artificially in survival: big oak. These trees are very beautiful and are very desirable for some builds. Please consider adding ways to be able to grow them artificially, e.g.: There should be a low chance of a tree to grow into big form This chance is about 0.01% in non-native biomes and about 10%(easy approach)/1%(hard approach) in native ones. The chance can be improved by some fertilizer, e.g. 5 times Soil under such tree must be high fertility soil in some surface radius and some depth, e.g. r=6, h=3, otherwise chances of big tree spawning become worse, especially if remaining soil is low fertility. ( idea stolen from RedRam's comment in the thread) The succesfully grown big tree can turn high fertility soil into low fertility one. The bigger chance in native biomes can be another diversity factor for people to search and choose a specific place for their base. The idea was inspired by (or plainly stolen from) https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/235
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