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Found 7 results

  1. Hello there! @Tyron@radfast@redram I bought the game long time ago fascinated by the fact it was built inspired by one of the best realistic mod back in the days. I already knew it had great potential I grabbed this game up again only recently after the last release trailer, which amazed me since the tons of various improvements it got, but at the sametime surprised me by the lack of some great mechanics that the minecraft modding community had acquired since a bunch of time by now, like for example (and most importantly imo) the "dynamic trees mechanic". I don't know how often you (the devs in general) check the minecraft modding enviroment to take a bit of inspiration on the good things and new stuff that arise on the minecraft scenario anymore, probably you do but don't have time or resources to implement everything, but it's a waste having used so much effort in reproducing the Terrafirmacraft fruit tree mechanic and having left behind this dynamic trees mechanic for the rest of the trees. Saying it's unfortunare expecially because Dynamic Trees basically allow trees to (and quoting the most interesting points from the mod page): Grow progressively from seeds to mature trees over time. Grow in natural ways loosely modeled after real world trees and tend to grow in unique, believable ways. Grow around obstacles in a natural way. Are not just reskins but grow using different algorithms per species. Have growth rate and mature sizes that are biome, temperature and rainfall dependent. Drop seeds at random that can potentially plant themselves. Won't grow in darkness. Leaves not connected to an outer tree branch or starved of light will die. Outer branches without leaves slowly rot away. Will die and rot in a dark place (some species produce mushrooms when they rot). Thin branches can be climbed like ladders. Another extremely extremely cool thing about Dynamic Trees happens when you cut down the tree. The tree basically fall down in its entirety (probably, don't honestly remember this point but, likely allowing you to cut it piece by piece on ground with the axe). Said that and going on, with your eventual surprise, TFC never died totally; it was forked in 2 ways; TFC 2 for newer version of minecraft (nothing extremely special tho) and.. TFC + which its 'astonishingler' point is not being still on mc 1.7.10 but the almost total rewrite of the mod which allowed the implementation of new core mechanics adding a realism that Bioxx himself wouldn't ever have accomplished. and since you started VS also thanks to TFC somehow, you maybe like to see this other type of tree mechanic (from TFC+) I'm pointing you to take inspiration from; Tree branches from TFC+ also allow deciduous trees to lose their leaves on winter season without looking "cheap" or silly Well... I hope you would combine these 2 trees mechanic someday, giving Vintage Story a great and further differentiation from the minecraft-like sandbox games and expecially polishing it more on the enjoyable realism it deserves. Plus, (if you wasn't aware already), you now also know about the TFC+, continuation of the mod who inspired your work in the first place and may take a glance at it
  2. So basicly i was thinking a more ways to improve the quality of soil, and then i remembered this old washion fertilization project called Slash-and-burn which long story shorter is, you burn down a forest to increase the fertility of soil. This could work in game like if you burn down a tree in a few block area around it has a chance that soil will improve for example like. From poor to medium could be like 50% change and from medium to high could be like 25 or even 10% change. or it could make a new kind of soil that is like a medium soil but looses fertility slower.
  3. I was looking up maple syrup articles in general and the thought came to me - why not be able to tap maple trees in game with either copper or iron taps? (I'd say copper taps would be single-use and iron taps multiple-use.) Players could make maple syrup mills and refine the sap into syrup of various grades.
  4. In real life I live in an area that has few trees except areound lakes or creeks. Old timers knew to cut branches off when a tree was harvested to replace the one they took down. If they were smart, they planted several saplings in case some didn't grow, or got eaten by deer, cattle, wild pigs, ect. Tree farming would be a good way to reforest, or start a colony in a tree poor environment. In game I'm using branchy leaves on hoed ground as the simplest marker. In a couple of game days the leaves "root" into a sapling. If I understood coding, I'd write it up that way.
  5. Marlin

    New woods

    I think it would be very interesting to add new trees with darker woods, it would be a great alternative to aged wood. Some examples of darker woods:
  6. I've been murdered twice by the same tree now. Just hanging out building a tree house, and suddenly half my health is gone! Turns out the new *awesome* wavey affect actually moves the tree branch hit box and can *squish* you quite violently... (I've been crouched, hanging off the end of an unmoving block both times, if it matters)
  7. VS has at least one tree type which can't be grown artificially in survival: big oak. These trees are very beautiful and are very desirable for some builds. Please consider adding ways to be able to grow them artificially, e.g.: There should be a low chance of a tree to grow into big form This chance is about 0.01% in non-native biomes and about 10%(easy approach)/1%(hard approach) in native ones. The chance can be improved by some fertilizer, e.g. 5 times Soil under such tree must be high fertility soil in some surface radius and some depth, e.g. r=6, h=3, otherwise chances of big tree spawning become worse, especially if remaining soil is low fertility. ( idea stolen from RedRam's comment in the thread) The succesfully grown big tree can turn high fertility soil into low fertility one. The bigger chance in native biomes can be another diversity factor for people to search and choose a specific place for their base. The idea was inspired by (or plainly stolen from) https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/235
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