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Found 2 results

  1. The best camera mod I've ever used for any game is BauerCam. It had some really nice features that would work very well here. I've used my experience with that MC mod to come up with this list of potential features for the camera that would make recording third person timelapse footage really seamless. • When in spectator mode, you can use "Q" and "E" to manipulate the Roll of the camera, in addition to the normal "WASD" controls for Pitch, and Yaw. "X" will reset the Roll back to 0°. • .nv <on/off> - [Spectator/Creative Mode Only] Enables or disables Night Vision, to allow for recording more than 20 minutes of footage at a time. • .cam start <time> <starting-point> - Additional optional argument to allow the camera to start at a specific point along it's route. Very useful for fine-tuning paths, and making sure that corners are handled properly. Default starting point is 0. • .cam target - Adds the block the player is standing on as a target for the camera. The camera will face the block, regardless of it's xyz position, or it's roll. • .cam target clear - Clears the current target, reverting to manual facing. - .cam vw <p1> <p2> [0.1 - 9999] - Adds velocity weighting along the path between the two specified nodes. This will speed up, or slow down the camera along this path, but the overall time of the scene will remain the same. Default weighting along all paths is 1. • .cam pb <X> - Add a point to the path before the nth point. • .cam circle <radius> <revolutions> <direction> - Creates a circular path of <radius> blocks around the player's current position, with a set number of <revolutions>. The points increment in the chosen <direction> around the circle. Example: ".cam circle 100 1 right". Example of use: If I want the camera to swoop down through the clouds, and then circle around my build as I'm building, I'd need to define the circle first, as a 100 radius circle focussed on the centre of the build. Wherever point 0 is, is now the end point of the swoop. I'd want to add a new point 0 somewhere in the clouds. Also, if I set the time to be 20 minutes (record-able daylight hours), I'd want to add a weighting to path between the first two points, so that it doesn't spend 8 minutes swooping, and only 12 minutes circling. Bird swooping, gliding on the wind, and other effects could then be added over time as extra pre-defined paths, like the circle, so that it creates a pseudo-random path mixing roll, pitch, yaw, velocity weighting, and targeting, between two points to make it look like a bird flying overhead.
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