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Found 2 results

  1. https://youtu.be/4FED2dTQjIg. This is my first ever YouTube Playthrough! I am planning on doing videos on Vintage Story as well other games. My YouTube name is HG Redemption if you don't want to use the link. I hope you all enjoy as I hope to become better at making these videos. I am open to any suggestions on how to improve, and I would really appreciate any support!!!!
  2. Welcome to the Vintage Story YouTuber & Streamer Community Thread! So, my wife and I started playing Vintage Story on September 23rd, 2020 and we are both in love with it. We've put in over 100 hours since then. I joke that it is like we have a part-time job that's actually fun Anyways, I have been on a Vintage Story YouTube binge since then, devouring everything I can, learning about, researching, and watching this game. I have saved everyone I can find who has videos on this game in my bookmarks to eventually check out (even if they aren't in my language). I had this idea to start a YouTuber Community Thread to help all YouTubers who have made, who currently make, or who are thinking of starting to make Vintage Story videos a place to post their channel so the Vintage Story Community can come take a look, and so that they are all conveniently in one place. Either the YouTuber themselves can chime in and post their channel here, or someone in the community can do it for them (it would be great if you then go to their channel and let them know they appear here though). I really feel that this game is something special and want to try and encourage YouTubers to take it up and start enjoying it for themselves, and reward those who have already done so, or are currently doing so. Even with just a little bit of recognition. My plan for this thread is to list every channel I find or that is posted here in this thread in the first dozen posts. I am reserving the first 12 posts after this one for that purpose, and to leave plenty of room for growth and expansion. Once the amount of channels goes beyond that, I will either condense the text to describe each individual channel's Vintage Story content less and simply list the channel names and links, or simply let the thread have a life of its own at that point. If you have Vintage Story content (no matter how much or how old) and you don't see your channel on here, please just go ahead and post it. It simply means your channel didn't get picked up by YouTube's lovely algorithm, not that I purposely overlooked you. I am starting with A and working my way through the alphabet, so the order should be self-explanatory. Now Adding Streamers (tentatively)! cosycloud gaming suggested that I add streamers (her being one herself - but she also has a YouTube). I don't watch a lot of streaming, but I do want to help out those folks who stream Vintage Story too, so I thought I would mention that this thread is now open to streamers as well. So, if you or someone you know streams Vintage Story, let me know and I will add them to a post reserved specifically for streamers. Just tell me where they stream and their channel name and I'll check out that they've done Vintage Story stuff before I put them here. Desired Format The desired format for posting your channel to this thread is as follows (just to make it uniform and easy to understand). If anyone has any ideas for other things to include, please post them and I will try to include them in this topic if they make sense. Channel Name Channel Link - Please use the link from yours or their (if you're posting for them) featured page or home page on YouTube. Vintage Story series or season name: If they took the time to name the series, even just Season 1, 2, 3, etc., please do include it. This may also be important if they played with other YouTubers who did the series with them in SMP (Survival Multiplayer). It will help viewers coordinate and match up videos of the same series on the same server when played in multiplayer. Number of Episodes: Many people number their episodes, so this could be easy or hard depending. Mainly here to show what the viewer can expect long term from the channel as far as Vintage Story content, and whether they want to decide to commit to viewing based on that. Start Date and End Date: Use 'to Present' for the end date if it is still going as of the date posted. This is mainly here to help show people the different versions and help newcomers realize that the Vintage Story of two years ago was different than what they will play currently. Also in case people want to see what the game was like closer to the beginning of its development. Status - Ongoing, Ended, Hiatus, or Unknown: Please use 'Ongoing' if it is still going as of the time of posting, 'Ended' if it is definitely ended (I prefer the channel owner to state this), 'Hiatus' if on hiatus (again the channel owner would be the preferred person to state this), or 'Unknown' if you are the channel owner or a viewer and just don't know. Further Description: This part is for going into a bit more detail about what the series, season, or set of videos is about. For instance, if you had multiple worlds you played through one after the other till you got to certain point, you might mention a few of the highlights you remember from each one. If your videos are just a bunch of random playthrough snippets, you can say as much here, if you like. Likewise, if it is a focused playing up to a certain part of a certain age, you can mention this as well. If the series is part of a multiplayer server, whether public or whitelisted, you can mention who you are (or were) playing with and give a shout out to them as well. Sharing the love is good. Example: Channel Name Channel Link - I will search the channel for Vintage Story content before posting to the main thread to make sure there is some. Please DO NOT post channels without Vintage Story content. That is not what this thread is for. They will not be accepted. Language - If something other than English. You are welcome to list English just for clarity and completeness too, if you like. Vintage Story Season 1 Playlist link for series if there is one 20 Episodes, March 2020 to June 2020, Currently Ended Further Description Vintage Story Aura Fury SMP Season 1 Playlist link for series if there is one 35 Episodes, April 2020 to Present (10/25/2020), Ongoing Further Description Vintage Story Tutorials Playlist link for series if there is one 18 Episodes, Time is less relevant but should be included as things change with the versions, Ongoing Further Description End Example If the YouTuber has Vintage Story content but doesn't seem to have a coherent theme or continuing series, simply list the channel name, channel link, the number of Vintage Story related videos they have, and the dates of their first and last videos. Remember, this thread is here to HELP YouTubers, NOT bash their channel, its quality, their commentary style, etc. If you list someone else's channel, you are obviously recommending it (otherwise, I doubt you would take the time). Please DO NOT post someone's channel simply to tear it down or rag on it. This IS NOT a YouTube channel review thread. Let each potential viewer make their own decision about whether they wish to watch what a channel has to offer or not. Posted & Pre-searched For Vintage Story For Your Convenience I will be posting all the channels I have found so far, using the above format, over the next few days, weeks, and possibly months (it's going to take a while to get to all the specifics). They will also be pre-searched so that all of a channel's Vintage Story content is right there for you to take a look at. I only have so much time to do this, so please be patient if you don't see your name pop up right away. If you don't see a channel name and link, and especially the number of episodes, their dates, and the channel's Vintage Story content status info listed under it, and want to help me speed up the process of collecting this data, you can make a post with all the relevant info requested to make my job easier. Just make sure to be as accurate as possible, please. A Note on Search Terms on YouTube I will be filling in the below posts with YouTube channels and channel links alphabetically by channel name to start, and then filling in details later as I gather them. The two main terms I am searching on YouTube are 'Vintage Story' and 'Aura Fury', one of the more popular servers. If your videos are listed under something else, please let me know and include how you are listing them. These are however, the two main terms I use, and your Vintage Story videos will not likely be found be me if you use some other terms unless you post in this thread letting me know. A Note on Language I will mention the language a channel is in if it is in anything other than English, just so folks have a heads up in case they don't know the language. If it is English, it will not have anything special at the end. This is based on what Google translate says the language is, and/or where the YouTuber says they are from on their 'About' page. If I am wrong on any of them and someone knows better (especially the channel owner), please let me know. Thanks so much to all the YouTubers that have played and enjoyed Vintage Story on their channels so far. You've helped me and everyone to learn more about this great game and its community. Here's to many more successful and fun Vintage Story adventures for everyone to enjoy.
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