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Found 3 results

  1. I have some questions about how weather is working in VS. 1) Wind direction. I know wind is only decorative, but does it change direction? Are there some way to make entity pushable by wind like particles? 1.1) If I have to implement real wind myself, how do I make "decorative" wind push particles in same direction? 2) Absolute minimum and maximum for temperatures, in coldest region during harsh winter and in hottest region during hot summer? 3) Maximum possible height (not a build limit, but absolute maximum where player can fly). And, what happens if it's exceeded - player dies or just can't fly higher?
  2. I would like to see heavier storms. The clouds approach black in color, rain becomes louder, and fog greatly obscures viewing distance to mimic heavy downpour. Lightning would become more frequent; perhaps just the thunder component if one is worried about triggering epilepsy. I would also like to see the rain sound become heavier and lighter in waves as is common in real storms where wind gusts affect the downpour. I would also like to see stormclouds approach like you often see on the plains of the USA; a great wall of a cloud sweeping across the land with a white fluffy top and dark bottom. Perhaps if such a strong storm appeared sticks would generate on the ground near trees; and perhaps add a new form of sticks on the ground that have 'leaves' on them to mimic storm damage. (when broken would just provide a stick" I know I'm asking for a lot in terms of work; but this type of weather event would scare me in game, and provide quite a thrill.
  3. Can someone help me understand the info /weather is giving me. Are these percentages static for a given area? what does the tl@975/976, ect mean? what is the noevent(v=0.642) mean. Is this actually telling me the percentages that of different weather condition at the particular location? Can i use this to find a good windy place for windmills?
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