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Found 2 results

  1. I like the diggy diggy hole - probably more than most - and not finding anything interesting to dig is just boring and grindy. This mod increases the likelihood of underground ores and minerals spawning and increases their abundance / size of deposit. Common ones like copper got a minor increase (maybe 30%), rare ores a much bigger one, making it a lot easier to find them in the first place. As random world gen games go, this change will only take effect when a chunk is generated, possibly only at world generation time. Gems / gold / silver are not increased. My goal here is to make basic progression smoother, not to have all the coolest things quickly. PS: Going from zero knowledge about modding this game to my first working mod took about an hour. While this really is super easy, the Wiki is vague/wrong/outdated on some details. #alphalife RichDeposits.zip
  2. Common "dirt" could be nuanced during world generation with respect to the geological profile (rock layers and erosion/sedimention) into clay soil (e.g. luvisol), sandy soil (e.g. podsol), chalky soil (e.g. calcisol), loamy soil (e.g. cambisol), silty soil (e.g. fluvisol), peaty soil (e.g. histosol), well-weathered soil (e.g. oxisol), sodic soil (e.g. solonchak) and ashy soil (e.g. andosol). Sand, clay and chalk could be the "pure" soil variants, as well as loam, silt, peat, laterite, salt and volcanic ash. In addition the hydrological profile affects the fertility of the basic soil layer: beach, tideland, marsh, water meadow, ground water, rubble (raw or eroded, thus minimal water retention), climate (watered, dry, permafrost). Last but not least the basic biome vegetation itself influences the fertility of the soil by the amount of humus formation: desert, shrubland, grassland, forest, rain forest. This is of course a simplification of soil typology (see e.g. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodenart and http://www.ahabc.de/typen-co/ ) The distribution of different soil types could influence the gameplay with respect to - vegetation diversity (consistent stratification and succession of plant communities) - farming abilities of tilled soil (workability, specific growth speed and yield per crop species) - soil improvement (from fertilization to crafting of garden soil) - erosion abilities (drainage, desertification) - indication of ores (bean ores, bog iron ore)
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