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Found 5 results

  1. LordDan's Surface Translocators This content-only mod adds Translocators to the surface world generation in three different variations. Existing vanilla Translocators remain untouched. (MOD NOW MOVED TO THE NEW MOD DIRECTORY) This is mostly a 'toe-in-the-water' release - I have many other ideas for housing these translocators but first need to see if there is a need for it, as such, please let me know if you find this useful and would like to see more variations. This is also a first VS mod for me, whilst I have tested it as best as I can and made efforts to kee
  2. DISCLAIMER: This is mod changes world generation in any world it is loaded in. Do not have this mod enabled/downloaded when going on to a world that you do not want modified. It does not affect super flat creative worlds. Want to add some more challenge to your next playthrough? Or want some more post apocalyptic/fantansy vibes? This mod overhauls the vanilla world generation and causes it to split into two parts: the floating islands known as the "Goodlands" and the deadly infested wastelands underneath called the "Badlands". This also adds a new ranged and flying mob, the Locust Drone!
  3. I alredy create world but i want to thenge some setting like ores spawn and etc. Can i do this?
  4. Given this game's focus on realism, and taking inspiration from a number of Minecraft mods, I wanted to bring up a mod I find essential in most of my playthroughs these days, which I think it'd be really cool to try to emulate to an extent, or at least take some notes from it, because currently trees look a bit, for lack of a better term, plain. The mod is Dynamic Trees, and it overhauls how trees generate and grow, with a focus on more realistic shapes and sizes. Some features include: -Trunks that get thinner higher up -Branches that extend and, well, branch -Leaves that constantl
  5. So I created a semi-arid world because I got annoyed by constant rain in my previous world. I got lucky and found a beautiful seed with plenty of ressources close to spawn, but the first thing I noticed was the lack of good farming soil. Almost all of the dirt blocks are low fertility. I had to gather medium fertility soil from ruins and under traders. The only world generated medium fertility soil is found in warm climate wetlands. I still haven't found a single block of terra preta and the rain forest biome with all its unique plant life seems to be completely missing from my seed. Am I
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