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Found 9 results

  1. Can pups be tamed now? The wiki references that they can't "as of 1.14"? Did wolves run away after taking some damage before or is this new AI? Is there a way to see what the temperature is where you are? Does the music playing tell you anything about your immediate environment? Can rifts be closed? Do rifts affect local temporal stability? Are rifts created when the chunk loads, or can they spawn later in an area you've been already? If they spawn after world gen, does your temporal stability affect the odds of one spawning near you?
  2. Cave content is a mod designed to make the caves a little less boring, my hope is to one day make sure every cave you explore have more than just bare stone. Currently cave content tweaks/adds: New stuff- Rot caves- At the deepest depths, the same rot that brought the end of the world still resides down there, dormant, It's aged so much it's no longer a direct threat to your healthy seraph as it only slows your movement speed by 25% when walked through, but it still makes for an eerie reminder of the past, drops rot when broken. Compacted machinery- This strange ore seems to form uncommonly near the mantle, how these parts and gears got here is a complete mystery, what is clear is it offers a decent source of some rare components provided you have a decent enough pickaxe. Tweaks- Added 2 more variants to locust nest spawns, a huge and gigantic variant, this should make nests a little more common, but these are also much more deadly to come across. Increased spawn rate of sawblade locust and the bell, since you will see more of them the sawblade locust has 5 less health and does 4 less damage. Images: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/2140
  3. LordDan's Surface Translocators This content-only mod adds Translocators to the surface world generation in three different variations. Existing vanilla Translocators remain untouched. (MOD NOW MOVED TO THE NEW MOD DIRECTORY) This is mostly a 'toe-in-the-water' release - I have many other ideas for housing these translocators but first need to see if there is a need for it, as such, please let me know if you find this useful and would like to see more variations. This is also a first VS mod for me, whilst I have tested it as best as I can and made efforts to keep them fairly rare it may not be perfect. lorddans-surface-translocators-b1.zip
  4. This mod will be suspended for an indefinite amount of time, so I can focus on other projects. It is open source so feel free to pick it up if you want! DISCLAIMER: This is mod changes world generation in any world it is loaded in. Do not have this mod enabled/downloaded when going on to a world that you do not want modified. It does not affect super flat creative worlds. Want to add some more challenge to your next playthrough? Or want some more post apocalyptic/fantansy vibes? This mod overhauls the vanilla world generation and causes it to split into two parts: the floating islands known as the "Goodlands" and the deadly infested wastelands underneath called the "Badlands". This also adds a new ranged and flying mob, the Locust Drone! The Goodlands The parts of the world that are still habitable that hang above the wasteland. All flora, fauna, and structures you would usually find on the surface of a normal world are here. Animal AI has been tweaked so that it will try not to suicide off the edge when fleeing. Since reeds are rare due to a lack of standing water, vines can be used as a replacement for them and grow at the bottom and undersides of islands posing a unique early game challenge. Currently, there are 3 types of islands/landmasses hills, plateaus, and massive mountains. The Badlands The torn apart surface of the world. Drifters constantly spawn here, regardless of light level and further adding to the danger is random locust nests scattered about. While very dangerous, it is also rich in ores, metals, and massive pillars of salt. Locust Drone A new mob that hovers above the badlands, the locust drone will not make any attempt to flee or come closer to the player, but will shoot spiky bullets if the player gets in range. They are weak but their random movements can make it hard to land a shot with a bow, if not in melee range. Drifter Changes Drifters will consume dead bodies and have a chance to throw a rock at the player if they cannot reach them. Pictures Setup Guide Make sure to set spawn radius to 0 or else risk a death loop due to falling. While this mod can be used by itself, these are some mods I would recommend: This mod does mess with world gen in ways it really was not meant to, so bugs/poor performance are expected. Please let me know of any or if you have any suggestions. Good luck! caelumterras_v0.92.2.zip Update History Disclaimer: Please post any bug reports, suggestions, and feedback on the forum page of this mod. Anywhere else, such as Discord, will be ignored!
  5. I alredy create world but i want to thenge some setting like ores spawn and etc. Can i do this?
  6. Given this game's focus on realism, and taking inspiration from a number of Minecraft mods, I wanted to bring up a mod I find essential in most of my playthroughs these days, which I think it'd be really cool to try to emulate to an extent, or at least take some notes from it, because currently trees look a bit, for lack of a better term, plain. The mod is Dynamic Trees, and it overhauls how trees generate and grow, with a focus on more realistic shapes and sizes. Some features include: -Trunks that get thinner higher up -Branches that extend and, well, branch -Leaves that constantly grow, regrow, and change -Trees growing from a small sapling over time into a full-sized tree naturally -Trunks that can be over 1 block thick, but under 2x2 in size -Trunks that can be under 1 block thick -Falling tree physics (to an extent) -Larger trees generating aboveground roots -Branches being far quicker to break than trunks -Tree disease/lack of nutrients from soil causing stunted growth and tree-death -Saplings planting themselves when leaves naturally decay -Trees growing taller to fight with other trees for more sunlight under the canopy -Emergant forests that live, grow, and wane on their own -Unique generation for each tree type -Surprisingly minimal performance hit, even in Minecraft, for all the tree updates happening constantly in wooded areas It makes trees gorgeous and vastly improves their generation, look, feel, and functionality. I feel like this style of tree, and a lot of the functionality, would feel right at home in Vintage Story's more detailed look and mechanics! I can even imagine thinner branches being affected by the wind... It would look beautiful- Of course I'd suggest crediting Ferreusveritas if you were going to take inspiration from the mod.
  7. So I created a semi-arid world because I got annoyed by constant rain in my previous world. I got lucky and found a beautiful seed with plenty of ressources close to spawn, but the first thing I noticed was the lack of good farming soil. Almost all of the dirt blocks are low fertility. I had to gather medium fertility soil from ruins and under traders. The only world generated medium fertility soil is found in warm climate wetlands. I still haven't found a single block of terra preta and the rain forest biome with all its unique plant life seems to be completely missing from my seed. Am I just unlucky or is this by design?
  8. POINT Ever since TFC, Sevtech and other tech-age-traversing mods, I was really bugged by these 2 things: No story or overarching goal, no direction; no-one to compete with, no-one to share/compare the progress with, no-one to learn or to steal from; => no motivation to do anything beyond hording and acquiring new-whatever. Building new stuff for the sake of building newer stuff, while fun for a-while, eventually gets boring and the feeling of all-is-pointless starts to prevail. I was trying to reflect onto whats and whys --- what exactly is missing from vanilla minecraft, or these great mods, that makes me feel this way, and I think the answer is fairly simple: the emptiness comes from a sad realization that whatever goal you choose for yourself there's no-one in the entire game-world who could appreciate it (and/or your struggle to get it). Basically, a conquest game starts to feel shallow, when immersion is broken by actors not being able to achieve (to compete to achieve) things you want, --- or in other words, when there's no economy simulation going on (no shared vision of goals and what they cost). While you could find very interesting proofs of concept like Millénaire, the cohesive world generation is another thing. It always felt wrong the game (minecraft in this case) generates terrain on the fly in a non-cohesive random and messy way. We have villages, but where are all the roads? Where the travelers, convoys, caravans and such? What would it cost to pre-generate meta-layers of the world, like climate-zones, habitable and non-habitable zones, roads and towns (just relative positions with no geometry what-so-ever) and actually generate the geometry and actors when the player gets there (while still being able to reason about them even if they wont)? The closest successful world-gen with roads I can think of is Lost Cities, but I'm not sure whether it achieves that via meta-layers, or it's just very clever reflective, but still random, world-gen. * Basically, the conquest game like minecraft seem to have no vision on how to scale its gameplay beyond hording. One could argue, that multiplayer is the ultimate answer to these issues, but the counter-argument to that would be in acknowledgement that every player in a multiplayer-setting would have to force themselves to consolidate with other players in order to form competitive economies --- and for those to form you would still need some kind motivators (something extremely rare and useful? something to transcend to prestige and reputation?)... and there's no telling how many players do you need before the overall economic struggle would seem sustaining? EXAMPLE Like, did it ever bugged you, that in order to progress through the tech-age-traversing mods (or even in vanilla minecraft/terraria and such) you have to deal with menus, upon menus, upon menus to find all the recipes you able to craft from an item, to find the entity you have to craft them with, to find a pattern in which you have to lay the items you have, only for the cycle to continue anew with each new shiny thing you'll get. Sometimes it feels like you spend most of your time in the crafting menus or on Wikipedia, rather than in the actual game. Even doing the most basic stuff (like finding and cooking food, or forging metals) could be challenging because how particular and obscure the recipes/block-behaviors are. Wouldn't it be way cooler and way more approachable if a game-world had an entity you could simply observe to learn all the mechanics from? An entity with the same'ish goals and restrictions you could could compete or live along with? It doesn't have to be sophisticated, it simply have to be somewhat aware. QUESTION What's the VintageStory stance on this? Would we be able to expect these issues being addressed in some near future and in what way? I know there's some kind of story in VS and villages are one the road-map, but what exactly you envision for you product so far? DISCUSSION What do you people think of this? Is this the direction you want to see VS go? ====== Thank you, VS-team, great product so far! Cheers,
  9. As the game gets better and better there is an increased need to keep the worlds of older versions. I know that the world generation will be frequently enhanced and that the world generation features are tweaked for game balance. But I think knowing which worlds should be compatible is helpful for testing too. And maybe there might be a specific auto-conversion feature in place that need testing too. Is there a versions pattern for which game versions the worlds are expected to be compatible or auto-convertible? (e.g. all 1.x versions) If such a pattern is known, it could be considered by the installer script to automatically copy the worlds from the old version to the new version.
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