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  • Smooth, Graphically Impressive Engine

    • Painstakingly optimized: Vanilla Vintage Story runs much more smoothly than Vanilla Minecraft
    • Gorgeous graphical features: Vintage Story has shadows, bloom, god-rays, dynamic fog, filters, and particle effects!
    • Diverse terrain generation: Vintage Story goes beyond basic biomes, it uses a sophisticated process to generate more unique and varied landscapes
    • Toaster friendly: Despite its beauty, Vintage Story runs on lower specs than Minecraft!

    Easy to Pickup

    • Beginner friendly:Instructions for basic interactions appear (based on context) to teach players how to play
    • Instant information: Press H to view helpful info related to any item/block at any time
    • Not wiki focused: Although there is a Vintage Story Wiki, our goal is to make it more useful as a reference tool than something required to understand core gameplay

    Depth and Sophistication

    • Simple, yet deep: Despite being easy to pickup, there is a lot of depth to the various gameplay elements within Vintage Story
    • Complex interactions: Detailed and involved processes include smithing, cooking, flint knapping, prospecting, and more!
    • For all ages: Vintage Story is for adults and children alike -- if you grew up on Minecraft, we want you to grow old with Vintage Story!
    • A story unfolds: As the game's development continues, a complex story is emerging through the game's world, music, and discoverable texts

    Unique Gameplay Elements

    • TerraFirmaCraft inspired: The game's mechanics are based on the design of TerraFirmaCraft, rather than unmodded Minecraft, but Vintage Story seeks to evolve beyond to unique/uncharted game design territories
    • Story driven elements: Unique story-based creatures and texts to discover
    • Interactivity focused: Tons of in-world crafting (vs. in-menu crafting), and dynamic, moveable menus
    • Dynamic, colorful lighting: Hold a torch or other light source of any color, and the light follows!

    Massive World Heights

    • Enormous structures: Build unimaginably tall buildings, or bask in the enormity of nearly unscalable mountains

    Powerful World Editing

    • Paint-like user interface: World editing and map creation are supported by a powerful and intuitive GUI that supports features such as copy/paste, undo/redo, and line drawing, as well as adding, removing, and altering large amounts of blocks at a time

    Built for Modders from the Start

    • Mod API: There is already a very well documented API for modders, meaning the game has unprecedented mod support for a voxel survival/sandbox game
    • Convenient tools: Vintage Story also has a customized 3D Model Creator and animator, making asset creation a breeze -- even for beginners

    Diverse Original Soundtrack

    • Integrated music: There is a lengthy, varied original soundtrack that plays different music based on time of day as well as location

    Indie to the Core

    • No massive corporation: The husband/wife couple behind the game chat with fans basically every single day
    • Community oriented: Vintage Story has a thriving, friendly community that strives to be helpful, respectful, and accepting
    • Transparent: Vintage Story is developed by a very small team who are transparent and actively communicate with players and listen to suggestions on a daily basis!


    Vintage Story exists to realize our own vision of what a survival sandbox game can be ---

    A blazing fast, highly moddable game that supports endless playstyles. With simplicity at its core, a game that explores new gameplay concepts with surprising depth. A game with a deep, interconnected narrative told through stories, text, music, and gameplay. And more than anything, a game bursting to the seams with handmade love and care.

    --- something that couldn't be achieved by simply modding Minecraft (we tried!)

    We also feel ethically driven to counter the consolidation of power that companies like Microsoft work towards. We cannot entirely escape their grasp of course, but we can at least try in some ways.

    Vintage Story is intended to be something more than just another game on your shelf to pick up, play through and then put back as a dust collector. We want to create a community that's bursting with creativity, enthusiasm, acceptance, love, and support.

    We want to inspire fellow players and game developers to be better in how we treat each other and the world around us. We would like to challenge the status quo, and inspire a sense of wonder within anyone who gives Vintage Story a try.

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