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  • What makes Vintage Story different from Minecraft?

    First and foremost, let me tell you this game is still early in development and as such many features that would set us apart are merely not implemented. We are focusing on adding the basics first, so similarities will be greater than they are in a mature version of the game.

    Furthermore we want to clarify that while we do try to differentiate ourselves from Minecraft, it is far beyond from our main concern. We are making this game for several reasons, but definitely not because we disliked Minecrafts original style and vision. We prioritize well working game mechanics over avoiding similarities to other games.

    We are also the opinion that when comparing games with one another one should not only consider the game itself but the whole ecosystem around it, like the company behind it, the games community, it's monetization methods, modding capabilities and the vision for the games future.

    In the end it's really up to the individual player on whether they feel like it is significantly different or not, so the short answer to this question is "If you don't see a difference, then there is probably no big difference for you".

    But to help you get a better picture, here's a breakup of both games in their current version. We are aware that some of the functionality you can get by adding mods to Minecraft.


    1. Game Engine Differences

    Vanilla Java Minecraft
    Vanilla Vintagestory
    Programming Language Java C#
    Platforms Win/Mac/Linux Win/Mac/Linux
    Max World Height 256 1024 and more
    Block Light Colors 1 512
    Block Light Range 16 32
    World Generation Configurability Basic Extensive
    Block Configurability Basic Extensive
    Add/Remove Blocks from the game No Yes
    Import/Export Schematics Yes Yes
    World Editing Tools No Yes
    Chat System Single Channel Multiple Channels
    Text Formatting 15 Colors, 6 Styles None (Planned)
    Cinematic Camera Tools No Yes
    Inventory System Single Dialog Multiple Dialogs
    Inventory Space Fixed Flexible
    GUI Graphics Bitmap Vector
    Shader Effects / Graphis fidelity Very Basic Extensive
    Ingame Calender System Basic Extensive
    Command Macros No Yes
    Command Blocks Yes No
    Survival Mode Extensive Very Extensive
    Mobs/Animals Decent Decent
    Combat Decent Decent
    Logic Blocks (Redstone) Yes No (Planned)
    Falling Sand and Water Physics Yes Yes
    Explosives Yes Yes
    World Generation Hard Biome Edges
    with basic height variation
    Smooth "Biome" Edges
    with extensive shape variation
    World Generation Structures Yes Yes
    Villages and Trading Yes No (Planned)
    Dimensions 3 1
    Mod API No Yes
    Resource Packs Yes Yes
    Data Packs Yes No
    Story No Basic
    Mechanical Power No No (Planned)
    Weather System Yes Yes, but no rain/snow
    Minecarts Yes No (Planned)
    Farming Yes Yes
    Animal husbandry Yes Yes
    Day/Night Transition, Clouds Yes Yes
    Ingame Worldmap Yes Yes
    Multiplayer Yes Yes
    Custom Skins Yes Kinda yes (clothes system)
    Realms Yes No
    Interactable Blocks (e.g.Doors/Ladders) Yes Yes
    3x3 Crafting Yes Yes
    Client/Server Configurability Basic Extensive and during Runtime
    Translations Dozens 2 (english and italian)


    2. Performance Differences

    Direct performance comparisons are difficult to perform and I tried my best to perform the tests impartially. I do encourage to perform your own tests to verify the results.

    Performance Test Setup
    Vanilla Java Minecraft
    Vanilla Vintagestory
    Operating System Windows 10
    CPU Intel Core i7-3537U @ 2.00GHz
    Available Memory 8 GB
    Graphics Card Geforce GT 630M
    View Distance 12 Chunks 192 Blocks
    Play Situation

    Slightly forested area
    Test 1: Standing idle for 2 minutes
    Test 2: Flying in one direction for 20 seconds
    Max Framerate Unlimited, VSync off
    Graphics Settings Fancy, without FXAA/Bloom/Godrays
    Resolution 1280 x 720


    Performance Test Results
    Idle for 2 minutes
    Vanilla Java Minecraft
    Vanilla Vintagestory
    Frames per second 70-100 (unstable) ~ 85 (stable)
    Memory Usage 1400 - 2400 MB ~ 800 MB
    CPU Usage 38-45% 14%


    Performance Test Results
    Flying for 20 seconds
    Vanilla Java Minecraft
    Vanilla Vintagestory
    Frames per second 0 - 60 (highly unstable) 26-50 (unstable)
    Memory Usage ~ 2400 MB ~ 1400 MB
    CPU Usage 92% 43%

    3. Game Vision differences

    • A passion driven, independent Vision
      We are just a bunch of enthusiastic people driven by passion. We make this game because we want to play such game and not to grow a 2.5 billion dollar business and bail out as soon as we get criticized. We're fully independent and not part of the corporate machine. 
    • Some essential Minecraft mods are already integrated
      More often than not, you might find yourself lacking essential features when playing Minecraft without mods. It should not be necessary to install a slow third-party modding api to get a complete voxel game experience, so Vintage Story already ships with some basic implementations of essential minecraft mods (waila, voxelsniper, worldedit, camera studio) 
    • A cohesive concept and a clear goal
      In my humble opinion, Minecrafts gameplay content feels like a bunch of loosely connected ideas. Particularly after Notch left, the developers seem to add seemingly random content without following an overall roadmap or vision.
      We developed a roadmap right from the start and are merely following through it, ensuring consistency throughout the game at every step. We believe a much more immersive game can be achieved by that. 
    • Creative and Survival are 2 separate play styles
      Over the years, Minecrafts Survival experience has become gradually easier, more creative mode like, ruining that gaming experience for a sizable part of the community. We believe a voxel sandbox game should support each persons preferred play-style instead of slowly morphing them into the other.


    4. Community Differences

    • An open, future proof platform for the ages
      We believe that community is key, so we architectured a clean game engine and modding platform with a whole lot more modding capabilities than minecraft. An ad-free community portal is supplied directly from us, and not through unofficial providers.
    • Community Involvement
      We are present in the chat and forums and respond to suggestions. This may become impossible if the community ever were to grow significantly, but then there are still plenty of ways the community can be involved in the development of the game
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