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    Vintage Story is a game about innovation and exploration. It thrusts the player into a carefully-generated semi-autonomous world and challenges them to survive and overcome the natural and unknown threats of their new home. Intrepid players who accept this challenge will find themselves rewarded with mechanics that respects their intelligence and allows for tangible, realistic invention. In addition, they’ll find a world with its own character and a deep, interconnected narrative (WIP) within it.


    Beyond that, the game comes with a highly capable 3d sandbox voxel editor and massive modding possibilities. It aims to become the new standard of voxel games, as we, a small dedicated team, relentlessy expand it with story elements, more creation tools and survival elements.


    The game is currently an early access title. It is fully playable, pretty stable and has a decent level of game content to play around with. If you want to support the development of the game, please consider buying it or come and hang out in discord or the forums, we love to be in company with voxel game enthusiasts!


    For more details have a look at the About usFeatures and News page.