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    Dear Wintery Community
    v1.14.6-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    We decided to put some more love into v1.14 before we fully commit to v1.15. Due to the amount of changes we did, we'll release this as 'unstable' first until we got the bugfix bugs worked out again 😅

    There is also more progress on other fronts

    • The VS Model Creator received a few new additions. Working on high detail models should be somewhat less painful now
    • We've migrated the Vintage Story wiki to a dedicated host and installed some more advanced extensions for our wiki editors
    • We've launched a closed beta-test of our hosted server services which is going well so far but some important features are still missing
    • I finally migrated to decent pc hardware, which is wonderful to work on but also took quite some time to set up. I used to work on a mid-range 2016 gaming laptop - turns out these aren't exactly optimized for working on massive game development projects 😁

    Screenshot/Build by LauriU#8527

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Can now drink raw milk with a bowl
    • Tweak: Raised steel tool durability one more time (from 2x iron to 2.5x iron). Slightly higher mining speed for the steel pickaxe as well
    • Tweak: Added "tempstormDurationMul" worldconfig so players can tweak temporal storm durations through commands
    • Tweak: /whenwillitstopraining now tells the players if override precipitation is active
    • Tweak: Adding ingots to existing piles of ingots now averages and spreads the temperature
    • Tweak: Show part info in tapestry itemstack tooltip so you can figure out which part it is
    • Tweak: Ladders now allow rain through and snow to accumulate beneath them
    • Tweak: Boulders now have a collision box (the player can stand on top of them)
    • Tweak: snow-covered grass now has the same collision box as plain snow, should lead to smoother walking across snowy terrain
    • Tweak: Coopers Reeds in water can now freeze and become embedded in ice
    • Tweak: Lake Ice thaws a bit faster in spring and thawing is sped up by rain
    • Tweak: Helve Hammers built incorrectly (wrong toggle orientation) now won't move
    • Tweak: Usability Tweak. Prevent burning firepits to be ignitable again by a firestarter or torch.
    • Tweak: Plaster is now chiselable
    • Tweak: Grass (tallgrass) blocks not displaced so much when randomly positioned
    • Tweak: Coopers Reed and Papyrus, in water, after it is cut, has less wind/water motion
    • Tweak: Low stability glitch effect now no longer in sync across all creatures to make it look more intentional
    • Tweak: Server no longer crashes on invalid spawn point coordinates while in repair mode
    • Tweak: Open doors no longer count as exits (breaking rooms!) but do retain less heat
    • Tweak: Butterfly tweaks
      • Now fly a bit faster
      • Exhibit gliding behavior again
      • Less likely to be hugging water surfaces
    • Tweak: Snow can be cleared from stone paths; thicker snow must be cleared from grass, before the grass can be cut or scythed.
    • Tweak: Stars now rotate East to West, not South to North
    • Tweak: Small performance tweaks (technical detail: rotating and scaling meshes creates fewer new objects on heap, optimisation when re-drawing tall grass and plants, freeze checks for water blocks below the surface which cannot freeze are faster)
    • Fixed: Trap and log crash issue in BehaviorExtraSkinnable
    • Fixed: Miiight fix chunks sometimes completely dark, especially when the game server ungracefully stopped
    • Fixed: Very long server freeze when /genbackup is slow and an autosave happens (Technical info: /genbackup runs in a completely seperate thread now)
    • Fixed: Rare ladder and door lighting issue if solid neighbouring block lit from another side    
    • Fixed: Cut off itemstack rendering in the handbook when guiscales below 8
    • Fixed: Should fix a rare server side exception thrown by the scythe and causing players to disconnect as a result
    • Fixed: Players on ladders sometimes clipping through a solid block above
    • Fixed: Right-clicking barrels with full crocks now only transfers pickled vegetables
    • Fixed: Vintage beef way too large in tp mode
    • Fixed: Cheese turning to blue cheese or other foods in containers spoiling when it shouldn't (technical info: don't process freshness values when near a loaded chunk edge)
    • Fixed: Should fix the shift crafting bug, also chance of fixing the rare case of items disappearing on shift-transfer
    • Fixed: Occasional lighting flicker when placing or changing blocks
    • Fixed: No more jarring step-changes in daylight brightness
    • Fixed: Crash when player rage quits, rejoins, spawns, immediately switches to creative, and picks up dropped backpack items, without first opening creative inventory at all
    • Fixed: Snow covered Stone Path now drops correct Stone Path block
    • Fixed: Helve Hammers built incorrectly (wrong toggle orientation) now wont move
    • Fixed: Rotating a chiseled block did not update the snow layer
    • Fixed: /serverconfig passtimewhenemtpy did not save the setting
    • Fixed: Reduce creature "wall hugging" a bit when wandering
    • Fixed: Snow layer side culled when adjacent to snow covered chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Ground snow cover inside a chiseled block gone after world reload
    • Fixed: Game crashing on invalid cave music track json config
    • Fixed: With Traders, shift-clicking rusty gears in player inventory no longer transfers them to the Trader for free!
    • Fixed: Snow covered chiseled blocks not exposed to the sky got deleted when the snow melted
    • Fixed: Placed pan killing grass coverage when placed on a grass block
    • Fixed: Prevent a rare crash with the handbook
    • Api Tweak: Behavior change in InventoryBase.ActivateSlot()! The method now also needs to handle shift-click transfer of stacks. It was previously handled by the inventory manager. The base method is already updated for that.

    Dear Festive Community
    v1.14.4, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Whoops, looks like some rather major bugs slipped through the cracks. Hopefully this update will clear that up.
    [Edit:] Also released v1.14.5 to fix a crash bug in the lighting engine!


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added /serverconfig passtimewhenempty
    • Tweak: Updated community translations
    • Fixed: Worldmap pinned waypoints at the map edge no longer interactable
    • Fixed: Able to use cleaver right click mode to damage players
    • Fixed: Shelf contents not visually updating
    • Fixed: Long-standing sunlight bug when closing off a 2-block high room or passage
    • Fixed: Missing Stone Path block name
    • Fixed bugs introduced by v1.14.3
      • Placing a block on top of a snow covered chiseled block corrupted it
      • Underground lakes set the wrong rainheight map values
      • Room and greenhouse issues if spanning chunks
      • Rain droplets effect on water still visible with snowfall
      • Occasional sunlighting issues



    Dear Festive Community
    v1.14.3, an stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Ok, this should complete the "minor" content update for v1.14, no idea how the changes list got so big again 😄
    Content-Wise we'll be focusing on v1.15 now, but there will probably one or the other v1.14 release still to continue my work on the hosted server services.

    See below for a full recap of all changes since v1.14.2.


    Main menu background updates. Added xmas background visible from now on during every christmas. All new set of backgrounds. Now reacts to mouse cursor movement.

    Added underground lakes

    Rain droplet effect on water surfaces


    Snow can now settle on chiseled blocks

    Added hewn fence gates

    Auto-fade interaction help when it gets in the way

    All game updates since v1.14.2

    • Feature: Added underground lakes to world generation
    • Feature: Rain droplet effect on water when its raining
    • Feature: Snow can now settle on chiseled blocks and stone path blocks
    • Feature: New main menu backgrounds. Also made the main menu background and particles respond the mouse position a bit. Added christmas themed background until dec 30
    • Feature: Public server list improvements
      • Much improved search/filter performance - searching was very laggy before
      • No longer capped to 100 entries
      • Fixed overlapping texts in the public server detail screen
    • Feature: Custom uri scheme vintagestoryjoin://host to join a multiplayer server should be working now
    • Feature: Added steel age guide to the handbook
    • Feature: Auto-hide the interaction help near the cursor so it doesn't get in the way when clay forming and knapping
    • Feature: Added Rough-hewn Gate block
    • Tweak: Steel tools durability buff. Most now have a 2x improvement over iron.
    • Tweak: Cementation furnace improvements
      • Can now be built in all 4 orientations
      • Now verifies if there are air blocks around the coffins (and either air blocks or gratings in the chimney)
      • Placing Stone Coffin Sections will auto-orient the second section to match the first (unless the player is holding Sneak while placing)
      • Now only consumes 1/6 of the carbonising material (the coal in the coffin)
      • Improved message strings when filling coffin for Cementation Process
      • Completed Cementation Process now renders contents to reflect completion
      • Stone coffin contents now drop as single items when broken
    • Tweak: Layer of Sticks can now be placed atop of Rough-hewn Fence and other full-height partial blocks
    • Tweak: Smooth background movement in the main menu
    • Tweak: Reduced the baby chick sound range
    • Tweak: Increased stalactite/stalagmite worldgen spawn
    • Tweak: Radfasts "super performance updates 3000"™
      • Relighting chunks 180% faster on client and server => Less flicker when placing light sources
      • Re-drawing chunks 30% faster on average => lower block place->update delay
    • Tweak: Worldmap: Pinned waypoints now preserve their angle
    • Tweak: Arrows and spears despawn after 10 minutes (up from 5)
    • Tweak: Reduced drifter sound range
    • Tweak: Mitigate missed arrow hit detections
    • Tweak: Made stone path blocks also snow coverable
    • Tweak: Improved .online command. Now more readable, no longer shows ping on default (use ".online ping" for that), Fixed ping values all wrong
    • Tweak: Increased bell and sawblade locust spawn rate 3-fold, decreased their despawn timer 10 to 20
    • Tweak: Player map icon slightly bigger
    • Tweak: Bloomeries also provide some heat, forges provide a bit more heat
    • Tweak: Added subcommand /wgen pos latitude
    • Tweak: Can now keyboard control buttons and scrollbars
    • Tweak: Game server related changes:
      • Should fix server lag issues when saving to disk is slow (happens mostly when the save game is on an HDD)
      • "VintageStoryServer.exe --setconfig" now merges json objects instead of replacing them, allows setting individual worldconfig values without replacing other json values
      • Added /info command to read some of the savegame infos
      • Reduce server ram usage by about 10-15 MB. Cleanup ram after all players left. Remove questionable chunk data pool ram optimization. cleaner implementation of assetManager.UnloadAssets()
      • More work on hosted server dashboard system for the upcoming hosted server services
    • Fixed: Might fix an issue where player hair gets has a broken texture in mp
    • Fixed: Animation system skipping 1 frame on repeating animations
    • Fixed: Throwing an item onto a translocator did not remove the dropped item on the client
    • Fixed: NPE when building a coalpile
    • Fixed: Transmission was rendered rotating when next to any powered MP block even if no direct connection
    • Fixed: Heat damaged crop not displayed as text in the farmland block info
    • Fixed: Might fix cheese ripening issues in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Z-clipping issues in pngs generated by .blockitempngexport
    • Fixed: Should fix issues where chiseled blocks don't stack together properly (place and break them to fix existing ones)
    • Fixed: Should fix comma seperator issues with .bsedit
    • Fixed: Should fix shift-crafting boards from logs yielding more than it should
    • Fixed: Uncommon axle error in logs, due to axle neighbour in non-initialised chunk
    • Fixed: Maaaybe fixes some rare instances where the game crashes on exit
    • Fixed: White and red particles when shearing leaves
    • Fixed: Wrong texture for the meteoric iron anvil top
    • Fixed: Planters not sellable to the artisan trader
    • Fixed: Jitter in the character inventory when changing clothing
    • Fixed: Stuttery/stepped color change when the sun sets or rises. Now super smooth.
    • Fixed: Quartz smeltable in a firepit
    • Fixed: Forager trait not correctly applied in some cases. Now also affects drop rates of resin, saguaro fruit and loose sticks
    • Fixed: Trader selling bad condition clothing, now always at 75-100% (beware, traders need to refresh their lists first before this applies)
    • Fixed: Should fix some issues with the grace timer
    • Fixed: Command "/player name allowcharselonce" wrongly granted the char selection for the player that run the command, instead of the targeted player
    • Fixed: Should fix player skins not updating for other players upon selecting it in the character selector
    • Fixed: Windspeed going bonkers when very far up in the world
    • Fixed: Flowers in planters had the wrong model
    • Fixed: Prevent any flash of x-ray vision when breaking blocks at chunk edge
    • Fixed: Able to place clay forming surface in claimed areas (only client side)
    • Fixed: Game crashing when eating cheese while sneaking
    • Fixed: Delete button in world edit gui not working
    • Fixed: Might fix a crash when a player has applied invalid skin items
    • Fixed: Missing hewn fence gate recipe
    • Fixed: Placing cheese invisible or crashing other players
    • Fixed: Should fix smoothlight issues on slabs
    • Fixed: Worldedit exported helvehammers didn't store a remapping for the hammer

    Api Changes

    • Feature: Modded Music Support (can have music in non-game domains now)
    • Refactor: EntityShapeRenderer.PrepareForGuiRender is now EntityShapeRenderer.RenderToGui and needs to do the RenderMesh() call himself
    • Refactor: BlockBehavior field "JsonObject properties" no longer exists, it is now "string propertiesAtString"
    • Tweak: Liquids now need to inherit from IBlockFlowing to be rendered correctly.
    • Tweak: Improve element list performance. now they only get composed on demand.
    • Tweak: Added "/debug blockids" to see where which blocks consume most block ids
    • Tweak: Added class property BlockBehavior.ClientSideOptional. If set to true, then this behavior does not need to exist on the client side. Probably breaks things when used improperly, use with care.
    • Fixed: Json patch remove operation not working and crashing instead
    • Fixed: Game crashing on some modded in trapdoors

    Game updates since v1.14.3-rc.3 (also listed above)

    • Tweak: Buffed durability of all steel tools. Most now have a 2x improvement over iron.
    • Fixed: Able to place clay forming surface in claimed areas (only client side)
    • Fixed: Game crashing when eating cheese while sneaking
    • Fixed: Droplet noise on water effect not working
    • Fixed: Delete button in world edit gui not working



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