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  • Fact Sheet

    Anego Studios SIA
    Based In
    Latvia, but with an international team (US, UK, Canada and Latvia)
    Founding Date
    Feb 1, 2016
    Press/Business Contact
    - Twitter
    - Youtube
    - Reddit
    - Forums
    - Discord/Chat Server

    Game History
    Feb 2016: Development started by Tyron
    Aug 2016: Saraty, Luke and Hayden joined Anego Studios
    Sept 2016: Release of "Vintage Story Creative Mode" for purchase as early access game on vintagestory.at
    Nov 2016: VS became available on the Humble Store
    Nov 2017: Release of "Vintage Story Survival Mode" for purchase as early access game on vintagestory.at
    Oct 2018: Release of the new Survival mode trailer to include all the updates made in the past 12 months
    May 2019: Release of version 1.9
    Aug 2019: Release of version 1.10
    Sep 2019: VS and VS Classic became available on itch.io
    Nov 2019: Release of version 1.11
    Feb 2020: Release of version 1.12 and a new main feature trailer. Game covered by Gronkh, the 3rd largest streamer in germany.
    Aug 2020: Release of version 1.13. Radfast joined Anego Studios
    Dec 2020: Release of version 1.14
    Jan 2021: Game covered by GameStar, the largest PC game magazine in germany
    Mar 2021: Release of the official mod hosting platform VS ModDB as well as Vintagehosting, our in-house solution for hosting game servers
    Jul 2021: Release of version 1.15
    Jan 2022: Release of version 1.16
    Aug 2022: Release of version 1.17, new main game trailer and website overhaul
    Apr 2023: Release of version 1.18, the first main story event
    Aug 2023: Release of version 1.18.8, a major undertaking to migrate to .net7, yielding significant performance boosts for players

    Vintage Story
    Platform: Windows and Linux
    Game Engine: Custom built
    Programming Language: C#
    Genre: Survival Voxel Sandbox


    See 'About us' page

    Videos and Ingame Pictures
    See Media Page

    Official Trailer

    Company Logo

    Game Logo - Banner

    Game Logo - Square

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