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    Anego Studios consists of a team of passionate game developers working remotely from multiple countries. We are a loosely organized team - this gives everyone a high degree of freedom but also requires a greater level of self-motivation. If you believe you have something valuable to contribute, consider applying, even if there are no openings listed here. We can hire you either as an independent contractor or through part-time employment.  Please keep in mind, you need to be 18 years or older to apply. We also might not be able to provide a response to every application. Thank you for your understanding.

    Looking for individual challenges? We have a bug/feature bounty page for that!

    Current job openings

    Customer Support Expert
    [Edit 8th Jan] Role has been filled. Thank you for applying, we were very impressed by the high quality of applications! 💚

    Freelance Concept/Vector Artist
    We are looking for a vector artist to create an estimated 50 hours worth of assets and a reliable contact for future work in this area. More specifically, at this point in time, we are looking for armor slot graphics, a range of new map icons, vector/concept art for a revamped GUI and a number vectors for future game mechanics. Please attach a portfolio where we can see your style and skill.
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