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  • About us

    Vintage Story was created with the desire to push the envelope of the survival voxel game genre. This genre, established by that one game most of us know and love, also hit just the right chord for Tyron and Saraty, which they played together with great joy for several years. Not being satisfied with the direction this game was taking, they created the mod Butterfly Mania that introduced hundreds of collectible butterflies to liven up the game world and to keep the game interesting. These modding efforts then evolved into a total conversion mod called Vintagecraft that came with its own terrain generation, blocks, crafting mechanics and a slow progression system. The limitations of the 3rd party modding api became more and more apparent however.

    In 2015, Tyron was hired by Hypixel to work on their standalone game Hytale, however the game in planning was also not the experience either of them envisioned. And thus, in February 2016, Tyron left Hypixel and began building a new game engine with the goal of turning the vision of Vintagecraft into a stand alone game. Since then we have grown from one programmer to a small team of passionate game developers.

    Now, 6 years later since its inception, we still feel like we have barely scratched the surfaces of what is possible. We look forward to exploring these new avenues for many years to come!

  • The Team
    The list of currently active game developers

    • Lo-Phi
      Lead Music Artist and Music Integration
      www.lo-phi.com | Twitter
    • Luke Jeffrey
      Lead Story Writer, Animation, Production, and Game Design
    • Saraty
      Lead Model and Texture Artist
      saraty.com | Twitter | Deviantart
    • Anna Baldur
      Animation, Model, and Texture Artist
    • Redram
      Game design, Model and Texture Artist
    • Vallen
      Customer support, Community Manager
      Hype Link
    • radfast
      Game & Engine Programmer
    • th3dilli
      Release Engineer
      GitHub | GitLab
    • Elvas
      Environment Artist and Level Design ("placing blocks go brr")
    • Andrew Kozma
      Writer and Narrative Designer
    • Duargra
      Concept Artist
    • Rythillian
      Sound Designer
    • Tyron
      CEO. Engine-, Web-, Gameplay-Programmer, Project management, System Administration, sound design and all the other stuff.
      tyron.at | Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

    See dedicated credits page




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