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  • The Team
    The list of currently active game developers

    • Lo-Phi
      Lead Music Artist and Music Integration
      www.lo-phi.com | Twitter
    • Luke Jeffrey
      Lead Story Writer, Animation, Game Design and Customer Support
    • Saraty
      Lead Modeling and Texturing Artist
      saraty.com | Twitter | Deviantart
    • Anna Baldur
      Modeling and Texture Artist
    • Redram
      Game design, Modeling and Texture Artist
    • radfast
    • Tyron
      CEO, Engine-, Gameplay- and Web-Programmer, System Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Support, Funding and everything else
      tyron.at | Twitter | Twitch | YouTube

    The people that are currently making valuable contributions to the game

    • copygirl
      Mod API and Code Consultation
    • Arkan


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