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  • For as long as we have the funds and capabilities, the team at Anego Studios would like to continously improve and enhance Vintage Story. We have a built a solid foundation to support the additional load of new enhancements for the long term. Just like fine wine, we believe the games mechanics and experience can be matured ever closer to our ultimate vision.

    Here we list some of the features that we would like to implement. Do keep in mind however:
    - 50% to 70% of new additions are previously unplanned - new ideas and opportunities that we have given a higher priority
    - We do not make any promises when or how many of these features will be implemented.
    - Completing this list will likely take a decade or longer

    Survival Experience

    • New crafting and farming mechanics
      • Replace the 3x3 grid crafting system with something more immersive
      • Woodworking
      • Gemcutting
      • Herbalism / Brewing System and Potion Effects
      • Fishing
      • Mushroom farming
      • Cloth weaving
      • More ways of preparing food
    • Improved animals and animal husbandry
      • Multi-generational animal domestication
      • Animal riding
      • Improved animal behaviors (act in herds, animal<->animal interactions, improved path finding, animal personality, hare burrowing mechanics, hen boxes)
      • Greater range of productive livestock, adapted to specific climate areas
      • Birds and schools of fish
      • Insects and Critters
      • More challenging wildlife
    • Improved world generation
      • Large scale world generation patterns, such as continents
      • Regions of distinct flora and fauna
      • Richer caves
      • Look on the the possibilities of river generation
      • Oceans and ocean life
      • Procedural dungeons
    • More Lore
      • Add story rich game content
      • About a dozen main story events
      • More talkative villagers/traders
    • More and Improved game play content
      • Improved combat
      • Improved trading and trade routes
      • More ways to mechanize work with mechanical power. There ought to be a way to mehcanize or automate most repetitive tasks.
      • Water wheels, improved liquid mechanics
      • Boats and Minecarts. If technically feasible: Multi-block Ships
      • Some sort of character progression system
      • A number of high-stakes boss fights
      • End-game content: Steam
    • Revisit and revise existing mechanics


    Game Engine

    • Easy game server setup (WIP)
    • Easy mod installation
    • Advanced Mod Manager
    • Full rewrite of our Model Creator (VSMC)
    • Auto updater
    • Highly scalable multiplayer servers
    • Improved graphics (reflections, refractions, water caustics, optional depth of field, nicer clouds, etc.)
    • Download music in the background (90% reduced installer file size)
    • Improved performance for greater view distances (cave culler, greedy meshing, LoD for very distant terrain, variance shadow mapping)
    • In the far future - Virtual Reality Support


    • Official mod hub that integrates into the game and auto-mod download when connecting to a server (WIP)
    • Improved public server listing


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