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  • These are some of the features that we would like to implement. However, more often than not we will add new, previously unplanned, content to the game at a higher priority, and some features we implement in their basic forms and continuously revisit/tweak them as we go. 

    Disclaimer: We do not make any promises when or how many of these features will be implemented. We are very eager to see these features in-game ourselves though. Also completing the entire list in its full glory would probably take us over 10 years of game development.

    Survival Experience

    • New crafting and farming mechanics
      • Replace the 3x3 grid crafting system with something more immersive
      • Woodworking
      • Gemcutting
      • Fruit trees and Alcohol Brewing
      • Herbalism / Brewing System and Potion Effects
      • Fishing
      • Mushroom farming
      • Cloth weaving
      • More ways of preparing food
    • Improved animals and animal husbandry
      • Multi-generational animal domestication
      • Animal riding
      • Improved animal behaviors (act in herds, animal<->animal interactions, improved path finding, animal personality, hare burrowing mechanics, hen boxes)
      • Greater range of productive livestock, adapted to specific climate areas
      • Birds and schools of fish
      • Insects and Critters
      • More challenging wildlife
      • The ability to pet tamed animals
    • Improved world generation
      • Large scale world generation patterns, such as continents
      • Regions of distinct flora and fauna
      • Richer caves
      • Look on the the possibilities of river generation
      • Oceans and ocean life
      • Procedural dungeons
    • More Lore
      • Add story rich game content
      • About a dozen main story events
      • More talkative villagers/traders
    • More and Improved game play content
      • Improved combat
      • Improved trading and trade routes
      • More ways to mechanize work with mechanical power
      • Water wheels, improved liquid mechanics
      • Boats and Minecarts. If technically feasible: Multi-block Ships
      • Some sort of character progression system
      • A number of high-stakes boss fights
      • End-game content: Steam
    • Revisit and revise existing mechanics


    Game Engine

    • Easy game server setup (WIP)
    • Easy mod installation
    • Advanced Mod Manager
    • Auto updater
    • Highly scalable multiplayer servers
    • Improved graphics (reflections, refractions, water caustics, optional depth of field, nicer clouds, etc.)
    • Download music in the background (90% reduced installer file size)
    • Improved performance for greater view distances (cave culler, greedy meshing, LoD for very distant terrain, variance shadow mapping)
    • In the far future - Virtual Reality Support


    • Official mod hub that integrates into the game and auto-mod download when connecting to a server (WIP)
    • Improved public server listing


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