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  • These are some of the features that we would like to implement. However, more often than not we will add new, previously unplanned, content to the game at a higher priority, and some features we implement in their basic forms and continuously revisit/tweak them as we go. 

    Disclaimer: We do not make any promises when or how many of these features will be implemented. We are very eager to see these features in-game ourselves though.


    Survival/Creative Experience

    • Leather working
    • Immersive/Deeper combat system
    • Herbalism / Brewing System and Potion Effects
    • More metal ages
    • More wildlife, flying and swimming creatures
    • Extensive Story / Intro Mode
    • Seasons and Seasonal Farming
    • Fruit trees
    • Alcohol Preparation in Barrels
    • Villages, Trading, trade goods and dynamic market pricing
    • Improved Animal AI and improved Path finding, herding behaviors
    • Mechanical Power that allow various forms of automation
    • Boats and Minecarts
    • Customizable Play styles for extra hardcore or more easy going survival game play
    • Complex localized Weather patterns, various forms of rainfall/snowfall
    • World Generation Customization Screen
    • Large variety of dress pieces the player can wear, some craftable, some only rarely found, player emotes. Armor system.
    • Player Progression System (Leveling,  Gear Attributes, Skills)
    • Procedural Dungeons
    • Richer caves (large geodes, underground plant life)
    • Replace the 3x3 grid crafting system with something more immersive
    • Improved WorldEdit Gui, user friendly area selection/manipulation
    • More Multiplayer Features (Party system, group buffs?, improved networking, etc..)

    Game Engine

    • Virtual Reality Support
    • Easy game server setup
    • Easy mod installation
    • Advanced Mod Manager
    • Auto updater
    • Highly scalable multiplayer servers
    • High fidelity shader effects (water caustics, reflective surfaces, depth of field)
    • Download music in the background (90% reduced installer file size)
    • Improved performance for greater view distances (cave culler, greedy meshing, LoD for very distant terrain, variance shadow mapping)



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