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  • v1.19.4-rc.1 - Now with glue included!


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.19.4-rc.1, a release candidate, is now available to download through the account manager.

    This is a minor feature update, also including some essential fixes. Some of the dev team were very keen on squeezing in some more nearly finished features and for once Tyron relented and gave free rein, and here is what we came up with! Changes include a rebalancing of loot in ruins - obtaining clutter blocks is now more challenging and requires plentiful application of glue, but at the same time there is more variety in the smaller objects found in chests and containers among the ruins. We also added a new wireframe color setting to the accessibility tab to assist players with color vision impairments.

    (Note: this is not a "stable" release. As a release candidate it is for testing and may have issues. Two known new issues discovered in this version are: (1) When smithing on an anvil, in this version the mouse has to be held until after the hammer swing completed and the voxel moved, instead of the previous single tap action. This is a newly introduced bug arising out of the changes to hammer controls connected with using the hammer as a weapon.  (2) In Multiplayer games, the position of animals may jump around or 'rubber-band' for some players.  Both these issues are now fixed in v.1.19.4-rc.2 released on February 22nd)



    Glue making mechanic, use glue to repair and obtain ruin clutter

    Barrels finally received the long anticipated model overhaul

    Hides have new models and textures, and can be placed on the ground

    Mouse buttons are now re-bindable

    Game updates

    • Feature: Clutter blocks shatter when broken, unless first repaired using glue
      • Clutter blocks can no longer be obtained with a 50% chance by breaking them, they now require repair in situ. Partially-repaired blocks have a chance of not shattering. Clutter blocks already obtained by players are safe from shattering
      • This shatter rule is configurable on a per-world basis (and is by default disabled in the Exploration play style). New world configuration option "Clutter obtainable"
      • Pitch glue can be made by cooking up resin and powdered charcoal. A pot of glue can be used to repair clutter blocks within ruins, simply right-click with the pot in the active hand
      • Glue hardens within a few hours after it is made, but hardened glue can be re-heated in a firepit. Players wanting to repair clutter may need to create a firepit close to the ruins
      • Cooking pots can now be used to cook non-food items; but cooking such substances in a pot will result in a "Residue-covered pot" which can never again be used for meal recipes: nobody likes to eat glue!
      • Powdered charcoal is made by grinding charcoal on a quern
    • Feature: "With great ruins comes great lootability"
      • A wider selection of loot is potentially available in chests and other containers within ruins, both on the surface and underground
      • Some containers may contain smaller clutter objects (if found in chests, these therefore can be obtained without any need to repair them)
      • A new cellar is included in one of the large ruins
    • Feature: Re-bindable mouse buttons (as first mentioned in the 1.19.0-rc1 news)
      • Any keyboard control or macro can now alternatively be configured to a mouse button [Detail: in Settings, Controls tab, click on any setting and then to set it, click a mouse button instead of a key.  Left, middle, right buttons and, for multi-button mice, up to 5 additional buttons are supported]
      • In-game left, right and middle mouse-clicks can be re-bound, either to different mouse buttons or to keyboard keys. For example left and right mouse buttons can be swapped, or for mice with only two buttons, a keyboard key can be used for middle clicking
      • Pick block is now re-bindable to any key or mouse button
    • Feature: In the Accessibility settings tab, knapping, clayforming, smithing voxel wireframe colors are now configurable between different presets. In addition to the standard setting, two alternative presets for these colors are provided, chosen for better contrast for players with certain types of color blindness (color vision anomaly)
    • Tweak: Hides are now 3D models, and can be placed on the ground
      • Raw hides will begin to rot after 5 days. Oiling or soaking the hide will prevent it from rotting.
    • Tweak: Improved visuals for barrels and troughs
      • New barrel models
      • Barrel contents appearance for raw vegetables more closely matches the actual vegetable (Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Parsnip, Pumpkin, Turnip, and Bell pepper)
      • Improved appearance of some other items in barrels (Cooked bushmeat, fish, poultry, redmeat; raw mixed vegetable; tomato)
      • Vegetables in troughs now have the same appearance as vegetables in barrels, with some extra tweaks at the borders
      • Minor tweaks to appearance of both small and large troughs, and rot models
      • Fixed: grains in troughs did not use proper texture; dry grass (hay) in troughs had too much shadow
    • Tweak: Performance improvements
      • Reduce server and singleplayer RAM usage around 250MB overall  [detail: Schematics used by ruins and villages are now cached and partly lazy-loaded]
      • Reduce spikes in RAM usage on client when moving to new world areas
      • Reduce network usage in large-scale multiplayer games  [detail: Fewer entity position update packets for dropped items, dead creatures and other non-moving entities]
      • Fixed: Server was sometimes unnecessarily sending the same chunk to the client twice (e.g. following a teleport)
    • Tweak: Gameplay balancing
      • Soil, sand and stone mining resistance are all increased by 20% (take longer to mine), gravel resistance is decreased 20% [note: part of the thinking behind this is that obtaining these heavy materials should be more time-consuming, relative to obtaining wood or small blocks; it also helps block breakage time match up better with the shovel and pick animations in some cases; players and servers who preferred the old speeds can, if they like, adjust global mining speed for all blocks in world configs]
      • Fancy linen patterns (square/offset/diamond pattern) are now a Tailor-exclusive grid recipe. Make them using normal linen, plus sewing kit, in various configurations. Any player can turn fancy linen back into the normal linen pattern using shears, in grid
      • Commodity trader no longer sells square/offset/diamond linen patterns, only normal
      • Cooking pots are shelf-storable
      • Whole pumpkins can no longer be placed in a trough as animal feed, they must first be sliced
      • Moose jump height is reduced to 2 blocks, less than most deer
      • Tule, cattail, and papyrus roots all now cook into the same food item: 'cooked wild rhizomes'
      • Tule now has plantable roots.  Tule, cattails, and papyrus now have planter and flowerpot models that respond to climate
      • Auto-close the trader dialog and trading window when a player moves out of range of the trader
      • Support beams placed on blocks can now be individually removed instead of all at once (not yet on chiseled blocks, sorry)
      • Meta blocks such as Command blocks and stack randomizers no longer drop when broken by players in Survival mode [note: in Survival mode, meta blocks are normally invisible and therefore untargetable by players, but players have a setting to enable visibility and targeting of such blocks, mainly intended for mod and map makers]
    • Tweak: New first person mode tuning
      • In the Interface settings tab, players can now change the field of view for the first person mode hands, reduced default FoV from 90 to 75. This mitigates first person hands looking unnaturally long.
      • Added custom animations for the bug net and squeezing honeycombs
      • Added animation for inserting temporal gear with a knife (to restore the player's temporal stability)
      • More sluggish mouse movement and seraph model rotation while swimming
      • Tools now follow the player's cursor more closely in first person mode.
      • Less jarring transition back to tool ready position, after using a tool to hit
      • Impove feel of axe, club and hammer when used as a weapon
      • Adjustments to falx, axe and cleaver first-person animations
      • Adjusted position for held crushed items
      • Adjusted shield transforms and other off-hand transforms
      • Fixes to some animations endlessly repeating after an action
        • Knife cut animation
        • Chisel ready animation, after switching from chisel to empty slot
        • Using torch to light a firepit, whenever a torch was then held
        • Torch in hand - could endlessly repeat instead of holding it out straight
      • Fixed: Block edge sitting was sometimes triggered in the wrong places
      • Fixed: Block edge sitting looked strange in first-person if the camera is rotated beyond a normal neck angle; camera is now rotation-limited in this pose
      • Fixed: Hammer and chisel animation working properly again
      • Fixed: Hammer no longer clips into the camera when breaking blocks with it in the off-hand.
      • Fixed: First hit animations on spear now consistent with all subsequent hits
      • Fixed: Shovel ready animation now longer firmly attached
      • Fixed: Idle animations for lanterns and pumpkin fruit
    • Tweak: Seraph hair and clothing improvements
      • Snow goggles and glasses are now worn on the face location, rather than the head - so these can now be combined with hats
      • Ponytail parts removed from basic seraph model
      • Fixed: hats would show through helmets
      • Fixed: Hair side braids and side buns adjusted to not conflict as much with messenger hat
      • Fixed: emblems were set to wear on the wrist
      • Fixed: inventory and handbook positioning of several arm, head and jewellery items, and rusty and temporal gears
    • Tweak: Other visual fine tuning
      • More detailed skulls on human skeletons. Special skeleton has smaller skull
      • Feather item now has a 3D model; improved rot model
      • Beeswax, Fat and Raw fish models now smaller when placed on the ground
      • Improved positioning of some food items (thanks to Sonya!)
      • Bunches or piles of food items generally now held with both hands
      • Pixel-level polish to the layout of block interaction help
      • Fixed: Soldered copper sheet texture would sometimes show up amongst world-placed copper sheets
      • Fixed: Jonas parts positioning in display cases was not correct
      • Fixed: Various fixes to antlers and goat horns (Guemal, Caribou, Marsh deer, Pampas deer, Tur goat, Takin goat)
      • Fixed: Many antlers invisible in the handbook
      • Fixed: Antler mount hitboxes were too large; diamond antler mount was not quite centered
      • Fixed: Incorrect appearance of breadfruit in cooking pot meals
      • Fixed: Pickled pumpkin now has different texture from un-pickled pumpkin
    • Tweak: Handbook fine tuning
      • Improved text layout and formatting on Handbook pages
      • Minor improvements to Command Handbook layout
      • The knapping guide makes clear that knapping creates a tool head, not an actual tool
      • Handbook entry for deer explains that they cannot be domesticated, milked or bred
      • Fancy-stitched linens are now included in the handbook
      • Handbook entry for clay no longer mentions finding clay on the map, as the default map style does not show clay differently from soil
      • Changed order of presentation of information in the descriptive text for wearable items
      • Fixed: link to glass in the greenhouse guide
      • Fixed: in the initial Create character dialog, game unpausing when clicking on a handbook link in the player class description
    • Tweak: Positional sounds on moving objects more accurately update their positions
    • Tweak: Mod Manager shows warning dialog if a player attempts to disable the mods comprised in vanilla Vintage Story (Creative Mode, Essentials, Survival Mode)
    • Tweak: Graphics settings menu, if only essential settings are shown, now shows a tip indicating that there are additional settings
    • Tweak: Add Window Mode setting "Fullscreen + Always on top", which prevents the window from auto-minimizing when it loses focus, useful for dual monitor setups
    • Tweak: /db prune command is now available on hosted servers to reduce filesize and to allow new worldgen in explored but unused areas of the map; usage fully explained in the in-game Command Handbook
    • Tweak: Localization and language changes
      • All trader dialogue is now translatable
      • Cooking pot contents "x servings of y" now localized, and the English text uses plural format; similar plural format use for the new 'portions of' translations for non-food cooking pot contents
      • In English, for wearables descriptions and handbook text, "Cloth category" is now "Clothing category" and some capitalisation changes for consistency
      • In the cooking pot "Will make X servings of Y" message seen in firepit, the meal name Y is automatically converted to lowercase by code: this conversion now better handles accents, in certain languages
      • Settings menu made more spacious to allow individual setting names to be on a single line in more cases, even if in some languages the name is wider than the English text
      • Fixed: In the Settings, Interface tab, the language selection dropdown box could drop below the bottom of the screen
    • Fixed: Game unplayable (immediate crash) on operating systems set to Thai language and perhaps certain other languages as the default system language
    • Fixed: Player (and other entities) clipping through walls when taking knockback damage, or at certain specific positions in the world
    • Fixed: Ruins with missing textures underwater, in Arctic regions
    • Fixed: Worldgen borders still sometimes visible at edges of map regions, in worldgen from game versions 1.19.0-1.19.3  [note: existing maps might now be fixable using /db prune command or /wgen regen command, see documentation for those commands]
    • Fixed: Dropped backpacks and handbaskets not having correct item despawn timer until now (sorry for past lost items!)
    • Fixed: Support beams were forever stuck to chiseled blocks. Now they fall off when the chiseled block is broken
    • Fixed: Block breaking decal for support beams
    • Fixed: Rare duplication of entities (e.g. following teleport sometimes) - may fix some doppelganger issues in multiplayer, time will tell
    • Fixed: Chickens were eating from large troughs in 1.19, which was unintended
    • Fixed: Mechanical damage bonus not applied for the Clockmaker. Animal loot modifier unintentionally applied to mechanicals.
    • Fixed: Chute pushing into Archimedes screw could get items stuck and stop the flow
    • Fixed: Rare crash when looking at cheese
    • Fixed: Rare boulders and loose stones placed inappropriately on top of ruins by worldgen
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with ruins generated in tiny worlds or near the map edge
    • Fixed: In Multiplayer, firewood or ingot piles or other ground storables could be invisible when newly placed
    • Fixed: Wooden crates did not have their correct capacities for the type of wood
    • Fixed: Farmland and panned gravel/sand layers created weird lighting on neighbours when placed in corners
    • Fixed: Scroll Rack block info showed the scroll in the wrong slot
    • Fixed: Scroll rack had various minor issues and janks when two racks are side-by-side
    • Fixed: Bears and other creatures spawning inside snow blocks now correctly positioned
    • Fixed: WorldEdit flood-fill tool, on undo, did not clean up water when there was a block and water in the same position, e.g. loose stones underwater
    • Fixed: WorldEdit block removal tools, if blocks had decor on them (linen, carpet, lichen, mold etc) the decor would drop instead of being removed 
    • Fixed: In Multiplayer, a mod configured a certain way could make it impossible to connect to a modded server - if the required mod was Universal but had requiredOnServer set to false, the client would endlessly re-download the mod before joining the server, even if it had it already
    • Fixed: Various rare crashes and logged errors
      • Crash involving EntityItem
      • Handbook crash when clicking on drops from stony rubble
      • Multiplayer crashes with traders and auctions: If another player on the server also buys or creates an auction while you are trading
      • Crash with Command Block in Developer Mode
      • FruitTreeRoot errors in logs at world load
      • Error from Microblocks during snow melt
      • Serverside exception error log on "AiTaskSeekFoodAndEat.suitableFoodSource"
      • Importing schematics with missing entity types or liquids inside buckets, from removed mods, would error
      • Rotating a chiseled bookshelf (legacy) using wrench would result in game crash (also for chiseled Log sections)

    Mod API

    • Tweak: Added a new attachment point on the seraph model for off-hand animations
    • Tweak: Log an error if HeldRightReadyAnimation and HeldRightTpIdleAnimation for an item are set to the same animation
    • Tweak: New and updated stackrandomizers are available to allow random loot to be placed in containers in schematics; and these randomizers can be modded to add or change loot in vanilla ruins: for details see the randomizers in assets/survival/itemtypes/meta
    • Tweak: If an item specifies a renderVariant, and the shape cannot be found, log an error instead of crashing
    • Additional minor tweaks relevant only to coded mods:
      • KeyConfiguration used for hotkeys can now also represent a mouse button; mouse buttons are treated like keyboard keys with keycodes 240-247
      • For AITasks, the EntityPartitioning system is now divided more logically into Creatures and Inanimate entities, use EnumEntitySearchType to specify which
      • For all string IndexOf(), StartsWith() or EndsWith() operations on strings representing game internal elements, for example AssetLocation, texture codes and other dictionary keys or anything found in JSON code, StringComparison.Ordinal should be used for culture independence. Vintagestory.API.Util now provides helper methods string.IndexOfOrdinal(), string.StartsWithOrdinal() and string.EndsWithOrdinal() which you can use; and ordinal comparison is built-in to new convenience method AssetLocation.PathStartsWith()
      • Mods can access and change climbUpSpeed and climbDownSpeed in an entity's BehaviorControlledPhysics


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