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  1. Fixed! Thanks for letting me know lol. Ill try and stay on top of updates in the future. Hopefully we can get some kind of system that links the game client with the moddb and autoupdates. That would be sick. Yep, you'll need the same versions of the mods. If the server and your client have different versions it'll tell you which ones you need. You can also run your own client side mods as well so like the server doesnt have VSProspectorInfo on the servermods but I definitely recommend it client side.
  2. Hey there, just looking for some people to play with. If youre interested in building out a little civilization hop on and start a settlement. Features: - Smaller world size, to make settlements easier to connect and to make trade easier. World is 100kx100k so plenty of space to spread out and explore, but finding a new climate zone wont take actual real life hours of walking south. -Disabled Temporal Stability, Its a bit annoying to have a really nice area but be unable to settle it because its deemed haunted. Until the feature is more fleshed out we'll be leaving this
  3. Hi there, I was looking into making a mod that would add an item crafted with temporal gears that would restore stability to a particular region. What I'm trying to figure out is how the world actually handles determining what region is unstable. It doesn't seem to be on a chunk by chunk bases but rather a function of how deep you go; however there are areas on the surface that are unstable (like my friends house which Is why I'm embarking on this endeavor). Does anyone have a good handle on how this data is held or where?
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