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    Alloying (1.3.3)


    Metallurgic Vintarians

    You can now finally progress to the next metal tier - bronze \o/
    Took way way longer than I hoped, but now it's done at least. For the next version I will try to add some basic animal life to attain food from so starving is less of an issue. 

    Here's a tutorial video on how smelting works now



    • Feature: New Smelting System
      • All smeltable blocks or items now have a new property "Temperature" that increase when being heated and drops when being cooled
      • Smelting of ores now must happen inside a Vessel that is placed in the fire pit. This expands the firepit inventory by 4 cooking/smelting slots.
      • Can now mix and match ores and ingots to create pure or alloyed metals. Currently available:
        • Tin bronze: 88-92% copper, 8-12% tin. Double durability than copper and quite strong
        • Bismuth bronze: 50-70% copper, 20-30% zinc and 10-20% bismuth. Slightly higher durability than tin bronze but somewhat weaker (slightly less damage on swords, slightly less mining speeds)
        • Black bronze: 70-90% copper, 8-16% gold, 8-16% silver. Highest durability and strength of all bronze alloys.
      • Added ingot molds to pour in molten metal 
      • Added bronze tools for bismuth bronze, black bronze and tin bronze as well as their respective crafting recipes.
    • Feature: 5 new blocks: Skull Cobblestone, new Barrel with variants, Straw Bed, Crate and Bone-y Soil
    • Feature: 2 new survival music tracks "Building" and "Creating"
    • Feature: Eating food is no longer instant and plays an animation while eating
    • Feature: Modding Updates
      • Added ability to perform a ray trace from any position to detects collisions with blocks or entities
      • Can now have custom, non-instant and animated uses for items/blocks
      • New Event for Blocks/Items while being held by the player
      • New Event for Blocks when the player collides with them
    • Tweak: Changed Intro Track to use "Night To Day" again
    • Fixed: Lava glowlevel and light values missing
    • Fixed: Items not in general tab in creative inventory
    • Fixed: Chest contents dropping while opened and the player dies
    • Fixed: Crash when mods register their own blocks/items
    • Fixed: Some weirdness related to loading/unloading entities resulting in odd behaviors with dropped items or drifters

    Edited by Tyron

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