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  • Animation Editor, Small improvements and Bugfixes (v1.2.8)


    Animated Vintarians
    Version 1.2.8 is now available for download in the account manager,

    Last friday I managed to complete the first major milestone for having creatures in the game - which is being able to create animations in the model creator. It was a tedious task. To celebrate, I "allowed" myself a break in the form of minor non-essential updates on the game. I also fixed a lot of major bugs however. I'm quite glad I finally got the major performance hit fixed for users of certain radeon graphics cards.



    • Feature: VS Model Creator Animation Features Completed. Can now build basic animations with keyframes that will be later support by the game engine. Downloadable at https://github.com/tyronx/vsmodelcreator/releases
    • Feature: Added Cooper's Reed. The perfect lake prettifier. Naturally generates nearby and inside water. This work also opened the door to more water based plants and blocks in the future. In fact, any block now may be configured to be inside water. 
    • Feature: Added Saguaro Fruit. On rare occasion, saguaro cacti are generated with harvestable fruits. They do not regrow at this point in time though.
    • Feature: Server Whitelisting: Can now put a standalone server into whitelist-only mode and /whitelist or /unwhitelist specific players
    • Feature: Players now drop all their items on death
    • Feature: The /op and /privgrp commands no longer require the player to be online
    • Feature: Added crafting recipe for raw blue/firebricks which can then be burned into burned bricks, which can then be crafted into brick blocks
    • Feature: Added ability to burn 8 clay piles into hardened clay in the fire pit
    • Feature: A rough mechanic for fall damage reduction when landing in water. Should no longer take damage when slowed to a near halt and then touching ground.
    • Feature: Cinematic camera now allows to create endlessly looping paths using the commands
      • .cam close  - to close a path
      • .cam loop [num]  - to loop num times. Or indefinitely if no number is supplied
    • Feature: Debug screen now also displays the game version and the graphics card info on the left side
    • Tweak: Added a low chance for very wet and temperate climates, tweaked tint map to have very dark grass in such areas. Fixed a few oddities in world generaiton.
    • Tweak: Signs now only require 1 plank and 1 stick to craft
    • Tweak: Cinematic camera paths are now white/blue checked to show the individual steps
    • Tweak: Cinematic camera recordings should now actually be lag free, independent of the current ingame FPS
    • Tweak: More block info for farmland and growing grops, e.g. Now shows the current growth stage.
    • Fixed: Very bad FPS (1-20 instead of 100-200) on certain radeon cards. 
    • Fixed: Cinematic camera now moving correctly or in the correct speed in certain situations
    • Fixed: Saplings not growing at all. Sigh.
    • Fixed: Player unable to rejoin a multiplayer server in certain situations
    • Fixed: Players teleporting around in multiplayer after opening a dialog while moving.
    • Fixed: Game crashing when it doesn't find a block shape
    • Fixed: Player standing inside farmland after exiting/loading the game and gltiching weirdness in multiplayer when standing on farmland
    • Fixed: Some Bread texture too large and overly pixelated
    • Fixed: Standalone server not using a supplied world seed through serverconfig.json
    • Fixed: Backpacks disappearing when picked up in creative mode
    • Fixed: Server disconnect messages not arriving on the client, which instead showed some connection lost error
    • Fixed: Several bugs related to kicking/banning players, especially as admin
    • Fixed: Firepit smelting progress hardly visible, now in green instead of black. Corrected dialog title.
    • Fixed: Shift+Left click in the crafting output window consuming ingredients but not crafting enough output items, effectively destroying items.
    • Fixed: Player picking up items that instantly end up in a currently opened container when the players inventory is full. 



    Edited by Tyron


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