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  • Anti-Freeze (of death) (v1.10.9)


    Update-y Vintarians
    Version 1.10.9, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    Due to a rather serious freeze-of-death bug in the handbook, here's yet another release. Yay :D

    This time no windows to blame for a BSOD!

    Game updates

    • Feature: Can now place/take 4 times as much items to/from firewood, plate ingot and peat piles while also holding the sprint button
    • Tweak: Flowering berry bushes and semi mature crops are now considered bee and butterfly feed
    • Tweak: Can now craft lanterns also from glass instead of clear quartz
    • Tweak: Can now sprint and sneak at the same time :D
    • Tweak: Sneaking is now about 7% slower
    • Tweak: Removed light mudbrick slab until the texture for it is ready
    • Tweak: Can now right click with bowl in hands on a barrel of pickled food to fill the bowl
    • Tweak: Cobble slabs now break as fast as full cobble stone blocks
    • Tweak: ModMaker now shows download progress. But still bugged.
    • Tweak: Removed collision box from knapping surfaces to be less annoying with players intersecting and not able to place it close by
    • Tweak: Added "knap" interaction help to loose stones
    • Fixed: Might fix wolves sometimes not becoming aggro upon hitting them
    • Fixed: More derpiness with the handbook. Looking at some items froze the game and ate up all available memory. Lantern texture broken again. Should now be fixed for good, hopefully.
    • Fixed: More derpiness with crocks/bowls when moving or eating portions of pickled vegetables. Eating pickled vegetables from a bowl yielded no satiety gain
    • Fixed: Using the search function in the handbook always listed the text pages in the search results
    • Fixed: Able to shift click items into harvested carcass inventory and items becoming invisible from that
    • Fixed: Block interaction help not centered on the block for some blocks    
    • Fixed: Chiseled blocks too light
    • Fixed: Rare crash during grid crafting

    Edited by Tyron


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