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  • Basic command block and pinnable waypoints (v1.12.9-rc.1)


    Dear community
    v1.12.9-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager

    Hokay, this release fixes several major issues that I believe warrant another bugfix release: Usability issues with the char coal pit, adding waypoints through the map not working for a sizable amount of players and the game freezing when being paused for a while. Derp!

    Screenshot by PuddyMan00

    Game updates

    • Feature: Added a super basic command block to run server commands. Creative inventory only block. Editable by server admins in creative mode, usable by everyone. Will probably stay super basic. Ultimately we'd like to have a more powerful system to run code with blocks.
    • Feature: Added "Pinned" property to waypoints, which makes them not disappear from the map when they get out of range
    • Feature: Added "/entity spawnat entity quantity playername x y z" to spawn a creature near to a player with an optional offset. Can be run from console or command block.
    • Tweak: Bunch of minor tweaks (i.e. improved some interaction help infos)
    • Tweak: Some more info in the handbook, by Redram
    • Tweak: Raw storage vessels can now be picked up with right click
    • Tweak: Torches extinguished by rain can now be also relit by putting them in a fire pit
    • Tweak: Increased the time it takes for neutral creatures to respawn by a factor of 3 and up to 5 for some creatures
    • Tweak: Drifters no longer spawn on light level 8 (lowered the max light level by one)
    • Tweak: Increased beehive spawn chance during worldgen by 10%
    • Tweak: New music frequency mode: "Very Often"
    • Tweak: Lightning and Thunder sounds now attenuate when below sealevel and are now considered ambient sounds and affected by the ambient sound slider
    • Tweak: Gold and Silver lanterns now give a +1 light level boost and they can be lined with gold and silver for +2 light levels as all the other lanterns
    • Tweak: Boosted durability on metal spears by about 40%
    • Tweak: Limited falling gravel/sound/soil sounds to 100 simulatenously. Should mitigate some performance issues when large amounts of blocks collapse
    • Tweak: Visual improvements on panning. Fixed model too dark and made the particle spawn prettier
    • Fixed: Might tweak ugly seams between water blocks that happen on some graphics cards
    • Fixed: Probably fixes strange trenches of missing soil at chunk edges
    • Fixed: Should fix yet another crash related to smithing
    • Fixed: Third person use and attack animation derpiness. Probably causes new derpiness 😄
    • Fixed: Water in buckets and barrels very wavy during winds
    • Fixed: Usability issues with the charcoal pit. It now communicates its state much better
    • Fixed: Game crashing when smashing silver-in-galena ores
    • Fixed: Temporal storms not properly disabled when disabled in the world config, but temporal stability still being enabled
    • Fixed: Crafting dough having an invisible output in the output slot in some cases
    • Fixed: Death spam when dying in lava
    • Fixed: Server falling into an endless exception loop when a player disconnects while teleporting
    • Fixed: Should fix game crashing when clicking on the screenshot link in chat and the file has been deleted already
    • Fixed: Average tick time in /stats showing incorect values. Added "last 10 ticks" info.
    • Fixed: Fixed grass growing under farmland
    • Fixed: Game freezing after unpausing. This might also fix some carcas harvesting oddities!
    • Fixed: Unknown texture when putting cooked meat in a barrel
    • Fixed: A placement-mode cycled slab was no longer stacking with other slabs
    • Fixed: Echo chamber needled and plate invisibe when playing records
    • Fixed: Should fix itemstack tool tip disappearing after a second or so when looking at items inside the firepit
    • Fixed: Exception thrown in /land adminfree
    • Fixed: Locust nests still spawning locusts although there's no player in range
    • Fixed: Trying to knap inside a claimed area crashing the game
    • Fixed: Proppick results not fully translatable
    • Fixed: Adding waypoints through the UI not working on systems where the decimal seperator is ,
    • Fixed: Single short mouse click with a spear in hands stopped the 3rd person animation. Might produce other animation bugs.
    • (API) Tweak: Game will now crash in developer mode and extended debuginfo if the freeze-on-unpause is about to get triggered for finding the source
    • API Tweak: Bucket and Barrel liquid capacity is now JSON configurable
    • API Tweak: Added IBlockAccessor.GetBlockOrNull() to be able to differ between air blocks and unloaded blocks
    • API Tweak: Entity spawn conditions property "GroupSize" is now obsolete in favor for the more correct term "HerdSize"
    • API Tweak: GlobalConstants.DefaultTrackingRange no longer a const
    • API Tweak: Removed serverconfig properties ClientPlayingTimeout and BuildLogging. They had no use.
    • API Tweak: Added /entity spawndebug to have the game print whenever an entity spawned
    • API Fixed: New handbook entry system did not properly respecct mod domains


    Edited by Tyron


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