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  • Better block import (v1.0.4)


    Version 1.0.4 is now available for download in the account manager

    We should have a video ready that demonstrates all the new features by this weekend. This update actually also contains a lot of new code for a potential client modding api and a block entitiy rendering system. Both parts are not ready yet but would be used for writable signs, mechanical power and every other block that is animated or has something drawn onto it, like text. 

    Experimental: This community software actually includes a chat system for up to 20 people. I'll enable it for 1-2 weeks and see if there is any interest in it. If not, I will ditch it again.


    • Added multi-block highlighter. Used in WorldEdit 
      • when selecting an area for exporting/clearing or filling
      • when using the Import tool: A preview when importing block data
      • when using the Paint brush tool: Shows the paint brush size 
    • Added Ability to rotate blockdata (0, 90, 180 and 270 degree) (list of commands)
    • Added long range block particle emitters (up to 128 blocks away), added chimney block that emits smoke particles using the long range emitter.
    • Added a gamma slider to the graphics settings that let's you do gamma correction.
    • Importing block data that contain light sources is now 10-20 times faster. 
    • Attempted some optimizations to improve overall performance. Should at least reduce choppy framerates. 
    • Added "New version available" Notification to the main menu


    • Fixed mouse cursor invisible when being disconnected from a multiplayer server
    • Fixed Pen and Cross icons overlapping the cell in multiplayer server list
    • Fixed particles stuck in blocks where they shouldn't be stuck
    • Fixed .fog client command not accepting decimal numbers.
    • Fixed some client commands crashing on invalid arguments
    • Fixed server crashing on some non-fatal errors (mod loading and chunk generation)
    • Fixed a InvalidOperationException during chunk loading which likely prevented certain chunks (containing entities) from loading
    • Fixed a crash in the singleplayer screen when 2 worlds had the exact same modification date





    Edited by Tyron


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