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  • Creative Tabs and cave sounds (v1.3.2)


    Folksly Vintarians!
    Version 1.3.2 is now available for download in the account manager.

    At long last, a new game version. It was supposed to include the new entity animation system. It's all implemented but one last glitch remained that will require some more work to fix, but after two months fiddling with animations I wanted to work on something else again. So now with the help of Josh and Hayden we have creative tabs and ambient cave music.

    I actually forgot to fix that weird texture bug with torches, so enjoy creepy torch textures with our brand new creep cave sounds! >:D


    • Feature: New music track "To Dawn, from a Very Rainy Night"
    • Feature: Ambient Cave music
      • 33 ambient track pieces that are dynamically composed together when being in places devoid of sunlight (i.e. caves)
      • Dynamically blends tracks when moving between overground and underground 
      • Improved music system that will allow more kinds of dynamically composed tracks in the future
    • Feature: Added tabs for the creative inventory
    • Feature: New blocks: Paper Lantern, Chair and Table
    • Feature: New server config to enable disable spawning of creatures
    • Feature: New server command /serverconfig Allows setting various sever settings while the server is running. Currently available: 
      • maxchunkradius: Set max view distance
      • maxclients: Set max allowed players that can join
      • antiabuse: Enable/Diable anticheat mode
      • onlywhitelist: Toggle whitliste mode (=only allow players to join that are on a whitelist)
      • entityspawning: Disable/Enable spawning of creatures (=drifters)
    • Feature: Mod API updates
      • Refactored API namespaces to follow a cleaner design pattern
      • Added IBlockEntityContainer interface to access block entity inventories
      • Added GetLightLevel() method for convenient access to a positions light leves
      • Added getters for sunlight and blocklight levels in the world accessor
      • Added ability to load hierarchical shapes for blocks, items and entities
      • Added ability to render entities from a shape, added support to load and run animations
      • Improved documentation in various places
    • Tweak: Drifters no longer target player in creative or spectator mode
    • Tweak: Placing stairs now are placed upside down depending on whether targeting the upper or lower half of a block
    • Tweak: Increased max configurable mouse sensitivy from 150 to 200
    • Fixed: Played picking up items after death
    • Fixed: Game instance not fully stopped after leaving a world, causing increased memory usage and potentially other weird behavior
    • Fixed: Create NPC command not working
    • Fixed: A crash the sometimes occured when loading a world



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