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  • De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.0-rc.3)


    Dear Feature-Rich Community
    v1.17.0-rc.3, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    This release fixes a rather critical issue when upgrading old savegames (1.16.x savegames loaded in 1.17.0-rc.2) - some bodies of water became non-interactable, and reeds appeared to lose their enclosing water.  This release fixes that issue and auto-restores the parts of those worlds which may have been broken in rc.2.  If you notice any remaining water issues in your games please report them.   Also ...  hats are now craftable! 🎩

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added recipes for straw, bamboo, and top hats. Also improved their transform values.
    • Tweak: Added subcommand /player [playername] entity maxoxygen [int] to edit oxygen capacity on existing players
    • Tweak: Reverted spear thrust sound to old voiced sound. Made them respect the selected voice pitch therefore.
    • Tweak: Removed 'new seraph voices' setting, they are now always on as I believe most are at a bearable quality now.
    • Tweak: Various minor tweaks (addded sub-1 movespeeds to worldedit dialog, fixed a typo, improved ifp clayforming, slower vertical texture animation of water)
    • Tweak: Dyes now need to be sealed for a while before they're ready.
    • Tweak: Water visuals fine tuning
    • Fixed: Worldmap: The trader icon disappeared
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with the worldedit eraser and paintbrush when placing/deleting water
    • Fixed: Drifters not fleeing during daylight
    • Fixed: Unusually dark clouds in some cases
    • Fixed: Plank block spawning under players feet on first spawn when it shouldn't
    • Fixed: Crash when repairing copper head lamellar
    • Fixed: Ground storage guide twice in handbook. Fixed a render issue with one of the hotkeys on the same guide
    • Fixed: Attempt to fix startup issues on some systems related to libzstd
    • Fixed: Attempt to fix rare deep water chunks not being drawn properly
    • Fixed: Water and reeds in worlds created prior to game version 1.17 not updating correctly in 1.17.0-rc.2
    • API refactor: WaypointMapLayer icons and colors are no longer static and renamed to WaypointIcons/WaypointColors


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