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  • De-Jank and Game Juice Update (1.17.0-rc.6 & rc.7)


    Dear Feature-Rich Community
    v1.17.0-rc.6, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager (section "Other Goodies").

    My apologies for the long wait, I was on vacation/family visit and also had to tend after my garden, as there is lots to harvest now - potatoes needing to be dug up, tomatoes needing to be turned into tomato sauce, cucumbers in need of pickling and so on ^_^

    [Edit:] Released rc.7 as well. rc6 deleted the players waypoints.

    Screenshot by Dude7ox#6606

    Game updates

    • Tweak: Simplified briganding/leather armor repair recipe. More to come.
    • Tweak: Initial world spawn location is now seed deterministic
    • Tweak: The crash reporter will now show if a crash was caused by a mod and also list any related harmony patches
    • Fixed: Multiple issues with armor repair
    • Fixed: Frost effect bugged out on old servers
    • Fixed: A crash in the world map system
    • Fixed: Reeds "popping off" if in ice
    • Fixed: Firepit GUIs not updating when its contents change
    • Fixed: Might fix GUIs disappearing in some cases when on Mac M1 Chips.
    • Fixed: Some missing lang entries
    • Fixed: Held candle emitting different light color than placed candles
    • Fixed: Oxygen not back to 100% after re spawning in some cases
    • Fixed: Should fix game crashing with extended debug info enabled and pausing the game (related to fruit trees)
    • Fixed: White pixels in world map in new worlds in some cases
    • Fixed: Schematic placed at sealevel sometimes floating 1 block in the air
    • Fixed: Game crashing when looking up pie in the handbook
    • Fixed: Sandstorms in caves
    • Fixed: Water can no longer flow into full-height path blocks
    • Tweak: Reeds in water have less wind motion, reeds in ice have none at all
    • Fixed: Branchy leaves no longer displace water
    • Fixed: Incorrect font paths on linux in the install.sh (https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/9353-font-issues-with-linux-script/)
    • Fixed: Rare server freeze caused by a full deadlock
    • Fixed: Snow accum completely broken since 1.17
    • Fixed: Should fix wrong sign orientation for other players
    • Fixed: Potential issues when removing all voxels of a workitem on the anvil
    • Fixed: Potential crash with signs
    • Fixed: Might mitigate cases where rifts spawn near light sources
    • Fixed: Able to harvest fruit from fruit tree stems
    • Fixed: Drunken effect jitter when pausing+unpausing the game
    • Fixed: Invisible chunks in 32x32 worlds
    • Api Refactor: Cleaned up PerceptionEffects code
    • Api Refactor: Drunk and low temp stab chat altering no longer hardcoded into the engine. Chat key down events are now pushed onto the event bus (chatkeydownpost and chatkeydownpre).
    • Api Refactor: Axle and Toggle block stand shape files can now be defined in json
    • Api Tweak: Added Guids to Waypoints
    • Api Tweak: Watering can property "capacitySeconds" can now be defined in json
    • Api Fixed: CraftingRecipeIngredient.RecipeAttributes not sent to client
    • Api Fixed: Crash on sendplayer.SendIngameError("errorcode")



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