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  • Dynamic Lights (v1.4.3)


    Dynamic Vintarians
    Version 1.4.3 is ready for download in the account manager.

    I wanted to push out flint tool knapping with this update, but got ambushed by a wave of bugs that made me question if my machine i'm testing on still is working correctly. Well I hope I fixed all the annoying ones. Flint knapping will have to wait until the 1.4.4 release.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the addition of dynamic lights, that should make caving and night time exploration a lot more interesting!


    Game Updates

    • Feature: Dynamic Lights
      • Held and dropped light sources now illuminate the world
      • Current dynamic lights limit is 5, configurable in the graphics settings
    • Feature: Scene Gamma Levels can no longer be changed in Survival Mode
    • Feature: New Creatures
      • Completed the Wolf family (Females and Pups)
      • Bighorn Sheep Family (Male, Female and Lamb)
    • Feature: World Generation Updates
      • Lakes now generate Seabeds (Sand, Gravel or Muddy Gravel)
      • Deep Lakes now grow seaweed
      • Caves intersecting lakes should now be actually fixed
    • Feature: New blocks
      • Iron Doors, Iron Fence (only in creative mode for now)
      • Aged planks, aged chair, aged table, aged bed (only in creative mode for now)
      • Aged planks with blue wallpaper (only in creative mode for now)
      • Seaweed
      • Muddy Gravel
    • Feature: Ice is now slippery
    • Feature: Pausing - Entering the escape menu in single player now pauses the game
    • Feature: "Meta Block Mode" for Creative Mode
      • Toggled with CTRL+F4
      • Allows placement of special meta blocks for use in special schematic export configuration
    • Feature: Reduced memory consumption of a standard singleplayer session by 200 MB
    • Feature: Can now place empty mobile containers inside normal survival slots
    • Feature: Significantly Improved the WorldEdit Flood Fill tool
      • Can now toggle to check for enclosure
      • Actually works in an understandable way now
      • Added ability to do 3D flood fill
    • Tweak: Lava splash particles now also glowing.
    • Tweak: Long text in text input fields now scroll horizontally to stay visible
    • Tweak: Reduced amount of surface copper ore
    • Tweak: Player walking now wobbles the camera slightly with step sounds in sync with the wobble. Step sounds now also hearable for other players in multiplayer.
    • Tweak: Sprinting now makes you hungry 33% faster
    • Tweak: Sapling growth size now randomized
    • Tweak: Redone wooden bed graphics to be more consistent
    • Tweak: Added a copy-to-clipboard command: .cp
      • .cp posi: Copies current position to clipboard
      • .cp chat: Copies current chat history to clipboard
    • API Tweaks:
      • Side property now also in IWorldAccessor
      • BlockBehaviors now also available on the client
    • Fixed: WorldEdit Import tool source definition not working with subfolders
    • Fixed: Unknown items now also use the unknown texture instead of being invisible
    • Fixed: Breaking light sources leaving behind a slight tint on the blocks
    • Fixed: Game crashing when the server tries to load a creature whose type is unknown (i.e. by a previous mod). Now these entities will get deleted instead.
    • Fixed: Drifter animations broken in several ways
    • Fixed: Rare crash when exiting the game
    • Fixed: Jerky movement of dropped items
    • Fixed: Miiight fix a driver crash on amd cards related to clay forming


    Seaweed and muddy gravel as seabed

    Bighorn Sheep

    Some of the new blocks (available in creative mode only atm)

    Edited by Tyron


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