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  • Farming (v1.2.6)


    Agricultural Vintarians
    Version 1.2.6 is now available for download in the account manager,

    It's now 30 minutes before the new year for us, but since we just completed a pretty milestone, I chose to release this one early. We are personally super happy with the new farming system and hope you are too! <3
    Beyond that we also shine with a block info HUD that helps you figuring out what the blocks are and a fancy new music track.

    Happy new year!


    • Feature: Farming!
      • 4 kinds of grains and 4 kinds of vegetables now naturally spawn in the world. Each have a 70% chance of dropping seed, or 100% if fully grown. Hint: The best place to find them are temperate areas. 
      • Can now craft a hoe using 2 sticks and 2 stones or copper ingots (same way as in minecraft)
      • Can now till the ground using the hoe, turning it into Farmland.
      • Farmland has several unique properties
        • 3 nutrient cageories (N-P-K), whereas each crop drains a different nutrient level.
        • Farmland has to be moist for crops to grow, so ensure you have a nearby water source. Moist Farmland is visually darker than dry one.
        • Farmland slowly recovers it's nutrients, except for the one thats currently in use by the planted crop. Fallow farmland will always recover all 3 nutrients.
        • Fallow Farmland has a low chance to grow tallgrass on it. Those pesky weeds!
        • Farmland grows the crops independent on whether the chunks are loaded or not. So you can leave for a large adventure and return home with all your crops matured. It does that by making use of the internal game calendar, so e.g. setting /time speed 0 will essentially stop crop growth.
      • Many new items and textures related to farming, such as seed bags and new vegetables/grains.
      • All the seed bags also display what nutrient the crop will need and how long it will grow.
    • Feature: Block Info HUD (Waila Mod anyone?)
      • Use 'B' to toggle it. 'B' is the default key binding, feel free to change it in the controls.
      • Will show you information about the current block you are looking at.
      • Can show additional, block specific information. First use is showing the N-P-K Levels for the Farmland
    • Feature: Water Buckets
      • Can now pick up and place water source blocks
      • Can now be crafted from 5 planks + 1 flax twine
      • Flax twine can be made from 4 flax fibers that drops from mature flax crops
    • Feature: New Music Track "Adventuring"
    • Feature: Added Mod API Access to the internal game calendar
    • Tweak: Performance optimized particle system! Should now run about twice the speed as in the previous version.
    • Tweak: Player will not get hungry 3 times as long when starting in a new world.


    Some of the new crops as well as the block info HUD in the top middle

    Rice, Carrots and Onions ready for the Harvest

    Rye naturally spawning in the world

    FPS graph with 18.000 particles in 1.25 (left) versus 25.000 particles in 1.2.6 (right)

    Edited by Tyron


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